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Greetings, i am going to a pfs convention tomorrow and am planning on playing Crowe pregen 4 and 7. Could any one please tell if there are any hero lab files for these pregens?


I've played pen and paper games for 25 years and Pathfinder is the one I'm having the most fun with so yes, I love it, and so do all of my group. We have a great deal of fun every Sunday night in my games room.
Do we change the bits we don't like? Yes of course!
We are high level and high Mythic Tier and wow is it complicated...but we still love it very much.

Last night we spent an hour fighting a cursed Flying Broom and we laughed so hard. All this is down the whole game (warts and all) created by people who love playing.

Seriously if you don't like a rule or it is spoiling game play just dump it and have loads of fun

My advice if its fun...Game on, if its not I'm sure there's something for you!

and finally what ever you do never pass a locked door (especially if its an ancient tomb)


Please make sure the website is updated as when I ordered it it stated/implied it was in stock


It has been 20 days since I placed my order please could you process it?

Many Thanks


Thanks for your response. Please change the postage if its cheaper.

note to self read properly (business days not just days) before whining. I'm sorry I should have read the terms correctly i stand humbly corrected

very respectfully

James Palmer

please process my order 3310101, its been 15 days now this is bit silly as i am paying for fast post (seems pointless if it takes so long to process)

also please process my store credit that was promised would be deducted from order 3312682, before it went out and it didn't

really disappointed


four days for me

no one here but us chickens

order numbers


I have just noticed that the postage on these is USPS Priority Mail please could you change this to standard (if it reduces the price) as it wasn't available at check out


James Palmer

No thanks really love things they way they are

Thanks for coming back to us, communication helps everthing. Please would you post in here when it is resolved so I dont clog up the system trying my cart every few hours
James palmer

come on guys, this is your business selling thing to your fans. I have huge amount of respect for you but if you don't fix this you have no business. At least respond to us to tell us what is happening.


James Palmer

any chance of an update please, I still keep getting an error message when i try to purchase a book/pdf combo

many thanks


From reading and experimenting i believe the problem is with pdf/book bundles, I too would like to complete my order

Many Thanks