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Hey folks,

Trying to build a super sneaky shadowy like character and looking at stuff like Fetchling, Rogue, Shadowcaster, and the like. With Cloak of Shadow it says it creates dim light (magical darkness) which gives the target concealment condition (which can be used for Hide). Dim light rules says unless the seeker has low light vision (or darkness, etc) then objects and creatures are concealed. I'm guessing I already know the answers to these questions but going to ask anyways and thanks in advance!

Question 1: Even though Cloak of Shadow specifically states the target gains concealment, Low Light Vision still negates this?

Question 2: It being magical darkness has no relevance in regards to being seen by low light vision?

Question 3: Dim light mentions "seeker" which I assume refers to something using the Seek action (maybe?). Do creatures with low light vision automatically spot or become aware of creatures in dim light (assuming they are looking in the creatures general direction or whatever)?

Question 4: How common is low light vision? I only have a druid (which is a blast!) so far but it seems low light vision is very common and would negate the usefulness of concealment and sneak when using light levels.

Any suggestions for a shadowy character that can slip away into the shadows at will?

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Any update on this? Neither myself nor a friend are getting any achievement points on the Organized Play site for session played since PaizoCon (also I noticed the little "Report a Problem" link is missing for those sessions as well). Cool if they are still working on it, just want to make sure players didn't need to specifically contact them or something.


Read over the rules for retraining and I know you can't retrain your class, but can you retrain an archetype or multiclass?


Hello. Played a few PFS2e games now and couldn't find clear answers to these questions.

1) Found some items during the AP and the GM said we get those items on our Chronicles sheet. And the rules say ambiguously "gain access to the items listed.." but after reading more I'm under the impression we (the players) don't actually get these items but rather they are available for purchase per the purchase rules?

2) For gold gained, this I assume is accumulative. So after three adventures, each netting 14 gold, when I start the next AP I would have 57 starting gold (15 to start plus 14 + 14 +14)?

3) After buying equipment during an AP, does that equipment get liquefied in the same fashion items found during the AP do? In other words, each AP you start fresh with your starting gold and re-purchase whatever you need?

Thanks in advance,

New PF2e player here. A lot of googling but I can't seem to find a clear answer to what spells, if any, can be cast through allies. I read up on the Line of Effect and Line of Sight which seem to indicate as long as there is a 1 foot gap then you have both. Also there is the bit about "Line" area effect of spells taking up the full 5 feet. Does this mean that any spell which doesn't specifically state something like "Area 120-foot line" like Lightning Bolt can be cast through allies space without penalty? Fay of Frost for example could be cast at an enemy with one or more allies standing directly between the caster and the target? Thanks!