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Hello. Played a few PFS2e games now and couldn't find clear answers to these questions.

1) Found some items during the AP and the GM said we get those items on our Chronicles sheet. And the rules say ambiguously "gain access to the items listed.." but after reading more I'm under the impression we (the players) don't actually get these items but rather they are available for purchase per the purchase rules?

2) For gold gained, this I assume is accumulative. So after three adventures, each netting 14 gold, when I start the next AP I would have 57 starting gold (15 to start plus 14 + 14 +14)?

3) After buying equipment during an AP, does that equipment get liquefied in the same fashion items found during the AP do? In other words, each AP you start fresh with your starting gold and re-purchase whatever you need?

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I think there might be a slight confusion of terms here, so I'm going to start by addressing that before getting to the 3 points. You say "AP", but it seems from the rest of the post like you mean PFS scenarios. The difference being that APs are the big multi-book adventures that are not written primarily for PFS, like Age of Ashes or Extinction Curse. (The reason I want to draw this distinction is that if you are playing APs, this works a little bit differently, in that the character in the AP doesn't need to deal with PFS rules at all, but a chronicle can be issued afterward to apply credit to a PFS character, who will have the same answers I will give below.) I'm going to move forward assuming that we're talking about PFS scenarios, but wanted to try to disambiguate the distinction.

1. You do not keep the items from the chronicle sheet, they are simply available to the character with that chronicle to purchase. You have read that correctly.

2. Gold earned is absolutely accumulated over the course of a character's career, yes.

3. The items that you buy with your gold, you keep. There is no liquidation, there is no reset of funds. If you buy an item, you keep it forever unless something would cause you to not have it anymore (like if the item were destroyed somehow, or if the item is a consumable and you use it up.)

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Yes, you get the gold awarded on the chron from your adventures & if you decide to, via downtime earning.

The gold accumulates and can be spent as per the purchasing guidelines.

Though having access via a chronicle rarely changes the cost of an item it does mean that normally available items can be bought at a lower level and normally unavailable items are on the menu.

Items you find or are given by an NPC during an adventure eg a scenario, you can use until the adventure ends then they are gone. You’ll often find people using consumables of this kind ahead of ones they actually paid for.

Worth maybe mentioning that when you, using the purchasing guidelines, buy something you can pretty much use, abuse or even destroy it. You could in many cases even sell it back for half the purchasing price.

Selling Back Equipment
Equipment can only be sold back for ½ the gold spent to buy it. Equipment that was purchased as part of a bundle, such as a class kit, or a magic weapon can only be sold back as part of the same bundle, and all parts of the bundle must be sold. Partially consumed items cannot be sold back. Rebuild boons stating kit values are an exception to the ½ price resale.

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Gonna piggyback onto this post with a question.

“Can players sell what they find in the PFS at the very end and keep that gold.”

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Cmac1979 wrote:

Gonna piggyback onto this post with a question.

“Can players sell what they find in the PFS at the very end and keep that gold.”

No, that's effectively what the treasure bundles you get are representing, so you do not get to double dip that way.

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Cmac1979 wrote:
“Can players sell what they find in the PFS at the very end and keep that gold.”

This is exactly what happens, in the abstract.

PC: "Hey, Venture Captain, we found this cool sword while we were on the clock. Turning it into you, as per contractual obligation."
VC: "Good find! It's probably worth 2gp. Here is your 14gp paycheck, as per contractual obligation."
PC: "Hmm. I'm thinking I'd like to keep that sword. As a momento for defeating the Aspis."
VC: "Sure! I'll just deduct it from your paycheck as usual."

On the Chronicle, you're getting 14gp, and spending 2gp, but you can just as easily reflavor that transaction as keeping the sword as part of your payment.

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