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Let me say that I completely understand the problems that that IT people are going through -- my problem is with Paizo not managing expectations properly. First -- on the humble bundle page, it needs to say "Due to unanticipated demand, your purchase won't be available for one week." or whatever their anticipated timeframe is.

Then, they need to have a way to allow customers to request, once, the files that they want -- and have those files show up without further intervention. If I could request that the files be e-mailed to me, then I could ignore everything, go about my business, and they'd be delivered, a bit later than I'd like, but no problem.

But, since I have to continue to interact with their problematic interface to have any chance of getting the product -- and if I don't interact with the problematic interface I won't get the product. I'm upset.

Once again, I understand the technical difficulties. But management needs to step up, and allow us the option of getting a delivery of the product, without further interaction with their system. Then they can take their time in doing it.

One of the reasons I don't often get "free" stuff, especially free physical stuff, is because once you factor in your time to get it, it actually costs more than just paying the regular price. If you consider how much time Paizo has used of their customer base, then the "really good deal" is actually quite expensive. If, on the humble bundle order page it said something like, "Due to overwhelming demand, we will not be processing payments until our servers are capable of providing the files to you in a timely fashion." And sometime next week, I got an e-mail that said, "Thanks for waiting, here are your license keys." I'd have been a happy camper. But spending an hour trying to download the files -- then another hour going through the humble bundle faq, the paizo support faq, and finding this thread -- I'm starting to think I've paid a lot more than what got charged by the humble bundle people.

In particular, if I could just submit an order, and eventually get my documents -- no problem. But having to click to get the system to start, and then click again (after 10 seconds) and again, and again, and again -- is unacceptable.

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I buy humble bundles all the time -- and this one is the first time that I'm asking for a refund. No matter how big the bundle, I've been able to get everything in less than a half hour. Paizo is the exception. If they aren't able to deliver in the typical humble bundle time frame, they should at least indicate that fact on the website *where they take your money.*

They haven't even paused the selling on the Humble Bundle page.

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And yet, you *DID* have 700 cash registers. You took money from those 700 cash registers, but you didn't stock enough soup to make good on all the purchases from those 700 cash registers. The problem isn't cash registers -- Humble Bundle has *all* the cash registers in the world. The problem is a lack of stock. If you can only handle 1000 customers a day, then you shouldn't let Humble Bundle sell more than 1000 bundles a day. To do so is irresponsible. This is a foreseeable problem. It happens to companies all the time. Just like a hard drive failure. You prepare for them, or not -- and accept the consequences.

I'm one of those people who decided that for such a good price, I could try Pathfinder. If Paizo only had the capacity to deliver goods to 1000 people a day, they have the responsibility to insure that they don't sell to more than 1000 people a day. The fact that some of the money is going to charity doesn't absolve a vendor of that responsibility. When you take the customer's money, you have a responsibility to deliver then -- unless it's made clear upfront what the delivery schedule is. It seems like a simple breach of contract to me.