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In my current campaign my Players will be participating in a War that'll be like a cross between the American Revolution and Civil War. To add more depth to it, I'll be making NPCs based off of Historic Figures that'll serve as Allies and Enemies for the PCs.

So far I've figured I'll have Abraham Lincoln as a Human Brawler/Bard (Oratory focused), and Ulysses S. Grant as his Dwarven Cavalier companion. Now my campaign will slowly incorporate more and more of the more Steam punk elements of Pathfinder, and it got me thinking: what other historic figures could be adapted into Pathfinder NPCs? Tesla and Edison as rival Gnome Alchemist inventors?

What's the Hivemind's ideas on other Historic Figures that'd be fun to adapt into Pathfinder, and how wold ye go about it class/archetypes/race?

My friend will be running a one-shot for Halloween soon, and he's letting me try out an Occult Class for the playtest. I'm in the process of making a level 3 Half-Elf Mesmerist at the moment (haven't even gotten to adding Mythic Tier 1 yet). I'm taking Murderous Command as one of his level one spells, which is great with his Hypnotic Stare ability to improve its success rate, except if the Mesmerist has the Disorientation Bold Stare hurting the Commanded enemy's attack & damage. As written right now the Mesmerist doesn't have the option of declining to use a Bold Stare for whatever reason might arise. I know that this might be the only time this is an issue, but it is something I noticed.
I'll post more as his creation and play-through progresses.

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Guild Alignment: NG (allowing LG, NG, CG, and N members)

United by the Six River Freedoms, the Aurora Vanguard seek to provide a means by which all can continue to enjoy their lives in the River Kingdoms. Whether this is in taking part in the trade and manufacturing that keep gold flowing through our hands, or in fighting off the evil that hide in both the savage races' hearts or an assassin's blade.

We must always be ready to defend ourselves from what the wilds of these untamed lands throw at us, be it crazed Goblins, savage Orcs, or foul murderers with bounties on their heads. As such, we are looking for craftsmen, tradesman so as to keep an edge with our equipment, and those that can at a moments notice defend them, or even go on the offensive if it means that evil will not raise its head come the morrow.

We are the Aurora Vanguard, and We bring Light in the Darkness.

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I just love some of the Doctor Who references alluded to by Paizo.

I'm working on building some custom races for a One-Shot I'll be running with some friends of mine. So while making a Large Race using the Race Building Rules in the Advanced Race Guide, I noticed that there was nothing in the Weakness Racial Traits for Undersized Weapons, an extraordinary trait for making large (or larger) creatures have to use smaller weapons fit for its arms and/or torso compared to the rest of its body. It really seemed odd as this particular Weakness would have been very useful for Paizo's pregenerated custom races of the Drider and the Centaur that they gave us in this section of the book.
So, if one were to create Undersized Weapons(Ex), as a weakness to be utilized by the Race Building Rules of the book, what negative Race Points would it be worth, and would there be a difference in just how much smaller weapons the end creature could wield?

while I'm fairly certain that these two archetypes can be both used for the same character, I want to be extra sure and ask the question here before making my character.
The Chirurgeon and the Internal Alchemist archetypes really seem to complement eachother very well. But as stated in the Advanced Player's Guide two archetypes can't be used together unless they alter different things. Would the change in the Alchemist's Poison Resistance +4 and Poison Immunity to Disease Resistance +4 and Immunity from the Internal Alchemist be simply replaced by the Chirurgeon's Anaesthetic and Power Over Death abilities if both Archetypes were used? Would it be a legitimate combination in your campaign??

One of my favorite classes from the Dragon Compendium, the Mountebank, has always seemed a little underpowered in my opinion. I outright love the flavor, and with me and my group having made the switch to Pathfinder I see a great opportunity to "fix" the class. I'll work on posting my own "Pathfinderized" Mountebank attempt later, but for now I'm wondering if anyone has done their own work on updating this class of the damned?

One of my favorite classes from the Dragon Compendium, the Mountebank, has always seemed a little underpowered in my opinion. I outright love the flavor, and with me and my group having made the switch to Pathfinder I see a great opportunity to "fix" the class, and I'm wondering if anyone has made any attempts at updating this colorful class?

after getting my copy of the Bestiary 2 i came across the entry for Pathfinder's take on Petitioners. Instantly i came up with a campaign wherein my PCs advance not in class levels but in Outsider HD slowing evolving from the Damned in Hell into unique Devils that could potentially be used later as "final bosses" of some potential future campaign. I've already decided that the PCs are going to be exemplary souls, they'll remember some aspects of their mortal life (name, a sense of what damned them, etc.), have two character traits, and 4 extra class skills of their choice in addition to what being Outsiders grant them. Now what i need are things that can challenge them while they strive to survive long enough to become some of the newest badasses of Hell and ideas on how i can "level" them up. any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

some time back i ordered both the Pathfinder Bestiary and the Pathfinder Core Rulebook from the website, I've only just come to download the free PDF that comes with such orders and I can't find it in My Downloads. Is this error, is there a time limit for the free download, if not can it be fixed?