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Outstanding costume he's assembled.

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Guild Alignment: NG (allowing LG, NG, CG, and N members)

United by the Six River Freedoms, the Aurora Vanguard seek to provide a means by which all can continue to enjoy their lives in the River Kingdoms. Whether this is in taking part in the trade and manufacturing that keep gold flowing through our hands, or in fighting off the evil that hide in both the savage races' hearts or an assassin's blade.

We must always be ready to defend ourselves from what the wilds of these untamed lands throw at us, be it crazed Goblins, savage Orcs, or foul murderers with bounties on their heads. As such, we are looking for craftsmen, tradesman so as to keep an edge with our equipment, and those that can at a moments notice defend them, or even go on the offensive if it means that evil will not raise its head come the morrow.

We are the Aurora Vanguard, and We bring Light in the Darkness.

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I just love some of the Doctor Who references alluded to by Paizo.