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No story, just designed to TPK


If you wanted proof that later scenarios want to kill player characters - this is it. When you have high tier games, you are allowed to prepare - you have to be, and you'll prepare for certain situations. No one is prepared for every single situation - it's not possible. But this one doesn't allow you to prepare at all, and you're thrust in unprepared into a deadly encounter.

While difficulty may be understandable, what isn't forgivable is the fact that concept and story are thrown out of the window to create a deadly encounter designed to kill. There's an investigation bit earlier, but it has little to no bearing on the outcome whatsoever.

I've not written a review before even on other scenarios that I thought were weak, but this one absolutely outraged me. Not just because of player characters dying but because it was for stupid reasons which have no regard for the story or roleplay. I've played most scenarios now (over 260) and this is by far, the worst one in existence.

Spoiler No.1:
The investigation at the start which of course, takes time, gives the players nothing much to go on at all. If it has no effect on the story, why bother putting a massive section on it? Nothing significant comes of the investigations and it doesn't help your prison encounter at all. It's just a waste of time.

Spoiler No.2:
WHY, in an ordinary prison, in an ordinary town, are there extraplanar beings controlling a banshee, and are in charge of the prison? Just overpowered, horrific monsters there again to just kill players, nothing to do with the actual plot. Having killed the Extraplanars, the Banshee wailed and killed most of the prison guards and the prisoners. That is completely illogical for a prison setup. And how exactly are these beings controlling the banshee? No explanation given.