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TriOmegaZero wrote:
drwho188, did you read the handout in the scenario? It might illuminate the reasons.

I don't think I got that handout. Plus, it's still ridiculous. Those beings brought in - there's literally no reason for them to be there, or how they're kept under control. Golems I would understand. But these enemies - it's just ABSURD.

This is stupid. The Monsters don't fit the scenario at all.

WHY, in an ordinary prison, in an ordinary town, are there EXTRAPLANAR BEINGS CONTROLLING A BANSHEE, AND ARE IN CHARGE OF THE PRISON? Just OP, horrific monsters there again to just kill players, nothing to do with the actual plot. Having killed the Extraplanars, the Banshee wailed and killed most of the prison guards and the prisoners. That is a totally logical setup :P Utter nonsense

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