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Will the astoundingly awesome Foundry edition be updated for Foundry v10?

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Darth Krzysztof wrote:
Has anyone gotten anywhere with the secret that Erik was teasing on Know Direction and Paizo LIVE? I know which NPC he's talking about, but that's as far as I've gotten with it. (Hopefully it'll be easier once the physical book is in my hands.)

I think I’ve solved it, partly by comparing a date associated with that NPC to a date mentioned in The Inner Sea World Guide.

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I would also like an answer to this question.

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I think this is a fine strategy. It seems to support the "lean startup" idea of starting small, with robust, high priority features, and focusing early on learning what works and what does not.

I have a request for the blog: Add an RSS feed.

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Fromper wrote:

Here's the thread with the guides to all the classes:

http://paizo.com/paizo/messageboards/paizoPublishing/pathfinder/pathfinderR PG/advice/guideToTheGuides

Very handy! Thanks!

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Chris Self wrote:
I would recommend Hero Lab.

I'll have to wait for the Mac version, which is due "later this year" (though I don't know what year that was written). Looks interesting. Thanks for the tip!

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kyrt-ryder wrote:
One good place to start would be with the Optimization Guide for your class (a lot of classes have them now, they can be found floating around.)

Ah, "optimization" is a word I didn't think of. That leads to lots of advice. Thanks!

What class are you playing?

As it happens, I'm okay with my existing characters. The challenge is when I need to create a new character (especially when I need to create one in a hurry), and you never know what I'll want to roll up.

Also a challenge for some friends who are new players. I don't know what they'll want to do either.

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Black_Lantern wrote:
honest to tell you i suggest using pfsrd and hitting ctrl f and type in key words on the feats page.

That would work if I knew which keywords to search for. Of course I do know some (maybe most, at least the most common ones), but I'm likely to miss some relevant ones.

And I'd like something I could point even newer players to, so they can roll their first character without having to read 150 pages of feat descriptions. Those folks will probably know even less about the relevant keywords than I do.

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Is there somewhere a "feat calculator"? Some software (web, iOS, or Mac) where you can indicate feat-relevant facts about your character (class, level, class features, current feats), and it displays the list of feats for which the character qualifies?

I'm new-ish at Pathfinder, and when I roll a new character, I still find the smorgasbord of feats overwhelming. The alphabetical listings don't guide me to the feats relevant to my character. I'm hoping for a quicker way to narrow down the list, so I don't spend all of my time scanning and reading feats I don't qualify for.

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Thank you Jeraa. That should be easy enough to remember ;-)

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If I understand right, Detect Magic reveals only a spell's or magic item's school and aura strength. It does not, all by itself, reveal other details of the spell or item.

But a successful Spellcraft check, made while applying Detect Magic, identifies "the properties of a magic item" (emphasis mine). Which properties, exactly, does this reveal? Full details of the spell or item, as shown in its description? The general nature of its effects? How to use or trigger it? Something else?

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Tilnar wrote:
The fact that the wording changes before "any weapon with 'elven' in its name is not an accident -- it's not on the list of free proficiencies.

The specificity of the language was the big clue for me. Those Paizo folks are very precise with their language.

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I'm a GM starting a new campaign. I'm trying to parse the rules about racial weapons--e.g. "Elves... treat any weapon with the word 'elven' in its name as a martial weapon."

One player in my game insists that the rule automatically gives all Elves proficiency with such weapons. For example, he thinks that any Elf would, by that rule, be proficient with the Elven Curve Blade, normally an exotic weapon.

I interpret the rule differently. I read it as saying that the Elven Curve Blade is, for Elves, not an exotic weapon, but a martial weapon. But that does not, in and of itself, make every Elf proficient with the weapon. In order to use the weapon proficiently, the character would have to gain the required martial proficiency in some other way--either by via a class-granted proficiency or by taking the Martial Weapon Proficiency feat.

So the level 1 Elf Magus in the group would be proficient with the Elven Curve Blade by virtue of Magis' proficiency in all martial weapons. But the level 1 Elf Rogue in the group, not having (by class) any special proficiencies with martial weapons, would not be proficient, unless he took the Martial Weapon Proficiency feat.

Of course, being the GM, I could decide this by fiat, regardless of the rules. But I would like to know: What is the intention of the rule about treating racial weapons as martial weapons?