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Skuld89 wrote:
you can build a fighter to be a tier 14 or 15 ship, it can only take a couple light weapons to shoot with, but with a high attack roll and high AC and TL, high speed, and Heavy Shields 320, 360, 420 even. a few fighters flying around might be harder to deal with then you think

But where are you getting all those tier 14 or 15 pilots? I understand an ace may have a tricked out ship, but why can't the party just buy a high-end fighter rather than puttering through upgrades then?

I know I'm a little late to the party, but wouldn't 72 fighters be absolutely useless against the party at the appropriate level unless you group them up into a squadron anyways? Kind of like a troop template?

I'll admit I'm kinda miffed at how they deliberately set good outsiders at 1 hit die higher than equivalent CR fiends. It completely sinks attempts to use planar calling with more than 1 at a time.

Ha! I was making a joke about it being a 40K knock-off, but this amuses me too.

Can you say...the Warp?

I would almost say tell them its their 'worth' as an army, and if they want to forgo it, they can at least get Rich-level upkeep at no personal cost.

NPC's would expect an appropriate wage, perhaps half or quarter that if they're on reserve or on-call

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Considering ironwood is a thing, why not ironwood fullplate?

FormerFiend wrote:

I don't know, maybe I'm biased from my days playing the Warcraft/WoW d20, but given that Sylvannas was statted up in that as a CR 33, I have a viscerally negative reaction to her being reduced to a cr 16 here.

Of course, the Lich King was statted up as a cr 50 and that got worked out to equating roughly to a cr25 under pathfinder standards. So maybe that works out.

Still, personally, if it were me, I'd give Sylvannas ten levels of ranger and 10 levels in the Dark Ranger prestige class after putting that through a conversion job.

I think its best to compress the range of numbers you're dealing with-especially since Pathfinder assumes there is no Epic Level Handbook to work with.

Assuming a Doomguard is roughly equivalent to a Balor or Pit Fiend, CR 16 lets them be a significant threat to sylvanas (which they were, based on Warcraft 3, yes?) even if accompanied by a retinue of powerful undead.

Meanwhile a CR 25 puts Arthas at the lower edge of the demon princes, which sounds about right.

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Tacticslion wrote:
BlackJack Weasel wrote:
ever seen Thor 2? Thor is Good and Loki is Evil. They worked together.

** spoiler omitted **

That said, there's nothing explicit about how evil people can't work well with good people. It's just usually poorly represented within most of our media because we don't like those kinds of gray-areas - we prefer a more moral (and social) contrast.

Well they did, but Loki had ulterior motives to his assistance, which is what a well-prepared evil character should do!

Plus he can add Furnishings (+5 to any checks to generate capital)- this would include things like a sturdy wheelbarrow, strong, sharp garden tools, well-built planter boxes, and the like.
If you let him hire a gardener (laborer, +2 labor or GP) you could apply it to gold earnings, but not to goods

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BO9S is probably closest to the Mythic system- A new, optional system that some players love more than sliced bread, and others absolutely despise...

As far as poisons go, I usually take into account what the poison does.
Arsenic? No-no.
Dragon bile? DEFINITELY NOT.
Drow poison? As long as you intend to subdue and not murder in their sleep, sure!
If a poison described its effects as painless and non lethal (like a poison whose Dex damage is described as more like a really strong 'high' than say, snake venom's horrific burning sensation).
Alcohol in moderation-Drunkenness leads to chaos, not the order you intend to keep.

The Sword wrote:

No this is Neutral...

"A neutral character is unusual in that she may have one of two distinct philosophies: she may be a person who is neutral because of distrust or apathy toward others, or one who wishes to have a truly neutral stance in the world and rejects extremism.

A neutral character could seem selfish or disinterested. She might be driven primarily by an acceptance of fate, and the most extreme followers of this alignment become hermits, hiding from the zealots of the world. Some neutral characters, however, strive openly for neutrality, and shun any act that veers too extremely toward any alignment. This type of neutral character prides herself on navigating her way between law and chaos, evil and good. She may have a fatalistic view in the face of nature and the fundamental power of night and day."

Not doing evil is enough to make a person good.

Did you mean not enough? Because your example and your statement are at odds.

The game tends to couple 'good' and 'neutral' immortality with becoming an outsider-transcending mortality but remaining a living creature.

Empyreal knight probably should have been 'gains celestial' and made something else a double swap.

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Anyone else feel like some of the bloat comes from them explicitly locking away some neat ideas behind archetypes? The Paladin's Bond ability, for example. Core gets the mount or the weapon, but archetypes add options like shield or holy symbol, which I see meshing wonderfully with some concepts without the weird archetype swaps on top of it. Ranger Fighting Styles. Stunning Fist replacements. All bound tightly to archetypes that people look at and go "Why would I want this?" (Even if they only feel that way in regards to a particular character)

I think it comes down to levels are too large of steps-some people probably want closer to twice as many levels, but keep the number endpoints the same (Abilities, BAB 1-20, etc), so you can feel more progress, but let the math stay pretty close.

There is no 'mild' setting for errata. it is Paizo's nuclear option, and they're getting way more aggressive with it.

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Rynjin summed my feelings on this up pretty well. Calling errata "FAQ" feels disingenuous.

Best I could see you doing is adding claw damage with your touch attacks, and even that's a bit of a stretch as written.

One problem with dex to damage is it doesn't work with touch attacks-as per the FAQ, if you wouldn't get strength to the damage, you don't get dex either, and you apply any modifiers as well (Such as 1.5 for two-handed or 1/2 for off-hand)

Per the rules, an item is a nonliving object, with no ability scores. Constructs and undead are non-living creatures, though constructs often have the rider of 'may be targeted if a spell may target objects'.
Therefore, riders are NOT objects.

As far as dismounting, the only ways I can see (Beyond Unseat) are Reposition, Drag, or Bull Rush-something that moves him out of his mount's space. (And bull rush is questionable as he would have to leave the mount's space, but you can't follow him through his mount).

Half-elf for +2 Con. I might have typed Human by mistake at some point.

Ravingdork wrote:

You need to make it a catfolk. Their racial bonuses/feats to speed are pretty awesome.

You can get pretty much the same speed you have now, but have it be EVEN FASTER on a run or charge with a catfolk.

Took a look; Anything you gain on a run/charge is negated by the loss of the Elf favored class bonus for monk, unless there's other options I missed.

But the blasts happen at the same time-you can't fire one, then the other (Similar to Scorching Ray)

Though seeing as both builds use Quicken, I think you can squeeze it into one character.

Double blast is two simultaneous blasts per action isn't it? What does double blast actually do in your build?

Edit: Also, Metekinetic Master is a single permanent choice, so you can't swap on the fly.

2nd Edit: I count 2 burn/round using a quickened power (2 from extreme range, reduced by gather power/supercharge, 3 from quicken, reduced to 2 by metakinetic master)

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So I did some tinkering- swapping a single Mythic Fleet for Mythic Paragon let me squeeze another 15 feet per round and another round of running, plus I actually spent some money on Ioun Stones for ability bonuses for another 5 rounds of running.

Dopey McRunfast, Human Martial Artist

Edit: Now I kinda want to run a Wile E Coyote game where the players have to stop this guy...

Haldelar Baxter wrote:

Can any of the Mythic Archmage Arcana abilities be used by a non-spell caster ?

If the Archmage Path is gained from Dual Path for other path abilities the Archmage Arcana ability seems to go to waste if the character doesn't cast spells.

The only one you could use would be Mage Strike, as the others are based on the Spell slots/prepared spells you have for the day.

I think they stack for bonus spells, but you only get spells you have spell levels for (So it may be a moot point)

Its not meta when certain spells actually do more damage if you've been kicking orphans.

As far as this template, this is more along the lines of the monk's capstone- someone has been good enough that they have 'ascended' beyond normal mortality. When they perish, someone else willingly plays host to the spirit so the good work may continue through them

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I thought rend adds to the damage of the second claw?
And as a matter of fact, I found the clarification from James Jacobs HERE

But they cannot wield weapons, nor can they deal damage with their touch according to your template.

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What good is a 'Good lich' who can't be a paladin?

This falls under the wide umbrella of "Can I turn into a big/little version of something?"

Such as the Roc. Can I turn into a huge Roc? Otherwise the only flying bird you can do is a small eagle.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
The niche of "using a prestige class to specialize a class into something more focused and flavorful" has been taken up by archetypes. Archetypes do it better, and they do it from day 1 of a characters career.

The problem is, they ALWAYS do it from day 1. Mid-campaign revelations, or even revelations a few levels in, are too late to swap out. Your desire for career change means weeks of retraining, rather than just leveling up the next time.

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I noticed this with the Magus and the Brawler too. The Eldritch knight is just kind of...there. It doesn't DO anything, because magus is unflinchingly superior to it. And if you try the 'well its meant for wizards to get tougher, not fighters to get spells' argument, then I will point you to Con bonuses and False Life being more efficient than the entire class, while not sacrificing spellcasting (slots OR levels).

As for the Brawler, it does almost everything the Monk does, but it can also wear armor, summon feats as needed, and take fighter-only feats. Plus unlike the fighter, it just gets some of the harder prereq feats (I'm looking at you, combat expertise!).
Every time a new class comes out, they seem to go out of their way to give it exactly what it needs to function, and add a paragraph of shackling it so other classes can't make effective use of it ever.

Warpriests? Fervor instead of Lay on hands. 80-90% same function, but now they can't use each other's feats.

Rogue Talents- Every time a class with talents comes out, they get some mish-mashed sub-set of the rogue talents they can use, that in turn doesn't get updated as new books come out.

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If outright ignoring prereqs is too much, why not offset some? The one that springs to mind:
"A master of many styles adds half his monk level to any skill ranks he possesses when meeting prerequisites for style feats or those requiring style feats as prerequisites"
Abilities like this still require some investment (Levels and skill points) while offsetting some of the cost.
If fighters had something like this to qualify for Int-based combat feats (Combat expertise, I'm looking at you) it would solve so many issues too.

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Rynjin, I don't know how we were disagreeing earlier when apparently we feel the same way.
Though you certainly put it into words better.

Matthew Morris wrote:
Source please, default?

Unfortunately, I have no specific posts to quote, but have seen both crane wing (in original form) and the Gunslinger in mid- to high-level campaigns.

Our prior campaign had a vanilla monk with Crane style. He built for hard-core tanking (lots of dex & wisdom). The problem/benefit was facing things like kraken, shoggoths, dragons, and outsiders that had multiple swings per turn. He could negate one, and almost forced them to skip power attack, which helped keep damage off the rest of us too.
A single negation per round made little difference against multiple opponents who could hit us on reasonable rolls (9-12) with their first attack each round, and swing against the lower AC party members with later swings.

In our current campaign, he has lost dozens of actions having to unjam his gun, even as he can only take two shots a round (mythic-I assume it would be worse in non-mythic). An archer on the other hand, would have simply shrugged and kept on shooting. The problem is that he's so much more accurate (targets touch AC) than an equivalent-level archer, not his damage. (He's only ahead of my melee character until next level, when I get improved Vital Strike). Vital strike lets him make huge single attacks, but an fighter could lay down more than that with a bow and rapid shot, clustered shots, etc.

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Strife2002 wrote:
Also there's a lot of negativity in this thread, so let me just say THANK YOU. It should be no surprise to anyone who's ever seen me on these boards that I'm smitten with errata (as a GM and ONLY a GM, balance and clarification is way more important to me than me getting "robbed" of something I wasn't supposed to have in the first place).

As far after its original publication as this is hitting, this IS being robbed of abilities. If we 'weren't supposed to have it' it should have been taken away immediately.

I'm honestly tired of Society's adventure design causing class changes that overshadow home games that were JUST FINE. Crane wing was fine until society's big single bosses couldn't get past it because MMS gave it too early.

Gun jams only slow down a gunslinger compared to an archer.

I'm sure there are more, but I don't have time to hunt them down right now.

If you want to use mine in your PDF, go for it. Just credit me. I know I have Carnotaurus, Baryonyx, and Dilophosaurus for real dinos, plus the Ropen (dino-like cryptobeast) and Gigamurosaurus (big ice/fire-magic ceratopsian). I can see what else I have sitting around; I'm pretty sure I have one or two of them made up with animal companion stats.

Victor Zajic wrote:

+4 is the max base moral bonus of an army. You add the commanders Cha Modifier to that. So against a poorly lead, inexperienced army, that's a great tactic. Oh course, it begs the question of where you managed to find 100 bards willing to fight for you.

I think at that point its less 'fight' and more 'prelude to Burning Man'

Ooh! That japanese thing where an item exists for a hundred years and becomes a kami or something?

Are the naga really only medium? Warcraft 3 made the Myrmidons seem so big...

That I did not know. Interesting.

I feel I should point out that you can't dip monk while brawler or vice-versa. Hybrid class rules.

I'm pretty sure most paladins would bat an eye, but that's an argument for elsewhere.

I would otherwise second the argument for lawful though. Excellent explanation.

I would vote in favor of the start neutral, progress to evil over the course of several games.

Grom I would say Chaotic neutral.(though certainly tipping to evil during the re-infusion of demon blood from WC3)

Perhaps throw a few notes as to when some of these stats represent the particular characters?

So something else to check out- its a concept art group on Facebook called Brainstorm. Their challenge this month is Jurassic World, so lots of hybrid/mutant dino art to browse, plus a couple 'normal' ones too.


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Ha! Slick! Its an amphibian pun!

Do you want dinosaur-like magical beasts too?
I have a couple on my attempt at a blog. Check the Bestiary page. If I dig around, I might be able to find the animal companion stats for it too.

Cold Dinosaur Games Blog

For Furious weapons, it only applies when wielded by a raging creature. Once it leaves your hand, it no longer gains the bonus, similar to thrown weapons and Enlarge Person.

I'm still curious on what happens when at item has a valid enchantment, and something gets changed so its no longer a 'legal' enchantment.

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