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Sean, I read you blog post and all I can say is: I wish you and Jodi the very best. Your work both here and WotC has always strengthened my understanding of the game, and even when I had questions you reasonably answered them.

Safe journeys, good luck, and always kill your players and make them want to come back for more.

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I would like to tell everyone of our newest addition to the rank of Venture-Lieutenant: Earl Gendron, a.k.a. Cpt_kirstov. He will be stepping up and helping me organize Eastern Connecticut for Society. Based out of Manchester, CT he will have a good base of operation.

If anyone has questions or request about doing PFS on that side of the state please feel free to contact both Earl, at ct.pfs.kirstov@gmail.com, and myself, at pfsctguru@gmail.com.

Congratulations Earl and thanks for helping out and stepping up.

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Name of PC: Karzoug the Claimer, Runelord of Greed

Class/Level: Transmuter/Archmage: 16/4

Adventure: Spires of Xin-Shalast

Catalyst:Four meddlesome Adventures and their pet weasel.

Story: All Karzoug was doing was preparing his epic return to Golarion when these upstart teenagers tear a entry way to his runewell resting place. The nerve! He hit them with everything he had from meteor swarm and time stop, but they came with a purpose of trying to take his stuff. I guess with a title of the Runelord of Greed people think you have stuff.

Thus the Domain of Greed was destroyed.

Well this ends my RotRL game. My players had a great time from start to end. Thank you Paizo and all the writers who contributed to this great AP.

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Ok relationships and the fates of the players involved.

Sorcerer fell in love with Shayliss vonder and was engaged to be married. He died a horrible death.

Fighter and Shalelu were becoming lovers and then he upped and died.

Rogue is in a just budding relationship with Kaven now. So we are all waiting for the boot to drop.