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Hello. I searched for a way to contact Paizo directly, but I could not find it through the website. I printed a section of the core rules that I had purchased and I noticed that the letter "A" in the titles does not print. I am using Adobe Reader 9, and also Acrobat Pro from CS 5 on Mac OS X. I tried saving it as PDF through the print dialog to show the results, but Adobe blocks this functionality.

I also tried Preview, and the letter "A" does not appear when rendering to the screen.

Jason S wrote:
William Ronald wrote:

Most of my conversions have been between 3.5 and PF. A lot of the time I just leave the monster stats as 3.5. Obviously you can't do that since it's 1E. So if it was me, I'd check the EL of all of the encounters before proceeding, maybe consider giving everyone a 3rd level character, so they can go farther.

Actually, B2 is DnD 0e. I start my players out at 2nd level.

I am working my own conversion from the original B2 to DnD 3.75e (Pathfinder). This is set in the original campaign of Mystara, placed in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos in the keep actually called Castellan.

It will be posted online at some point.

The NPCs will be commoners, experts, and warriors, with a few exceptions. Humanoids are whatever they are specified in Bestiary, but less equipped. The original has them equipped with a lot of money, but less in weapons.

This will be a straight vanilla conversion. I'll also make my action pack, which has my personal modifications from the original content, such as more robust epic fantasy opponents, but this will be more of an appendix.

I'm running the Mystara campaign using Mystara and Pathfinder.

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On a recent trip to the not-so-local game store, one of my players picked up "Burnt Offerings" and when the rest of my group (we're mostly Pathfinder groupies) realized there was a real, in-person copy of a Pathfinder adventure, we promptly made him buy it. He then left it with me, as I'm the GM most times. While reading it, I was entranced by the glyphs and runes in the backstory for Thassilon. Being a bit of a font buff, I decided to turn all those pretty runes into a handy-dandy font.

The ttf and sfd (Fontforge sourcefile) are located here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/owzdwn (If the powers that be dont like it, it can be deleted and I'll go away)

The glyphs are located in the range a-w inclusive.

Might be useful for GMs who want to produce say, handouts speckled with runes, or maybe even an encoded letter for your players to puzzle out.

Anyway I can get that font (huazhi_ca AT yahoo DOT com)

The download links people are posting are not working. :(

For Monks, what's the point of using Monk weapons? The unarmed attacks will yield more damage in the end, otherwise they are equal with the weapons. Shouldn't the monk get some bonus dmg when using monk weapons?

Wish we had How to Convert Monsters to PathFinder for Dummies guide... ^.^

Haldir wrote:

Either way, glad to know that the pdf will be included due to the subscriber tag.

It's funny before I start getting the pdfs for the various Paizo products I wasn't a big fan of pdf game books, now I really like them. They are nice to have as reference, without having to thumb through a book.

(goin through Pf4's pdf now actually, ha ha)

Oh, man, I am PDF all the way. When it comes to moving day, ugh, the books I have to move, between computers and gaming. I like to keep great reads, and reference books, but I dislike to have every single scrap that I might have used once here or there. Plus, I tailor the content to an extreme degree IMC to fit in a Transylvania-Moldavian campaign setting. So all the names are different, and some classes/races are restricted for my campaign world based on Karameikos, Mystara (Known World)

I am starting a campaign in Seoul, South Korea. I was doing a study abroad here, and some guys grew nostalgic of DnD days. I used to run campaigns in DnD2e to DnD3e using the Mystara system (Karameikos and Soderfjord Jarldoms areas).

I wanted to run a game, and chose Pathfinder because the start-up time to get a game running was the best with Pathfinder. This is because I am familiar with DnD3e (and 3.5e) and I can order the PDFs. I must say I am impressed.

Other thoughts, is that there are tons of great DnD3e and d20 material out there, that I am considering using as the campaign gets going.