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Not Bad, Not Bad At All


This adventure isn't some huge expansion dungeon or wilderness adventure. It's more of a side-trek between adventures. I strung this along with D series and Dungeon articles, and this works well, so I have enough random encounters to tie-in to other adventures, allowing my players to pick and choose where they quest in a non-linear fashion. The thing about the evil adventuring party is that they can compete and spoil other adventures to come, unless they party stops them in this adventure IMC.

The thing I really love was the investigation about who stole the dagger. That was amazing and REALLY great ROLE PLAYING fun for this situation. Right now IMC, we are before this part; I have a gnome PC in party that is desperately trying to steal it from one of the other PCs, which if things work out later, that PC gnome might be one of the suspects...

Anyhow, as a side-trek type of adventure, this one is really nice. I took the NPCs and use them with other adventures, and use other NPCs in this adventure. It works out very well.

NOTE - The comment about see MM for stats is due to licensing of WotC/Hasbro content. With future Pathfinder Core Book and other books, they no longer have this restriction.

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Glad to Get Something


I am glad to have these write-ups and generally anything thing free is 5 stars. However, the faerie dragon was a big disappointment. This is quite different and much weaker than the DnD2e version, and the DnD3e versions of EN-World weren't even looked at either. I will have to develop probably my own set of creatures, such as Faerie Dragon for PF, and scrutinize other monstrous supplements.