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Secret Wizard wrote:
Jakynth wrote:
Sounds to me like the OP just wanted everyone to agree with how right he THOUGHT he was. Personally I like the archetype. However, the secret is out Secret Wizard, not everyone has the same thoughts as you when it comes to class mechanics.

I accept and celebrate a diversity of opinions.

Doesn't mean you aren't all wrong and I'm the only one who is right.

After every single one explained so well and in detail why your opinion is probably wrong...i feel to disagree: although your opinion is legitimate; your arguments are weak. :-)

a bloodrager tiefling (Demon-Spawn) Abyssal Bloodline with archetype Primalist and Rageshaper. Str>Con>Dex>Cha>Wis>Int Feats: Power Attack; Arcane Strike;Improved Natural Attack (Claws); Blooded Arcane Strike. Traits: berserk of the Society.

Grow one size category larger when raging and attacks with 2 claws for 3d6 (4d6 at 8° level)+ Str + Arcane Strike damage each.

Pick Beast Totem, Lesser and Beat Totem as 8° level Rage Powers; and Beast Totem, Greater and Come and get Me as 12° level Rage Power.

Wish list: Helm of the Mammoth Lord - 8,500 gp; Mammoth Hide (ISC) - 11,665 gp; Belt of Thunderous Charging - 10,000 gp.

They seems all quite fair interpretations for the rule; but what in PFS, when people can use this item in different party and different DMs?
Maybe, a FAQ can be in order...

ok...seems to understand that there isn't definite rules about this item. :-)

Thanks anyway. :-)

so...we have 3 different interpretations. Which one it's right? :-)

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I'm confused about the text of this item:

This metal urn is identical in appearance to an efreeti bottle, except that it does nothing but smoke. The amount of smoke is great if the stopper is pulled out, pouring from the bottle and totally obscuring vision across a 50-foot spread in 1 round. If the bottle is left unstoppered, the smoke billows out another 10 feet per round until it has covered a 100-foot radius. This area remains smoke-filled until the eversmoking bottle is stoppered.

i suppose to apply the rules for the normal smoke?



A character who breathes heavy smoke must make a Fortitude save each round (DC 15, +1 per previous check) or spend that round choking and coughing. A character who chokes for 2 consecutive rounds takes 1d6 points of nonlethal damage. Smoke obscures vision, giving concealment (20% miss chance) to characters within it.

is that right?

Hallo everyone,

i was thinking to build an odd character, and i'm having hard time to figure it out.

i'd like to role a devote of Shelyn: the god of Art, beauty, love and music. I was thinking to a sort of cleric/bard/paladin/war priest (whatever), that would fight with a glaive (favorite weapon of his god) and without armor.

can you help me whit something like that?

Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:

I'd skip the bastard sword and just go with a scimitar unless you're a human or half-elf and can pick up the exotic proficiency as a bonus at lv1.

yep...i forgot to say that Nemyth Vaar has the Bastard Sword as Favored Weapon; and the Divine Tracker archetype makes the character proficient with his god's favored weapon. :-)

i already checked that guides: they are really nice; but none of them consider my idea. :-(

Hi everyone!:-)

i was thinking about an original "sword and board" Switch Hitter idea: a Ranger with the Divine Tracker archetype (of Nemyth Vaar: Chaotic Neutral deity of Betrayal, insanity and revenge) that would be fight, beside the usual bow, with a quickdraw Shield and a bastard sword; switching between two handed weapon in order to attack his foes in melee and immediately switch to sword and board to increase her AC during the foes attacks.

Can that work? Can you help me build something like that?

Thanks! :-)