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Perfect for shelf storage and convention travel


I used to use a piece of paper and a rubber band to keep the older map packs in their groups. I saw these at GenCon last year and bought a couple. While they are a little bit difficult to open, I tore a few of the first ones, but I found that if you start on just one of the longer side, it was fine.

I have one for ever map pack I own, which at this point is almost all of them, and the ability to just glance at the side and find the pack I need is well worth the little bit of tape and the $3.

I keep one that is just for the tiles that I need when going to a convention. It's easier to pack, and I can put other items that are that size in there too.

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Perfect Card Game


Love this game! I've played some different types of cards game in my past, and this one is the best. We bought it last night for the two of us to play on a rainy night. 15 hours later, we decided to put the game down and actually get back to real life. And as we were putting the game up, we continued to talk strategy.

We are avid PFS players and will be adding this to our upcoming convention.

We did discover two issues. There is a slight learning curve to convert your brain from RPG to PACG. And the other is that the main box is a little tight and took us awhile to get the top off.

Other than those minor issues that we obviously can live with, we will be signing up for the subscription so we don't miss out on anything.

Awesome detail


I picked up my display case today. I managed to get all the goblins in the set. That being said, after excitedly opening all the packs and setting them out,I spent almost an hour scrutinizing them. The only thing I saw that was not painted we're the eyes on the goblin dog. A little bit of white paint will fix that though.

The scars and even the pimples on Chuffy are in great detail. I'm excited about putting these down on the table during Free RPGS Day.