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so in essence treat jump as regular move action (accounting for +/- for running starts and obstacles)

thanks for the info. :)

I don't know why i can't find any info on this, but it has been pestering me a while.

Does jumping = regular movement when concerning moving into/out of threatened squares or is it a separate move action that just isn't listed in the AoO table?

just to clarify, boon companion cannot raise your pet beyond max char. lvl, but the huntmaster feat and the alternate racial bonus for certain oracles increasing levels of revelations (ACs in this case) CAN exceed max char lvl (assuming the AC is currently max lvl).

Is that correct? Neither has any wording that includes max levels, but maybe there is something im missing.

also, as a personal curiosity does anyone know whether a beastmaster ranger taking boon companion at lvl 1 gets his animal companion at lvl 1?

beastmaster's first two class features give NO lvl requirements and both replace original class features. i can't find any info regarding this scenario, and with no lvl requirements on a class feature that replaces something else i assume you treat it as a new class feature. as such, as soon as the AC is of a playable level it should be valid.

what say you?

Not that this has anything to do with RAW or RAI but if any of you have ever seen japanese weapon demonstrations where middle aged japanese men (equating something on the str 12 range) split iron helms in half you would be a full believer in 1.5x dex damage to 2h weapons.

Speed, precision, weapon design and knowledge of how to use that weapon masterfully can equal any 7' tall brute with a bastard sword.

just 2 coppers for all the people discussing the believability of dex equating str in regards to dealing damage with a weapon.

anyone have any insights into this? anywhere we can find definitive answers on how class features are replaced?

This page has some interesting points regarding class features, but nothing specifically to this situation.

This bit is about the closest i found: On the other hand, any alternate class features listed as altering an existing class feature otherwise works as that original class feature, and is considered to be that class feature for purposes of meeting any requirements or prerequisites, even if that feature is renamed to fit a new theme. For example, a class feature that alters the bard's bardic performance still counts a bardic performance for any prerequisite that requires that ability.

So the question is: class feature A awarded at lvl 4 is replaced by class feature B with no level requirement.

Under normal circumstances the character would be forced to wait til lvl 4 to get a lvl 1 character (since we obviously can't play with < lvl 1 ACs) however in this instance there is a feat that makes your effective druid lvl and thus your AC's lvl = 1 at lvl 1.

any clear verdict? or just house rule it?


Jayder22 wrote:
Dud Muffin wrote:

Serious thread Necro here but...

Just to be abundantly clear, if I want an animal companion from first level using the beast master ranger archetype, am I required to take Boon Companion at 1st level.

Otherwise, my effective Druid level would be no AC yet. Right?

That is incorrect. As was answered a few times above, the Beastmaster Ranger gets the ability "Animal Companion" in replacement of "Hunter's Bond". Since the Ranger get's Hunter's Bond at level 4, that is when the Beastmaster gets the class feature "Animal Companion".

i am also curious about this. is there some FAQ about this kind of ability reconciliation? why does almost every single ability have a level availability? even when they are replacing abilities of the same level?

this particular ability has no listed lvl requirement other than stating the char's druid lvl = rngr lvl - 3. if boon companion taken at lvl 1 then changes that druid lvl now to lvl 1 then what is restricting the character from qualifying for the ability at lvl 1 with a valid lvl 1 AC?

immediately following the two first abilities in the beastmaster arch (both of which do not list lvl requirements) is lvl 12 power Strong Bond which replaces a lvl 12 power camouflage and begins the qualifying information with "at 12th level"

i'm not saying the thread's current thinking is wrong, but i think there is a fairly strong case to require a little more "official" ruling on the matter.

ultimately, it doesn't make the class a ton more powerful and the player's power lvl is offset by giving up a feat to get their pet a little earlier.


edit: also, i believe one of the more important pieces of language is the bit where the features say "this ability replaces ________" instead of "this ability alters ___________".

i see that the PFS faq references INT as the issue regarding AC receiving shield or weapon proficiency.

what about the eidolon evolution "weapon training" in conjunction with the Primal Companion Hunter archetype? would this open up weapon proficiency with an AC?

i will take the silence as a "nodding approval" of my assessment regarding the scenario i mentioned. i believe this concludes the lesson and i thank you all for furthering my education ;P

Deighton Thrane wrote:
buckledup wrote:
Claxon wrote:

I thought as long as the animal was available on both lists the levels stacked.

Your druid cavalier could stack levels so long as they choose a horse or camel (or anything else that both classes have access to).

i believe this scenario is referred to in nefreet's second post. cav mounts and druid ac don't stack.
I don't know how you came away with that, but Claxon is right, as long as the AC is on both the druid AC list and the cavaliers Mount list, the levels stack. It's only if you take a Druid AC that doesn't appear on the Mount list that you would have 2 separate companions.

sorry got a killer headache and glossed over claxon's post. thanks for correction.

claudekennilol wrote:
buckledup wrote:
so for something more specific take the hunter archetype divine hunter. could you start as a divine hunter and then take level(s) in primal companion hunter? how would they stack?
You don't "start with one archetype and then switch". I think this is what's confusing you. If you want to be both a primal companion hunter and a divine hunter, then you are a "divine primal companion hunter". You aren't two separate hunters. You're one. I think the primary cause of your confusion is not misunderstanding how animal companions work, but misunderstanding how archetypes work.

true. i believe it's probably a bit of both since i've never done either. so then i suppose the short answer is the hunter has one animal companion that levels normally and applies each respective class' abilities when they are applicable.

so for something more specific take the hunter archetype divine hunter. could you start as a divine hunter and then take level(s) in primal companion hunter? how would they stack?

Claxon wrote:

I thought as long as the animal was available on both lists the levels stacked.

Your druid cavalier could stack levels so long as they choose a horse or camel (or anything else that both classes have access to).

i believe this scenario is referred to in nefreet's second post. cav mounts and druid ac don't stack.

on a somewhat related note would any of you like to take a look at my question regarding archetypes?


sorry for the confusion. as to the two faq suggestions i've read both of those already and am still unclear with my proposed scenario.

black lantern has it.

how do multiple hunter or druid or even summoner levels stack assuming they are a) archetypes of the same class b) don't conflict with each other as per their respective replacement abilities.

thanks and sorry for the confusion.

edit: MOST specifically how does the animal companion part of these archetypes stack? this is my real inquiry.

I have never played an AC class and have been doing a decent amount of research to try and understand how AC classes stack or more accurately don't stack, and i can't seem to find a clear answer for my particular scenario.

I was interested in how an AC class would stack in the case of same class archetypes that don't replace the same abilities and are assumed to be otherwise stackable.

Thanks for the lesson im about to receive. :)

Player name: Brent Buckelew
Character name: Shams Al-Sayyid
PFS number: 142799-1
Race, Class, Level: Aasimar Azata, Ranger 2/Bard 1
Faction: Osirion
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blackbloodtroll wrote:

Okay, making the item actually hinder your ability to lie, and make NPCs react automatically negatively, is at best, a dick move by the DM.

Making the item not function, as described, is a houserule.

If I were to play an NPC shopkeep, and someone walked up to me with a mask on - even a non-magical one - to barter, depending on the NPC's starting demeanor toward the shopper, I'd be very likely to at least (politely) demand they remove the mask. If they knew the NPC, I might let it slide, but neutral or below, the first thing out of the shopkeep's mouth would probably be something like, "I don't wish to inconvenience you, good sir, but I prefer to look a customer in the face while doing business?"

::bowing head low and partially covering his face with his hand::

I apologize most generous shopkeep for my visage is and always has been frightful to behold. I prefer to live my life under this mask. The stares it receives pale in comparison to the embarrassment and discomfort the face i was born with bring me. Please allow me to keep my dignity and my mask in place.

::rolls bluff check::

awesome! looking forward to my first PFS game :D ill email you all my deets in a lil bit.

any chance this game could move up one hour? i'd be happy to play, but at 5pm CST i'd never make it after getting off work.

*could probably rope at least one more person in as well if the time is advanced.

yes i am aware of some more common ways around this, but i was mostly curious to see if they had found something more "creative". :)

another option would be the maenad psionic race that can take barbarian levels even with a lawful alignment with no loss of rage.

Nisha the Merchant wrote:

This Tiefling Barbarian/Monk has gotten a few odd looks. Apart from the fact that it has 1 level of Barbarian and 3 levels of Monks, the odd personality quirk of her trying to sell everyone her "antique" coffee pot has raised one or two eyebrows and made people laugh.

One GM called this character cheesy because it was a Barbarian/Monk. *shrug*

Just curious, but if a barb can't be lawful and a monk can't be unlawful how did you get these two classes to mix?

Dwarven Cleric/Rogue of Calistria. Born as slave in Cheliax, escaped with bellflower network, raised by halflings, turned to Calistria to satisfy the vengeance in his heart and the lust he has for a world so full of ...stuff.

Now has 3 female cohorts (he refers to them as his 3 daggers): a halfling geisha (retrained from expert/prostitute), a hobgoblin inquis/ranger (formerly of asmodeus but lost faith after goblinblood wars) and a ratfolk urban druid found underneath kasai.

He prefers wine and mead to spirits and ale, sideburns to beards, and his list of bedwarmers grows constantly.

i'd say it would negate concealment. it honestly is not THAT powerful of a spell.

1) it's a level 2 spell so not terribly hard to resist the blinding.
2) wizards get it at level 3 but a level 3 wizard needs all they can get to make it to higher levels where they start to rebalance the stark disadvantages they have at lower levels. hybrids don't get it until lvl 4.
3) it functions almost exactly as faerie fire except faerie fire is available at lvl 1 for druids AND it lasts min/lvl rather than rd/lvl making faerie fire a much more desirable and powerful spell at 2-3 lvls lower.
4) this part kind of cinches it for me "Area: creatures and objects within 10-ft.-radius spread" all creatures and objects meaning only tangible things. so the target would be glittery but his mirror images and blur outlines wouldn't be.

it's really not a huge gamechanger. you can get invisibility at lvl 1 with some classes (3 or 4 with others) with a duration of rd/lvl why not a debuff to counter it at similar levels?

ah yes i knew it would be something obvious; however, that means the regular animals still get one more point than companions. well i guess i don't feel quite as bad about the companions, but they don't seem to be worth it.

thanks for the feedback.

I could be totally off on this so someone please set me straight. If i understand the druid animal companion table, the column with "skills" displays the total skill rank points that the companion has at that level.

Assuming this is correct then a 10th level companion has 9 skill points to disperse? I have to be misunderstanding this, because under the beastiary regular animals are listed as having these traits:

An animal has the following features (unless otherwise noted).

d8 Hit Die.
Base attack bonus equal to 3/4 total Hit Dice (medium progression).
Good Fortitude and Reflex saves.
Skill points equal to 2 + Int modifier (minimum 1) per Hit Die. The following are class skills for animals: Acrobatics, Climb, Fly, Perception, Stealth, and Swim.

this would give a regular animal running around in the world 2x as many skill ranks as a druid's companion.

i know i've gotta be wrong about this, but could someone give me a point in the right direction?

Rycaut wrote:

Remember that Alchemists can keep creating mutagens multiple times each day (or cognatogens) so this penalty is probably there for a game balance against continually having the cognatogen active.

i know i'm just complaining but this still doesn't make sense to me. i am pretty sure i could cause just as much grief with a constant bonus to Dex (or str or con) as i could with constant charisma or int.

i'd have to guess this particular discovery/archetype gets little to zero usage from this overreaching handicap.

no i'm not lookin for a "yes choir", but based on how the spell is described it seemed perfectly logical/possible for cold breath to be turned away. the issuing party was a young adult which made for an even more plausible defense even though in regards to the game and this spell there is no differentiation b/t a wyrmling's breath weapon and an ancient dragon's.

also, the only reason i mentioned fire or acid breath is b/c of the direction of the winds. i would agree wind would strengthen fire, but with the winds blowing at roughly a 90 degree angle from the floor it would still seem to me that it would be much less effective if at all.

honestly, i was hoping for a reference page or book to address this with since the description just says "gaseous breath weapons" but then doesn't describe the regular breath weapons as anything other than "fire" or "cold". if we were talking fire and brimstone or cold and hail that would be a different story, but it's just cold air and fire.

i guess what im hearing is it doesn't matter how "gas-like" a breath weapon is, it must have "gas" in the description for it to be affected by this spell. if that's all we have to go on then i guess i have the same info i started with, but i appreciate the input folks! :)

it seems that only things with substantial mass are able to pass through it ie hand thrown weapons, ballista, walking/running creatures. there is no mass or matter in a breath weapon. even if the cold or heat were felt on the other side of the wall wouldn't it be greatly dispersed by that point?

not to get too complicated here, but if the wind is powerful enough to deflect an arrow designed to pierce steel and travelling at 300 fps how does cold air or fire get through? how would acid being spewed not be scattered all over the map?

i have been unable to find a satisfactory answer on this topic so i thought i'd pose it to the boards.

the first question. is there any information regarding dragon breath weapons in detail? i know they are either cone or lines and are considered bursts. i also know there are alternate breath weapons that are labeled as "gas", but is there any more information on them?

the second question. can wind wall deflect breath weapons like "cold" or "fire"? or even partially deflect breath weapons like acid?

we house ruled a cold breath attack would be dispersed, but only after a fair bit of debate and no concrete evidence to the contrary.

the logic is as follows: the wind wall is 2 ft. thick and of "considerable strength" and strong enough to completely deflect arrows and bolts which are designed to pierce materials (air included). it's hard not to divorce "real world" from "fantasy", but it would seem to me that a magical wind strong enough to completely deflect an arrow or bolt would be strong enough to deflect frosty or fiery breath and (to a lesser degree) disperse more corporeal breath weapons like acid.


excellent. i thought as such, but i like to get other opinions before i just assume and start a character build. and yes any time i play a meleer i always try to convince someone else on the team to go with precise strike.

i asked about the incorporeal creatures since in their description they specify that they are not affected by combat maneuvers that "move" the creature. they give no caveat for force weapons, but it seems to make sense that it should.

pool strike coupled with sneak attack: using pool strike as a character that can also deal sneak (precision) damage would they work in conjunction?

example: 7 magus/ 1 rogue attacks with pool strike with flanking. does the damage equal 3d6 + 1d6 or just the 3d6?

1) are incorporeal creatures affected by chain of perdition's combat maneuvers since it is a force weapon?

2) does the Magus pool strike couple with sneak attack precision damage?

thanks folks!

this might be slightly off topic, but i was curious about the chain's combat maneuvers versus incorporeal enemies.

incorporeal are said to be immune to combat maneuvers that "move" the character, but this seems to be tied to the fact that the weapons are material.

can the chain of perdition as a force weapon attempt combat maneuvers against incorporeal characters?


how would the synthesist's BAB work when multiclassing?

normal: synthesist uses the BAB of his eidolon.

thanks a ton for all the info! above and beyond what i needed :)

our group has a bit of confusion regarding DR and spells/spell-like abilities/supernatural abilities.

does damage reduction only apply to physical attacks or does it extend to spells?

does a creature with DR10/good resist ten points of all attacks that aren't good/holy based or just the physical ones?

im leaning towards damage reduction being a qualifier for physical attacks and spell/energy resistance being the qualifier for spell attacks.

what's the word?

should be a large object (up to 4000 lbs)dealing 4d6 if dropped at least 30ft. half damage if less than 30 and double damage if more than 150.

requires touch attack to hit and a DC 15 reflex to dodge the attack if they are aware.

i think my question has been solved. thanks folks :D

the scenario i'm thinkin is either siege defense or ambush type scenario.

using an extremely large object 1200+ pounds to drop/roll/toss towards a single large foe or a clustered group of enemies.

if the context helps.

great start! where could i translate those sizes into weights? with ant haul and/or lighten object a moderate str score could lift/drop some pretty ridiculously sized items.

i'd say you get a save to half damage regardless.

1) the wording is funny, but they are both referred to in the same paragraph as saving would half the damage and negate the blindness in the case of outsiders.

2) i don't understand why a spear of purity would require a save ONLY for evil outsiders but not regularly evil people or (even more confusing) neutral people.

i'd make em roll a save to half the damage for anyone it could hit and hurt.

have i stumped you guys and gals or is this just a remarkably stupid question?? :D

buckledup wrote:

i was curious if you could use ant haul to carry and then drop or throw your load. i can't seem to find any information anywhere that is even closely related to this idea.

assuming i can't throw it (which i am) how do you calculate damage for an extremely heavy item that has been dropped or thrown at someone/thing??


i was curious if you could use ant haul to carry and then drop or throw your load. i can't seem to find any information anywhere that is even closely related to this idea.

assuming i can't throw it (which i am) how do you calculate damage for an extremely heavy item that has been dropped or thrown at someone/thing??