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I found the book pack full of WOW. it is really great. i read the book and talked to my players about meta-game. lol they nearly killed me about allowing good to win in the end. so i will allow the dice to fall as they may but "evil laugh" the good guys are alsome i love the ring even if they defeat the good guys they have the finial boss to fight
thank you for a trully alsome book. that is true evil
if Throne of night is half as good as this AP yiu got your self a follower

Douglas Muir 406 wrote:
Patrick Kropp wrote:

What does that mean for the release? It´s still not up on drivethru? Gary seems on a vacation (or something).

Gary has a lot on his plate. He doesn't want to leave anyone hanging, and he's trying to finish as fast as he can. But while getting part VI out the door is definitely a high priority, it's not the only thing going on in his world.

He's not going to pull a Nicholas Logue or anything like that. It shouldn't be long now. Be cool.

Doug M.

It is not like we are not patient but sinch it is is mid feb and the book was to be done months ago i beleive we are being cool as possible.

while the books are great the delay is being beyound normal. 2 weeks has pass and still no book . most do not mind waiting but when their is no update on the status. it shows that there is no respect to the gammers. most gammers will wait for months for a good game if they know why it is delayed. Telling us yep the book is done and will be release latter in the week and now 2 weeks has pass.
Maybe i am just impantient but i agree we should get update more.

Thks. you save me from my group

Any more on when the book 6 comes out. my players are biting at the bite. they been hunting dragons for the hords so they can support the invasion. if i do not know when the book comes out it. my adventure will soon be known as the dragon wars lol. but serious a general time frame would be nice.

Question will the book v be ready this week or is it delayed to next month.

Gary is the time line for way of the wicked still the same or are the books push backed you mention that book 5 would be some time mid sept is there a more firm time line or is it still in the Air.

I just finish reading thru book4. i fully expected i am going to lose some of my players on this one. a high lvl princess that is just evil. hehe it is all good. i just waiting for the printed copy be for calling the hord to gather

Yes thank you sorry for bugging you about it

Question did the book get delay or is at drivethru i have checked both drivethru and paizo so far nothing they are usly very fast with this stuff?

well it is no brainer. when you create a good material people notice. and yours is one of the best i have seen in along time. pathfinders modules are ok but two short for my taste most of the time. i spend a lot of time adding stuff for my group. and i spend even more on yours just to get all the detail down for my group. your books should remain best seller for a while in my option. its silly but i had to by two copy of each. i woreout each book due to overuse. so i had to get the second for my collection. yes i consider you books to be collector worthy.
you realy did a outstanding job on them.

What is the status of book 4 you said mid july is it this week or next.
ps thanks for all your hard work

Is book 4 coming next week or is there a delay.

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got my hard copy early this week. nice format by the way. begaing in june my group will desend upon my house so we can play the vale. it is good.

just wanted to share. our wizard found true love with the medusa.
it was so funny they tryed to talk to her. it did not work the wizard lost his cool and hit the medusa it was one of the funnest point in my game. he scored 3 crits and the medusa femble twice. never had that happen before with our wizard.he landed up pinning her down he was telling her she was his and was a great peice of rolplaying in a long time as he looked her in the eyes and kiss her ( he even made the save)our group looked at each other went WOW. as a ref a did not have him role the dice to deside her reaction the group thought the roleplaying was to good to let dice get in the way. she became his minion as soon as he gets high enought she will be his corhort.
so thanks for a great NPC it was alsome to experience scene like that in the game.
even our most blood thriser player like the module.

know that i got hard copy the group is ready to attack the vale.


I am going to bleed them dry of every spell and magic item they have.
they work to well as a team to go easy on them.
they deside to use the circle to look like bugbears they even rehearse some speaches so people will there will hear how fire axe order this.

This is great adventure my group jump right in. the side missions were also great. we spent nearly two days about 12 hrs each on the side missions. the suggestion you gave me keep every one happy. my group bought their copy's also. but i refused to start on the vale until i get my hands on the printed copy so good work in this as it is keeping 6 players entrall plus sinch i ran book 1 two more players have become regulars at my table sorry cant get the spolier to work for me.
{ characters are using the circle to keep the apperance as bugbears }
once i get the printed version they wanted to play that weekand.

Very good job to get such a commited from people.

got my pdf subscribion but if you do print version i talk that as i like the book version better then pdf

keep up the good work

lol after hearing about every one else i glad i have the free time to play such a great game. in one way my group is military so i can game weakends and even run 3 to 4 times a week for 2 to 3 hours. this adventure took nearly 2 weeks started on pdf finish it on printed the hours spent is alot i know but it great fun watching my group get lunch and conspiding against me. lol my group took their leave and spent it on this adventure they have a energy playing this. they were atent and little side talk happen which takes about 60% of the game time. so thk you for a great game.

thks for answering my question by group already bought their printed copies lol they replayed the adventure twice using their heros to defeat the horn lol i made them run into a fog man swepping looked up at them a sigh" more mess to clean" it got away before the players could act. my group had tears in their eyes after that. it was fun watching the players walking into there own trap after failing a perception check.i put on the furnal march for that. my players was happy it was a what if so their alt characters never die as this is a complete new land.
turly it is a work of art my group is sending all there printed version to me into i run them. lol i know some of them will buy extra to read. but that is ok it means more sells for you.

go a question in the horn there was 3 rituals 1 for hellhounds 1 for nightmare and 1 for mudman
the mud man can only be done at the horn what about the other 2 can the be done outside the horn it just says once a year.
our mage has both horse and hounds now the knight wants a nightmare.( the night mare bit him for 12 pts and sinch it was fire damage. his prize ring woun't heal him lol(p.s need to be careful with radmoe wildress enounter the was no monster with in 5 miles as the knight capture or kill them to keep in practice)

lol took a whole week. still had to work during the week but we all took 48 hour r&r on the weekand by group even they stated they will take vaction so we can do your adventure. when they return from sea.
this says alot about your game. to have 6 people willing to give up 2 weeks of leave time to play.
well done.
thks form my group to all your people. well done.
20 ys of gaming and so far one of the best i have seen. it rates with in top 10 i have seen. if all books are as great it maybe with in top 3.
the top was a japanese games i found in japan when i was station there.
the second was TSR old D&D gazater pathfider became #3 because of the quality of their work but while some of their path is good art,nice design, but lacked depth that you capertue very well.
this gives a weight that my group found apealing. in facted one of my group allowed his teenage son to played. which is amazing sinch the yougest is 25 and oldest is 45 so we have a wide skilled group to play with they loved your adventure book 2 was better then book one.

i just want the print vesion for the next 8 books need a adv order less stress for my players

book two was great. my group finished the adventure nearly 50 hrs of gaming.last week the last group was great my group expleled all there magic no more wands no healing and down to less the 10 hp each alchemt had nearly 100 potions made 2 wands of cure light wounds and wand of restortation.
the group trapped the thones so the npc dies as they telported in avg damage of 6 6d6 dmg per room.
a very enjoyable adventure im using the the players dungeon for furtue adventures (evil laughter) player grinder almore.

thks it just same too small compare to leadership feats
i thought it was about 5 minions per pt of survivablity the if you add 5 minion per action so at 20th you would have 100 minions this would match leadership feats. minons are about 1st lvl right so a charcter with leader ship score of 16 ( 9th lvl +4 chr mod base of operation +2 special power +1)would have 25 1st 2 2nd 1 3rd. does this sound ok.

got a qustion about way of the wicked book 2 evil organization the stats go up to +10 the events has cause grows. so how big are the organization. what stats determ the size so if a group of heros start to cut down the minons what determ the survivable rolls