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Great story but fell short


I really enjoyed running this but I felt it could of gone a bit longer even with the player who's character speaks really slow it ran aboard 3 hours.

I had a table of 7 and the final encounter was rough on them they had to spend 3 welcome to starfinder boons between the 7 the fear was very real for them. They enjoyed the challenge and story.

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Good intro to starfinder society


Much to do as the starfinder society graduation draws to a close. You get to partake on minor task for the different factions. Lost of Roleplay.

The down fall no starship combat but heck their will be plenty more

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The fun never stops


Played this at Gen Con and all the twist and turns kept me on the edge of my seat even though I paid for the whole seat.

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Didn't expect that.


I had to run this scenario cold at Gen Con since they over sold the table.

It was well written and easy to follow with and the story was strange but fun.

I hope my players got to enjoy it.

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It was different


I like the idea that this scenario will evolve over the seasons. I'm hoping there is a good mechanic so it doesn't feel like a flash back for 2 of the 3 parts.

I did like running some of the encounters especially those that made party go oh @#$¥.

My gripe is that getting maps that are out of print isn't fun. As much as I run scenarios I'm actually burnt out on drawing maps.the cost of ink to print them is straining my wallet too. I rather just buy the pregen printed maps.

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The wait was worth it


First off I never really found a space RPG game that interesting until I got my grubby hands on the Starfinder core rule book.

It was enough to help me decide to become a starfinder charter subscriber.

The wait to actually play starfinder society organized play is almost unbearable. Also I can't wait to start running the AP.

The Artwork is fantastic the book layout is nicely done and I really feel the game is well balanced.

If you haven't bought this yet don't miss out

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I'm tired of paizo trying to stuff ultimate intrigue down our face


Really the debate system is bulky and really not a lot of fun it breaks up the session and ruins the immersion with so many die roles and mechanics that just slow the session down.

We spent 2 hours trying to explain the mechanics in a 4 hour slot

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I'm tired of paizo trying to stuff this book down our face


If I was playing a home campaign this book might be more fitting,

For society play this verbal debate and other ideas for this book really bog down the game play. I like social aspect of games and role playing but as I said society play it slows the game way down to try and get people up to snuff on the mechanics

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The writing of this scenario was a complete mess. I had to pretty much hold the players hands because they were just confused by the npc name. Also the editing was horrible as sections would completely just skip over what was actually going on.

Description and details in what you gave the players were just a jumbled mess. I assume some of this was because of word count description. It really need a bit more polish for something that had some really good potential.




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