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Hmm. Few side notes.
Note: Most Unplayable Trash builds actually have two problems.
#1: They are front or back loaded. (Chained Monks)
#2: People over do it. (Int-Fighters)
#3: Not understanding the point in the first place. (Chained Rogues)
#4: One Trick Ponies can be useful but really boring. (Pure HP Battery/Heal Clerics will make you almost unkillable, but they are useless in almost every other way)
Monks are fine.. after about level 5-6? Actually they can be super handy in a party as really mobile attack dogs for lower AC problems. (I.E. Tank Killers)

Rogues are fine.. As long as the person playing them understands that no.. that Sneak Attack damage will never make you a primary melee damage dealer. Your more a skill monkey that can be pretty useful in a fight to punish the enemy for making mistakes.

Int-Fighters. There is no such thing as a Int Fighter... There is a Fighter that's going to need 13 Int... There is no reason for a Fighter to have more then 14 Int. Because that's all you need to the Int feats.
As far as useless Trash? Oh boy.

Well you already stated Throwing Builds.. Yes they are terrible.

Almost anything that tries to do Unarmed Melee that is not a monk...

SlingStaffs don't work.. Actually a WHOLE but load of Exotic Weapons don't work. And even the Pazio staff have said that they actually only put some in because they felt like they (Had to) Because of 3.5

Pure AOE Damage Casters should be team killed on sight.

About half of the Bard Archtypes (And that's from some one who loves bards)

About half Druids.

A lot of Monk Archetypes.

Most Rogue Archetypes.

Any Type of 1/2 BAB Melee build. (Think you already said that)

A lot of Alchemists, Cavaliers, Gunslingers.. Actually just a ton of the Archtypes from the "Base Classes"

Gunslingers are Cancer if the game is not built for them.

Anything that needs a mount to work is really annoying unless the GM works with you.

Great example of the ideal of being lawful. And why people misunderstand the ideal of lawfulness.
Example: You are walking down the street. You pass a two story building, form the window upstairs you hear a scream and some on yell "HELP MURDERER!"

Chaotic #1: I don't want to get involved! They might kill me to! (Walk away)
Chaotic #2: Kick in the door, run up and kill the murderer! Run them down if you need to! Then run away, don't want to get involved in all that legal crap...

Neutral #1: Call the police and tell them that "Something is going on at this address." Maybe hang up after that.

Lawful #1: Call the police, tell them all the info you can, wait for instructions.. follow instructions.

Bonus: Lawful Good Paladin.

(Call the cops) Kick in the door (Breaking and entering) Run upstairs try to save a life (Or two) if the guy runs. Let him run, make sure the victim is not dying at the very least.

Wait for cops, tell them what happened, when they tell you "we are going to need you to come down to the station to fill out stuff, make statements." Say OK.

Heck If they are jerks as say. "You broke and entered, that's a 50 gold fine." YOU PAY THE FINE...

Law is about actions and consequences. Its the entire reason that mens rea is a thing in law.

A Lawful action is not just about not breaking a law.. Its about following the law.

Heck on of the reasons its so hard to play a good paladin is because a lot of DM's don't understand that you can break a law as a paladin.. just as long as you had a good/lawful intention. And actually face any legal fallout from the actions.

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Paladin story/Question.

I once had a discussion with a friend of mine who was New to DMing and was kind of struggling with the ideal of "Lawful Good" Like how does a Paladin actually be lawful good. If Laws get in the way of being good some times.

So I ask him to give me a example.

DM's Example: Your walking along, you pass a two story house. You here some one from the top floor scream out a window. "HELP HELP MURDERER!"
You check the door and its locked. To help the person you will need to break into the house... breaking a law to do good, how do you deal with this as a Paladin.

I could at this point see where his hang up was.
It was on a very easy to make and simple mistake, not understanding how being lawful works. See because the Paladin does not have to always follow the law all the time every time. (That's Lawful,Neutral) The Paladin simply must "Be Lawful"

My Answer: "I check to see if there is anyone around, if there is I yell at them to go get the guards/magistrate." -I.E. I call the cops-
"After that I kick in the door -breaking a law- run up stairs and hopefully save some one's life. Maybe even catch a bad guy. (Or kill them If I must) After that I make sure the victim is at least not dying, I help them down stairs and I wait for the Authorities to get there."
"When they get there, I tell them what happened, I explain WHY I broke into the house. At that point if they say."

Police: Good job! But you did break in, please come down to the station while we sort this out and get all the info.

Me: "Absolutely!"
If they say "Good job, don't worry about the Breaking and Entering" Great!
If they say "Well you did break the law, its a 50 gold fine, but don't worry, time served no record." Good.
If they say. "That's a 50 gold fine, pay up." I pay the damn fine...

There is a very big difference between breaking a law and being unlawful. Laws are about responsibility and consequences. And Intentions are very important.

He kind of got my point and took away from it.

"Problems are from being to strict with the whole moral code thing. And don't be to Happy with the Fall Hammer for Paladins."