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I have a PFS-bard with PotP. I havent played him for close to a year (havent played PFS for close to a year), but I never met anyone that had a problem with it at all. The GM was slightly *huh, let me check that*, and then was on board.

None of the other players had a problem with a bard acing the knowledge checks (that was if I had it going at the time, not always the case). They didnt have a problem with me buffing them, or letting them reroll saving throws either (Saving Finale love). There will always be the chance of more people beeing able to do the same things. If you are a one trick pony, that might be a bit boring, but should one ban all but one melee class, just cause one can melee better then most? Should be deny two arcane casters just because one can cast better spells then the other? Can not a mindchemist and a bard be in the same group, just cause one will cry like a baby and hate Pathfinder after the session is over?

My opinion is that spotlight hogging is a player problem, and that people with different builds will always whine, OR play well together, no matter if PotP is in the game or not. If stuff that *could* break the game was all banned, then we would be left with a very thin bag of options.

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Part of the problem is that First Steps 2 and 3 are really, really weak.

First Steps 2 is a very easy dungeon crawl with only one particularly interesting encounter.

That depends entirely on your party. First time I was there, none in the group had played it before, and we almost wiped, and spent forever in there. I enjoyed it alot.

A shame you can retrain racial traits, class stuff etc, but not traits. When you first make a character, knowing what could be useful etc later is hard to know. Even more then feats etc that you gain as you lvl. The possibility to retrain to Magical Knack if you dipped in something other then your caster class could be good.

Well, Mike said he was working with Joe on a solution for the online peeps, and that is good, but what to do with the underlying problem, that almost none of online GMs list buys and sold/used etc on the chronicles?

The GMs on FantasyGrounds filled out everything properly. Other then those, I have never seen a single GM fill out anything, other then the one time I needed Restoration after a stat-drain, and the ones I have begged to include spells scribed etc from scrolls found, as is noted in the FAQ the GMs have to sign for each one.

As of now, I have about 40 chronicles worth of blank bought and sold/used. Ive kept good track of all my inventory (down to every charge of wands, and every acid flask used), so I can fill out stuff, but I wonder how the GM will treat it if I ever go to a F2F-game and have to go through everything from scratch.

Joana wrote:
I opened Seekers of Secrets excited to learn more about what my PC was involved with, and what I read in that first chapter made me swear off organized play entirely because what I read was so repugnant to me.

I recently came upon this thread, and after I read that part, I had to take a short break, go to the store and buy some popcorn before I continued. This looked like it would turn out to be too much like a circus not to have some popcorn with it :D

Further in there were some very good lore parts in it. I enjoyed the thread, and will be looking up more lore and sidestories :)

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I think I am a casual gamer when I play PFS....

Course I have been told I am a terrible power gaming monsters at PFS tables....

“If one person tells you you're a horse , they are crazy. If three people tell you you're a horse, There's conspiracy afoot. If ten people tell you you're a horse,it's time to buy a saddle”

I have been told I am a horse as well....
What if no one tells you you're a horse, but you think you are a horse?

Ahh, you met Neigh? The local Cowboy/Druid/Pony? :)

Well, from someone who only plays online (not a single PFS-game running in our entire country), Ive seen both auditing and not.

I started out playing on FantasyGrounds. Freom what I read on the forums, they were not doing much before, but when I started there, they required the character sheet in XML to import into FG, as well as the last Chronicle Sheet before you were confirmed to a table.

When I a little bit later came over the Online Collective Google group, stuff wasnt as coordinated. Noone asked for a character sheet, filled out any "bought" or "sold" on chronicle sheets, and not everyone even filled out char-name on the sheets they handed out.

Ive collected all my chronicle sheets in each folder for each character, so I can recheck xp, cash and boons whenever I want, and present them to any GM wanting them.

As for the rules on auditing, as you posted the "running a session at a convention or an in-store event", and this beeing online, I would say that counts as optional to look through, but requierd from players to comply with your wishes (as stated by Joseph Caubo), so I wont repeat any more of that.

As a beginning GM (hosting my first GM later today), Id probably not bother with checking char-sheets in the lower tiers, unless I think something is amiss. At least not when games often are done on the spot, without much preparation. Later, with more preplanned games, maybe. I find looking through other char-sheets to be interesting. Seeing different builds and preferences lets me learn a lot about the game.

One thing I would wish for, is a good way to keep a digital char-sheet. Personally I use FantasyGrounds to keep my characters up to date, even tho I usually play on roll20. Easy access to anything, and calculations on stats etc. I also have a digital character sheet on my iPad I use for homegames etc. None of those has an easy Export->PDF that I know of. Are there any good editable PDFs out there? Maybe Paizo could make some and/or have a place to host them, maybe together with the chronicles on their page, so people could access them for games?
If you have any good suggestions, maybe that could be included in the links-section of the Online Collective? :)

I gotta drop folks. Sorry. Seems to be a waiting list, so shouldnt be a problem.

I would like to join there. Have several toons, but most likely it'll be a Bard 3 joining :)

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Well, for doing buffs, should give it the ability to keep Inspire Courage while doing Weird Words. Costs an extra use, and need the spell to work, but if Inspire Courage works with the ability, it might be worth it.

Question is, if it counts as a weapon, so one can add Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Good Hope etc, or not.

Theres been a lot of opinions from players and DMs, but not official word on that (only on the DR), and when playing PFS, a players opinion doesnt matter much. If it doesnt count as a weapon, so one cannot use Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot etc, does one still get the penalty of shooting into melee?