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Or a new doctor or physician theme

Ventnor wrote:
Another reason Bombard Soldiers are the best Summoners: they theoretically have access to every variation of summoned creature. They never actually learn the spell, and are thus not limited to picking just 4 options off of the summoner monster list.

I would assume that they have to select which creature the grenade summons when creating the grenade not when throwing it though.

I originally thought it was the damaged reduced but now I'm beginning to change my mind. The fact that it costs a resolve to deal 1 damage just seems a little silly to me. The being said if it is the damage that was not reduced this has the potential to be a very very strong ability.

ghostunderasheet wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:
Ah, so you're playing a member of the noble and mighty Galra race then, eh? In that case, I'd recommend kip up. More likely to be useful in combat.
lol what? no ravingdork, I am playing a ryphorian. So far the consensus is saying kip up. But as of last session I have been put down a path to find that one feed that gives you pluses to your AC against attacks of opportunity against shooting/ranged while in close combat. That maybe a good feat to have as wel. I just do not have a name for it. Time to hunt.

I believe he is referring to a species from Voltron, which happen to look similar to ryhporians.

I interpreted it as being one extra augmentation, period. However I would love it if I was wrong.

I think the themes are supposed to be class agnostic so that there is no clear advantage to any class for taking one over the other. As such I do not believe that any theme abilities would affect and class abilities.

quindraco wrote:
baronvoncheese wrote:
Isn't the general rule that you can't take something more than once unless the ability specifically states that you can?

Nope. In fact, as Obbu points out in his linked thread below (which you should click on and FAQ), everywhere else in the rules, we're explicitly told when we can't spam taking the same thing.

Otherwise, it would be illegal to buy the same object twice, with credits, which is just absurd.

I did go to that post and FAQ it. I guess I'm just thinking of how in Pathfinder you can't take a class feature/feat/ability more than once unless it states that you can. Although after looking into it you are correct, even in pathfinder most of the class features that allow you to select from several different abilities also state in class feature that abilities cannot be taken more than once. The gear boost class feature does not.

Isn't the general rule that you can't take something more than once unless the ability specifically states that you can?

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I had this same question after reading in the ability damage section that Dex ability damage affects: Armor Class, attack rolls that rely on Dexterity (usually ranged), weapon damage rolls that rely on Dexterity (such as operative weapons), initiative checks, and reflex saves.

However I could not find anywhere in the core rule books where it states that Operatives or weapons with the operative special weapon property actually get Dex to damage.