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I am a huge fan of Studio Ghibli's Nausicaa Valley of the Wind. Where would you locate elements from that i.e. Toxic Jungle, Gargantuan Insects. In the mwangi expanse, or some place different.

Please cancel my adventure path subscription. Thanks

I was thinking about what the iconic character Warduke's backstory would be in Golarion. Kellid Barbarian who's family was slaughtered by a group of cruel Hellknights? He gets his revenge on the captain who murdered them and now wears his helmet as a trophy and he now hunts them all down. What would your take be?

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I really like Golarion and its my Go to campaign world besides Greyhawk. I like how if you have another legacy supplement you can squeeze it in there( ala Ravenloft, Ulstalav or lady or pain, Pharasma )
but I am having a hard time with knights... just plain old Arthurian knights. Like... I am a knight, I work for a King\Queen, I rescue damsels, fight dragons trope. I have the supplement for it - Knights of the Inner sea but its not filling the niche for me for some reason. With Greyhawk I never had that problem. Any advice? Thanks

Some questions I have concerning the campaign world.. What do the civilizations of Golarion know of each other? Do the people in hamlets just know a couple of local gods? In major cities does everybody know that there are witches in Irrisen and that there is a place called the sodden lands and that Taldor was as big as it was? If this has been answered somewhere else sorry. Thanks