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I really like Golarion and its my Go to campaign world besides Greyhawk. I like how if you have another legacy supplement you can squeeze it in there( ala Ravenloft, Ulstalav or lady or pain, Pharasma )
but I am having a hard time with knights... just plain old Arthurian knights. Like... I am a knight, I work for a King\Queen, I rescue damsels, fight dragons trope. I have the supplement for it - Knights of the Inner sea but its not filling the niche for me for some reason. With Greyhawk I never had that problem. Any advice? Thanks

I want to redesign Taldor into like a war for the roses type of thing but it has a weird Spanish roman thing going on for it. In my opinion it reminds me of the telmarines of Prince Caspian. That's cool but different then knights of the 80's Excalibur movies. ha

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Well... Andoran's Eagle Knights? Lastwall/Mendev?


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+1 for Lastwall/Mendev if you want the classic crusader-against-evil knight.

For Wars of the Roses, maybe Brevoy? iirc it's supposed to be the part of the world geared for Game of Thrones-type fantasy political intrigues, and Game of Thrones is inspired by the Wars of the Roses, so that part of the setting might work for that style of campaign.

I'd use Taldor. That's what I'm doing with it in my campaign. Petty civil wars between feudal lords. Dragons and monsters around because the lords are too busy keeping eyes on each other to waste valuable resources.

Alternatively, parts of Brevoy might be suitable. Cheliax too. I could see Arthurian legend happening there, but replacing every Christian reference with Asmodeus instead.

You could also run an interesting sort of twist if you play it in Ustalav. Rather than rescuing noble ladies from dragons, you'd be saving them from undead dragons :). Regular undead would work too. Don't forget to throw in the occasional vampire noble to mix things up.

In summary: Any nation with a noble tradition could work. I think Taldor is the best pick, but Cheliax, Brevoy, or Ustalav could also suit.

Thanks I will have to look more into Brevoy. How have you used it? Is the only reference in Kingmaker?

Brevoy is partially based on Westeros with a heavy Slavic twist. So far its only really been played in Kingmaker.

I've actually been playing several adventures in Brevoy where in the adventurers have to investigate a murder at tourney outside of New Stetven on behalf of the local ealdorman. My version of Brevoy was probably more traditional medieval European setting than medieval eastern Europe, as I took a great deal of inspiration from A Song of Ice and Fire Campaign Guide by Green Ronin.

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I have to read more about Brevoy if its Westeros inspired. I would love to have lastwall, Brevoy, and Taldor setting guides. I have the small Taldor book but its not enough.

Knights of the Inner Sea player companion might be worth looking at too.

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