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Just to add my voice.. I would buy it. Great Idea

Hell comes to Frog Town!!

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Maybe thats the best way to go. Don't make it Golarion. Just make it another planet on the material plane. Cross Nausicaa and Panzer dragoon Orta. Only reason I was thinking Golarion was because it already can be used for so man other tropes i.e. Ravenloft, wild west, scifi, vikings, etc.

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I wonder about a place in the dragon empires?

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I am a huge fan of Studio Ghibli's Nausicaa Valley of the Wind. Where would you locate elements from that i.e. Toxic Jungle, Gargantuan Insects. In the mwangi expanse, or some place different.

Please cancel my adventure path subscription. Thanks

For me Taldor is represented by watching the Telmarines from the movie Prince Caspian.I think its a really good visual representation.

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David Bowie needs to be statted up as a some everychanging First World being... that was worshipped by goblins and fey. He is now in my game... RIP

I am sorry but this thread is huge lol and I am really tired so if this has come up once or 10 times I am sorry. What about a basic version of pathfinder ( ala castles & crusades for ad&d ). Use can bring your already established characters that are high lvl shave some numbers off or create new characters use the beginner set rules and just got up to 20th level. Good for casual games for people who don't want the math and the other books would work as optional house rules if you wanted to pick and choose. Just like ad&d and basic D&D, didn't they coexist just fine? In the Basic rule book it would say if you are using a monster manual, module, adventure path these are all the stats you need simple enough to do on the fly.

LOL thank you guys for chiming in. The comparison that Castle & crusades is medieval and Pathfinder is basically the renaissance helped alot. Also I just got the hardback to the comics city of secrets and the iconic priest of Senrenrae with her Kelish garb was not balked at and the local guard knew who she worshiped. I am sure if a wizard from garund showed up they would know who they are. Maybe not the city or village but generally who they were while somebody from the pathfinder lodge would probably know more. what about way out on a farm in varisia? Thanks

Runelords def that's all I had and it went fine

Bump :-)

hahaha giant hellhound... all good

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I have to read more about Brevoy if its Westeros inspired. I would love to have lastwall, Brevoy, and Taldor setting guides. I have the small Taldor book but its not enough.

Cool seriously thanks for the reply's I was going to put strongheart as Mendev crusader that helped warduke come back from the brink. Warduke who was going by his original name enlisted in the crusades as a death sentence because he was so distraught. After a period in the crusades and a friendship develops, the the hellknight captain shows up on the front and and warduke gets his revenge by enlisting a demon he imprisoned with strongheart.

Thanks I will have to look more into Brevoy. How have you used it? Is the only reference in Kingmaker?

It could be whatever within reason.. I think in the original Basic D&D module he was a 7th or 8th lvl fighter because they didn't much else lol. In the Dungeon Mag article he was like a 20th lvl uber assassin bad guy. In my mind he is 14th lvl barbarian king in the river kingdoms who is like a bogeyman for Hellknights. I just like hearing other people's takes.

I was thinking about what the iconic character Warduke's backstory would be in Golarion. Kellid Barbarian who's family was slaughtered by a group of cruel Hellknights? He gets his revenge on the captain who murdered them and now wears his helmet as a trophy and he now hunts them all down. What would your take be?

Warduke pic g.html

I want to redesign Taldor into like a war for the roses type of thing but it has a weird Spanish roman thing going on for it. In my opinion it reminds me of the telmarines of Prince Caspian. That's cool but different then knights of the 80's Excalibur movies. ha

I really like Golarion and its my Go to campaign world besides Greyhawk. I like how if you have another legacy supplement you can squeeze it in there( ala Ravenloft, Ulstalav or lady or pain, Pharasma )
but I am having a hard time with knights... just plain old Arthurian knights. Like... I am a knight, I work for a King\Queen, I rescue damsels, fight dragons trope. I have the supplement for it - Knights of the Inner sea but its not filling the niche for me for some reason. With Greyhawk I never had that problem. Any advice? Thanks

The Imperial March is great for Hell Knights breaking into your House... But if you are just a reg Joe Chelaxian just Chillaxin at home BBQing with the neighbors you are probably just listening to

Ghost - Circe

I just got the Inner sea Guide and saw that cool. I am in a old school Castles and crusades campaign also and its very different then Golarion. You don't know whats in the next valley and most people don't know anything out side their kingdom or more likely a days travel.

MMCJawa thats the conclusion I am coming to from reading the modules, campaign books, and novels. Pretty knowledgeable about nations/races/major deities unless from a wild remote area... cool. Thanks for chiming in.

Thanks for the reply. A lot of that makes sense. I am just trying to wrap my head around creating adventures in Golarion. Would an Ulfen barbarian from the North, a dwarven priest from the 5 King mountains, and a Keleshite thief who meet at a roadside inn in Andoran be able to talk to the barkeep about the God Nethys? Or ask if a Tian Bounty hunter pass this way?

Some questions I have concerning the campaign world.. What do the civilizations of Golarion know of each other? Do the people in hamlets just know a couple of local gods? In major cities does everybody know that there are witches in Irrisen and that there is a place called the sodden lands and that Taldor was as big as it was? If this has been answered somewhere else sorry. Thanks

Just a Bump to keep this alive... I want Absalom as a Box set :-)

That's what a hobgoblin should look like. I can create a story just from that pic.The Triaxian is great too.

I am really glad that the anunnaki are in Bestiary 5. I hope Pathfinder appropriated what I looked up on them.. some really weird stuff lol. I want to create some Campaign that involves them and the Greys. I really like how pathfinder takes weird urban legends and stuff and creates a cool backstory and stats, I want to see more of that. Example: Jersey Devil, Mothman, anunnaki, Greys, etc...