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Give him a whatever of intelligence +2 then it makes perfect sense.

So are you going to add the other two legs of the journey? Please do, the first was fantastic.

Why not?


I'm running the AoWAP and I have six PCs and I need to know what adjustments I should make with the adventures to accomidate more PCs, please any advice is good.

Just out of curiosity, what should the CR be for Kyuss as far as awarding experience?

Have the lizard king flee tthrough the water tunnel to the egg chamber. duh. They'll follow him there and find the egg and stuff.

I love the idea, and major demons don't necissicarily need to be Balors, if they play a major role in the ruling of the plane, I think they should be included.

I can't seem to find a map of Cauldron's surrounding wilderness, if anybody knows where I can get one online, it would make me very happy.

Wow, thanks

I'm going to be running a campaign with Rary the Traitor and Lord Rolibar as the main villians. Does anybody know where I can get stats for these villians?

I'm 17 and I've been playing since Age 6 with Temple of Elemental Evil

I had a kid named John in my group he always took everything seriously, way too seriously. My group has great bouts of immaturity, which isn't a bad thing because everybody was having fun. Except for John who at one point threw a d4 and a d20 at another player for making a dirty joke about a torture rack. He also used my miniatures like action figures, that weirded me out a lot. So I politely asked him to leave my group and he did without confrontation.

I haven't gotten mine yet and it was due here like 3 days ago.

I'm also affraid of balloons and raccoons.

When a player dies, I don't penalize him since a lot of the time, it is just too many criticals on my part or they made a little mistake and payed the ultimate price. I let my players keep their current experience points. I don't like to think of experience points as something exclusive to the character but to the player, something they have earned that shouldn't be taken away. Needless to say, I also never use level drain, taking away hard earned levels.

I agree with Flava, Class Acts have been one of the most helpful gaming tools I have used. It allows my players to create unique characters instead of your standard run of the mill PCs.

Remember as Dean Koontz put it, anticipation is far scarier than violence. Cut the party away from one another and make them realize something is around, put them in the dark and give subtle hints to what is going on around them, that's what I do.

I only know for sure one of these characters is going to be the one that gets run, but I know my party well and can probably guess what they'll be playing.

Gnome Rogue 1 (The charismatic type)
Human Sorceror 1
Human Cleric 1 (St. Cuthbert)
Half-elf Wizard 1

can I get one too please (alacar123@yahoo.com)

That's really beautiful, I think I really might use that.

Mike Helfer wrote:
Has anyone ever made an Eberron Calendar?

There used to be a planar calendar on Wizards.com, check out the eberron section, it might still be there. I think it's sort of what you're looking for but it doesn't look like a conventional calendar.

I say just let him have the tracks to the observatory, then give him the CR 4 story experience for good roleplaying and creative thinking to compensate for the lack of interaction with Kullen.

I was reading through the stat blocks and I noticed that there were no stats for Mr. Dourstone. I think it would have made sense to include his stats and I am very disappointed that they were not there. After all, he is an essential character in 3FoE (where his stats were also not included) and I think all of the other Mine Managers are on there.

PS: I was wondering what the CR on Kyuss will look like, just curious.

I had to retire my red PC Killer d20 after I killed the same player (the party's cleric) three times in one game session, each time he died, he had to make a new character. Now I only use those dice when I'm a PC.

Busker wrote:
Bear in mind that the campaign will probably have the characters going up against some plans of Kyuss himself. This may well interfere with the character's ability to control any Spawn of Kyuss that he creates.

By that point maybe he would be able to use some of Kyuss's own minions against him. Just because Kyuss created the type of undead doesn't mean he has complete control over every one of them.

Tatterdemalion wrote:

Personally, I don't like letting PCs buy magic in a campaign. It doesn't feel like hard-earned treasure (to me) if they can buy stuff that didn't happen to show up in the dungeon.

If they do want additional or different magic, that's what item creation feats are for...

My two coppers :)


Remember if you don't let your PCs buy magical equiptment, they have tons of useless coins and nothing to do with them. I do agree that magic needs to be hard earned, so I like to limit the coins they get.

Wow, sorry about your job squid.

Since nobody has added a post in over a week and I am yet to recieve any emails, I am becoming concerned over whether or not people are still dedicated to this project?

I had an idea about the first plan involving a dungeon crawl as the first adventure and finding a clue to the villian's master plan. The PCs could find one small cryptic part around first level, then accidentially stumble upon the second part around fifth level, then maybe they can find out there is a third part that they need to find around 12th level which when pieced together reveal the plan completely. This could be brought about by rumors of an assassin's guild that really knows what's going on.

I just read this thread and I think that the user created adventure path is a great idea. I would like to contribute my ideas the best way I can, and above all I would love to write one of the adventures. I think that 7 to 10 adventures would be good, bringing the PCs up an average of two levels just like Shackled City.

If I were to write I would prefer to write one of the lower level adventures, especially the first one if it is okay with you guys.

Squid, if you want to contact me my email is alacar123@yahoo.com

I'm so dissappointed, my players killed Tongueeater in three rounds, in the end, he was blind deaf and on fire, they massacred him. It was just sad, I think he got one hit in.

Wait, I thought it premiered in #120??

Joseph Jolly wrote:
I'm am DM'ing a Shackled City campaign, and my party is very near to dealing with Adimarchus. I was just reviewing his stats tonight, and my question is this: has anyone else noticed that he can cast Blasphemy once per day as a 30th level caster? This means that if most characters entered this adventure at 19th level (as written), and even if they advanced one level to 20th over the course of the adventure, they are still ten levels below Adimarchus, and thus are subject to being instantly killed by this spell...no save! Therefore, Adimarchus can destroy the entire party, in theory, in a single round.

Yeah, isn't it great.

Same here guys

Taricus wrote:
alacar wrote:
I recently decided to add a secondary tunnel in the lava tubes in Flood Season which leads to a small hold of a vampire Sor 4 who is affilliated with the Cagewrights, .....

I'm still campaigning in 3.0 with an older campaign of mine, but wouldn't the sorcerer have turned into a vampire spawn, instead, since u need 5-HD to get the vampire template from another full-vampire to begin with?

Don't mean to nit-pick... Lots of undead in my campaign--especially vampires--is the only reason I ask. LOL I think the party rogue hates me!

Sure in 3.0 but in 3.5 you don't need to be 5th level. Plus you're the DM if you want a character to become a vampire at level 4 then fine.

By the way make sure your cleric knows what they are doing, I had my three other PCs get knocked out.

I actually didn't read about Fario and Fellian in the later adventures, so I leveled them up on their own. Fario became a Ftr 2/ Rog 2 and Fellian became a Rog 1/ Clr 3. Having a second healer is very helpful anywhere in Shackled City.

I recently decided to add a secondary tunnel in the lava tubes in Flood Season which leads to a small hold of a vampire Sor 4 who is affilliated with the Cagewrights, who was sent to keep an eye on the Ebon Triad and guard them from attack. I also took one of the wands from Triel and gave it to the vampire.

I want to know some of the other side quests and encounters people added to the AP.

I finally got around to figuring out which planes to use for the Eberron conversion. Change Occipitus to a walled in fortress of Shavarath with the celestial chunks coming from when Adimarchus tried to invade Syrania. Also replace Carceri with a another nuetral prison fortress also on Shavarath. Change the Plane of Mirrors to an area on Daanvi where it is an infinite set of organized chambers.

The Last Laugh is there to harass the PCs early on, I have been using Jil to stalk the PCs and they occasionally see a group of last laugh thugs. I actually was about to have them get ambushed by a group of last laugh members.

My players made it through Jzadirune and killed Kazmojen, but set off the alarm and had to fight their way out through 10 hobgoblins, 5 goblins, and the pit traps in the corridor. Sadly, in the first round of combat, the party's cleric was killed, so they had to go on without a wand of cure moderate or light wounds. The cleric was quickly replaced by a brother who is evil.

They are about to enter the Kopru Ruins.

If you move all of the Cagewrights into one room, I would recomend making them weaker by taking away levels from them, as they stand, all of the Cagewrights at once would slaughter almost any party of level 18 characters.

Maybe they are systematically hunting the party through Shatterhorn, maybe they are arrogant enough to keep it as it is. Maybe one of the Cagewrights should link up with Mhad and Hate. If you want your party to fight all of the Cagewrights at once, try putting them in rooms close enough together and make your party fight them in waves.

I recommend leaving them as they are and coming up with a story line like since the Fiery Sanctum was raided and the tree of shackled souls destroyed, the Cagewrights might have just finished a major argument on what to do. After the blowout, they all return to their own areas to contemplate, and in Embryl's case take action.

I agree, as much as the undead are used a lot, the outsiders are way over used as primary villians, make new types of undead to surprise the players, I feel that udead are far more customisable than outsiders and even when the Party thinks they have them, the undead pull something out of nowhere. The undead are much more fun to fight than outsiders.

I need the Flood Season one, is there any way you can send me a copy at alacar123@yahoo.com

Dear Aceospades, I hope you don't mind, I used some of your NPC descriptions on an online NPC list at aarg.net

Dryder wrote:

Have you ever noticed, that in the Demonskar Legacy there is a picture of this little halfling who is buying Alek Tercivals goods (don't know his name right now) together with his blinkdog Leepo (don't ask why I know the name of the dog ;). On the picture you can see a statue of a warforged... just noticed this!

Makes we wondering why there are statues of warforged in Greyhawk ;)

The guy's name is Tygot. And with Monster Manual III having Warforged in it and not being Eberron specific anymore, I can see where they might begin to pop up in Greyhawk and the Forgotten Realms.

With lower level, I have to go with Scorching Ray but my overall favorite is Power Word Kill. hehehe

I recomend just replacing some of the Eberron Planes with the planes used in the actual magazine (Carceri, Plane of Mirrors, and the Abyss). Switch with Xoriat, Risia, and Fernia or something. Remember it's your world, don't go through the pain of trying to adjust the campaign when it's far easier to adapt the world.

I sent the file to you. Hope it works!

ps. I took forever to download. Slow site eh?

Is there any way I can get the Flood Season one Mailed to me. I need the price things for Skie's Treasury.

In the magazine with "Asylum" in it, there is a Faces of Cauldron with a proper Skaven in it.

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