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Was hoping to get someone to chime in on this. Really liked the RotR errata PDF (TYVM), just hoping to get the SnS ASAP!!!

Or having anyone that can let Enora know what is coming. - Hawkmoon269

This is why I always have Alahazra, never leave home without her! haha

You "summon" the location card; add 1 Henchman per character in play and the Villain.

Why is there not a PDF for these somewhere?

Situation: 1

I start my turn by advancing the blessing deck, then move to my location deck and flip the first card, nothing is displayed at this time. The "Bottle Bottle" barrier card is the first and only card flipped. The card reads as follows:

"Display the barrier faceup next to your location. The first time each turn that a character explorers this location, each character at that location rolls 1d4"

1. You are dealt 1d4+1 poison damage
2. You are dealt 1d4+1 fire damage
3. Bury the top card of your deck
4. Discard a card and banish this barrier

So, as you can see above, I advanced the blessing card and flipped this card and it is my first exploration. Do I encounter this card now and roll my 1d4 to resolve my encounter right now? Or, end my turn resolve the end of turn step; now that it's displayed, going forward, anyone at this location when they start his/her turn makes the check until someone rolls a 4 and then we can banish it


Situation: 2

** Let's say I roll the following **
1. You are dealt 1d4+1 poison damage: I roll and get a "2", it's 2+1=3 total poison damage
(If I have an armor that states reduce "poison damage by 1, 2, or 3" I can use it, OR if I have an armor that states banish it to reduce "all damage" to 0, I can use that one card instead to reduce the damage the total to 0?)

2. You are dealt 1d4+1 fire damage: I roll and get a "1", it's 1+1=2 total damage
(If I have an armor that states reduce "fire damage by 1, 2, or 3" I can use it, OR if I have an armor that states banish it to reduce "all damage" to 0, I can use that one card instead to reduce the damage the total to 0?)

3. Bury the top card of your deck
(got this one ... np)

4. Discard a card and banish this barrier
(got this one as well ... np)

Reason why, I'm getting that same o' conversation regarding damage. "it says in the rule book : specific type of damage." the armor doesn't state "poison or fire damage".

He's what I say to help them understand :

If you read the card like this : blah blah "poison combat damage - then it's COMBAT DAMAGE, period. You can use an armor that states "discard/recharge/bury to reduce the combat damage by X amount"

If you read the card like this : blah blah "poison damage - then it's damage of that type of damage and you need to have an armor that reads "reduce poison damage by X amount OR banish the armor to reduce the "all the damage".

Hopefully I can get the answer and have them refer to this post for help understanding this. Seems I'm the only one at the table really trying to understand the rules precisely.

Thanks in advance for taken the time to read and respond if you did.

skizzerz wrote:
No, discarding it only gives you a mythic charge, not anyone else. You can give them an extra die though. In other words, your interpretation is correct and the other people at your table are wrong.

Thanks for the reply. I'll refer them to this.

(We are playing a scenario in AD2 btw)

Another character is at his/her location, not mine, and is attempting a combat check and needs a blessing

Can I discard a "blessing of ascension" to give a mythic card to another character for that combat check?

It says: "Discard this card to get a mythic charge"

I'm thinking you can not, or it would state "give" and not "get" meaning the character who played it.

but you can give him/her the blessing of ascension to add 1 die to any check

Others at the table state otherwise. I know it may sound obvious but I thought I would ask.

Riff Conner wrote:
Sandslice wrote:

Just wait until you get into adventure 1, the second scenario of which forces you to bury 1d4+1 cards from the top of your deck at the beginning. That would be nasty enough with five card feats... but you will have earned only one (or perhaps not, as it's from clearing the B adventure.)

1d4+1 removed from a 16 card deck means that Enora and Seoni are both subject to possible one-hit kills from Carrion Golem.

6 in hand, 5-8 in deck, 2-5 buried: 16.
Carrion Golem tosses 3 from deck if undefeated, leaving 2-5. Good night sweet princess.

You think that's bad, check out Bilious Bottle. A barrier that, once drawn, sits next to the location deck -- this cannot be prevented -- and does d4+1 damage (not combat damage, so armor won't help) 50% of the time you explore there. And you can't do anything to make it go away except hope someone rolls a natural 4 on d4.

This isn't "difficult", it's just a kick in the teeth. A 100% random game-ruiner that you can't do anything about. No skill check, no blessing, no die bonuses.

You can banish an armor to reduce all damage down to 0 if the armor states that though. Just hope you have a few armors in your hand to deal with what come what may!

Dang, i need to read these more often! I'll keep an eye out for the next one. I'm up in Ferndale and would love to meet up and play!

Thanks Hawkmoon269 for you reply, I was thinking you'd respond too =)

Hawkmoon269 wrote:

Pretty much, except it is when you start adventure 3 (RotR's Hook Mountain Massacre, S&S's Tempest Rising) you can ignore the basic restriction and choose any B or C deck card and cards with an adventure deck number at least 2 lower than the current adventure.

S&S Version:

S&S Rulebook p19 wrote:
If you can’t construct a valid deck from the cards your group has available because you don’t have enough of certain card types, choose the extra cards you need from the box, choosing only cards with the Basic trait. After you begin the adventure Tempest Rising, you may ignore the Basic trait restriction; instead, you may use any cards in the box from the base set and the Character Add-On Deck, as well as any cards from an adventure whose adventure deck number is at least 2 lower than the adventure you’re currently playing. If you have cards left over after rebuilding all of the surviving characters’ decks, put them back in the box.

Dave Riley wrote:

Banish means it's gone for good and needs to be replaced with something else. First, you have to construct a legal deck from what cards other characters have and acquired during the scenario (so if someone got a Sage during the scenario where you banished Ameiko, and nobody wants it, you're stuck with it). If there aren't enough cards to fill your deck after that, you pick cards labeled Basic from the box. When you start on AP2 and beyond, you're allow to pick any card with an Adventure Deck number 2 or lower than your current Adventure Deck.

At least I think the second part is how it works? I can never keep straight what situations that rule applies to and we never banish "real" cards from our deck unless we don't care about them or feel like it's worth the loss.

Thank you thank you .... something told me that this line of thought was the correct answer. this really helps. =)

A question regarding “Banish this card”

So i’ve played the game for a while and things seem to go quite well. Then it occurred to me. I have a few cards in my character deck that state “Banish this card ….” So here are two examples

1.) In my hand, i have Ameiko Kaijitsu.
— Banish this card to add 1d6 to your check

2.) And this Location B “General Store” states “When closing” Banish a card from your hand

I understand that both of these are “Banish” actions and to banish the cards. The confusion is, after I complete the scenario I need to rebuild my character deck. If I banished Ameiko Kaijitsu and the when closing card I’m now at 13 cards. So let’s say I complete the scenario with success, I’m now at 13 of the 15 cards I need to reset the character deck at the end of the scenario or adventure.

So, do I follow the rules, banish her and that when closing card to the box and I’m now 2 less cards in my character deck going forward until I succeed at a check to gain another ally or card (whatever that card type banished when closing) in my next scenario or adventure. Or, do I just place her and that card off to the side like a “Bury” of some degree and then put them back in my character deck at the end of that scenario/adventure(s)?