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LINK https://goblinworks.com/forum/topic/4548/?page=1#post-50712

Buyout of whole package 2000$ USD, Open until Sunday
Feel free to Email me at wiggyest@hotmail.com with questions if you are seriously interested in buying.
I will start with random auction lots, and then have accounts with a few more details below. Buy an account, get 20% off any BO listing lot below (one discount per account purchased if in combo).
5$ minimum increase per bid
2 week (or shorter if I feel like it) duration
Starting now, ending Christmas eve (Dec 24ths ~ around this time, or earlier)
Buyout as whole package ends Sunday afternoon, you may bid on lots and accounts, but if whole package purchased it will take the cake.
I am out of town 12/11 and 12/12, but will be back and can meet up and deliver any accounts or lots that are bought out on Sunday, or later, whenever we can meet up, I do have This Monday off work as well

Aution Lot 1
20 gold 35$ min 50$ B0

Auction Lot 2
20 gold 35$ min 50$ bo

Auction Lot 3
20 gold 35$ min 50$ bo

Auction lot 4
20 gold 35$ min 50$ bo

Auction lot 5
20 gold 35$ min 50$ bo

Auction lot 6
20 gold 35$ min 50$ bo

Auction lot 7
All my t1, t2, t3 resources grab bag 40$ min 80$ bo, you pick up/transfer char in hammerfall

Auction lot 8
All my refined resources (20+ t2 +5’s and many more +4’s, hundreds of +3s enough to ungated a bit)30$ min 75$ bo) in hammerfall

Auction lot 9
Instant Company (1k+ influence, search stache’s mustache) Transfer your own characters in, take leader, fill with 1k alts, get 3+ free holdings, all of which have 2+ months bulk goods sitting in them around kreuz Bernstein 30$ min, 75$ bo

Auction lot 10
All my crafted goods (100’s of t2 +2/3 items) 40$ min, 80$ bo

Auction lot 11
All my recipies and spellbooks, including several t3s, and various others 40$ min, 100$ bo

Auction lot 12
Smallholding deed 50$ min 125$ bo (200$ on GW store!)

All refiners have every t1 and t2 recipe in game trained
Most crafted recipes trained, but not some of the ones nobody has ever needed
First account BO gets 1 g 23s 84c bonus(my balance past 120g smile

Account 1
Day 1 Account, max xp!
Zomoz – 20.2 int 12.24 per, 11.63 11.33 con, 10.56 dex, 10.47 str Combat focused t3 wiz ( 34k+ Free XP)
Stache- 19.47 int Artificer 15, spellweaver 11, (157K+ free xp)
4 ½+ months sub remaining
Day 1 ks rewards, twice marked of pharasma, and more
140$ min 220$ bo

Account 2
Day 1 Account, max xp
Solgrid Dual T3 Gatherer Forrestry, Scavenger (miner t2, dowser t2) ( 177k+ Free XP), t2 +2 gathering armor, basic t1 heals
Serra T3 Tailor (15, has xp and already ungated T2+5, can be 16 today with xp to spare!) ( 203k free xp)
Day 1 ks rewards, honorable title, regional trait pack, twice marked, memorial of honor, and more
4 1/2+ months sub remaining
125$ min, 200$ bo

Account 3
Day 1 Account, max xp
Thelon Whiteheart 20.25 dex, weaver 15, Bowyer 11 (132k+ free xp)
Allira Whiteheart 15 tanner, 12 miner (112+ K free xp)
5 1/2+ months sub remaining
Bought from someone else (for way more $), who stated day 1 ks, but cannot guarantee as not my own at time
125$ min, 200$ bo

Account 4
Day 1 Xp
Sakina Silverrain 18.84 wisdom Iconographer 15 cleric t2 secondary (217k+ free xp)
Celayna 19.54 con T3 Miner (mining 14) Smelter 14 (121K+ free xp)
4 ½+ months remaining sub
Ks rewards, Twice marked ect
125$ min, 200$ bo

Account 5
Day 1 xp
Guurzub 14 weaponsmith 10 armorsmith (191k free xp)
Gurzir 14 jewler, 10 artificer (289k free xp)
Ks rewards
8 ½+ months remaining sub
160$ min 240$ bo

Account 6
Day 1 xp
Bling 20.11 dex Gemcutter 15 Leatherworker 12 (104k+ free xp)
Crafty 19.37 personality Sage 15 Dowser 12 (164+ k free xp)
Ks rewards
5 ½+ months remaining sub
125$ min, 200$ bo

Account 7
Since Month 2 xp (still DT)
Need Armorsmith 14 Weaponsmith 10 (134k+ free xp)
Master Apothocary 14 Iconographer 10 (144k+ free xp)
Ks rewards
6 ½+ months remaining sub
100$min 180$ bo

Since Month 2 xp (still DT)
Nael 18.86 con, 15 sawyer 11 miner 6 smelter (69k+ free xp)
Alky 13 Engineer 11 Alchemist (161K+ free xp)
Ks rewards
10 ½+ months sub remaining!
120$ min 200$ bo

Happy hunting!

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All good things must come to an end. It is with a sad heart I must sell off my Pathfinder Accounts to a good home.
I would prefer to sell as a whole, and am willing to take a loss for the right person (Need a specific role? May split up for the right offer, if not enough interest in whole lot)
Current things you may like about these accounts
54+ months active subscription spread over the accounts, from 4 min to 10 max (810 USD Value)
1x Smallholding (200 USD)
8 Dual Training (Destiny’s Twin Accounts)
6 (12 characters) Maximum Day 1 xp
2 (4 characters) DT month 2 xp characters
~120 gold cash money
~Every T1 and T2 Refining Recipe in game trained******* No hassle crafting!
~Most and, arguably all the T2 crafting recipies anyone has ever had use for
~Ability to craft anything T1 or T2 in game
~A T3 Pure combat staff using mage
Most characters have 1-3 months unused xp
A 1050 + Influence Company with mostly my characters in it(Instant Settlement Boost) Have your own company bank to easily craft, and for security purposes
3 Holdings with bulk resources stockpiling for months
~15 Mules worth of resources, refined goods, not including bulk goods
Tons of t3/t2 mage and other spells, some crafting recipies such as dusky crystal +1, superior padding +1, superior consonate +2, and a few others, buildings I have a few temples ect.
Am willing to sell under my cost to get these accounts
A Year of ungating, grinding gold, lootings, crafting, ect is all basically free, you are just paying back the costs to Goblinworks (and a downpayment for me to get a new car…), and benefitting from fully ready to craft to support a settlement
T3 and T2 and T1 resource stockpile
You can craft anything in game T1 and T2, and most T3 which can be crafted yet, and most even have stockpiles of resources to do it with. This is basically a self supporting settlement pack.

This list is a month or two old, with mostly 100k+ xp free to train since for every character
Refining Skills (and what was used to ungated/ secondary skills)
Weaver 15> Bowyer 9
Sage 15> dowser 13*
Smelter 15>miner 14
Tanner 14> miner 11
Gemcutter 15leather worker 10
Sawyer 14 > miner 10 ( I can get a 15 to help many)
Apothocary 13> iconographer 8
*Also like low lvl sentinel, like 6 or so on my sage

Crafting Skills

Artificer 15> spell weaver 10
Tailor 15>bowyer 10
Jeweler 15> artificer 10
Iconographer 15> cleric
Weaponsmith 14 (and a half)> armorsmith 10
Armorsmith 14> weapon smith 8
Alchy 11 >eng 10 (and a lot left to choose which with xp)
(Gathering skills)
Forrester/Scavenger 14
Miner 14
Dower 13 (has xp and almost ungated to 14, or could do sage 16 now)
ZOMOZ Primary 20 int wiz, with t3 staff can use now, has xp to train close to t3 robes as well, and characters to make his own t3 gear
ANY type of PVP character you prefer would be easy to make with any stat in game being around 20 currently for all these characters, you could make any t3 pvp character in game in a month or so instead of a year starting from scratch

2500$ USD Buyout Or Best Offer (Paypal Verified)
Feel free to Email me at wiggyest@hotmail.com with questions if you are seriously interested in buying.

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Good luck, things are tough out there for the little guy. My suggestion would be to make friends, because odds are some settlements will be getting scrapped in the not too distant future and it's always nice to have a backup plan on where you can join a different settlement if required, or even just pick up some key training by joining a company for a day that you could not otherwise pick up.

May Abadar bless your coffers

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Results posted on gw forums for giveaway,

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Get into the drawing while you still can for free gear! Ends Friday!

Price Description Availability
5s T2 +0 Adepts Charged Staff (7 ) In Stock
9s T2 +1 Adepts Charged Staff (1 ) In Stock
10s T2 +2 Adepts Charged Staff (2 ) In Stock
8s T2 +1 Diminishing Staff (1 ) In Stock
12s T2 +2 Psychic Staff (4 ) In Stock
10s T2+0 Mage Spellbook ( Backordered until ~4-16)
5s T2 +0 Cleric Holy Symbol (6 ) In Stock
38s T2+2 Mage Silk Robes (2 ) In Stock
24s T2+0 Mage Silk Robes (1 ) In Stock
32s T2+2 Merchants Cloths Special Order Only
20s T2+0 Merchants Cloths Special Order Only
40s T2+0 Strapped Leather (Backordered until 4-20)
T2 Longbow (ETA 1 month)
T2 +2 Longbow (ETA 1 month)

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I got 2 emails saying

"Dear ZomoZ,

Your Pathfinder Online account has been deactivated. Your account did not have any remaining game time credits and you did not configure your account for automatic billing. Your characters are not training XP and you will not be able to log into the game until you reactivate your account.

To reactivate your account, please visit your Subscription page and update your automatic billing settings. Or you can purchase additional months of Game Time at the store and then reactivate your account on the Subscription page.

We really enjoy having you participate in our community and hope you're not planning on taking a hiatus. If you are having any technical difficulties our customer service team is standing by to help. Just email customer.support@goblinworks.com.

Thanks for your continued support.

The Goblinworks Team

then 10 seconds later I recieved

"Dear ZomoZ,

In -5 days your Pathfinder Online game account will be deactivated unless you purchase additional game time credit or configure your account for automatic billing.

When your account is deactivated your characters will cease training XP and you will not be able to log into the game. In order to avoid any interruption in training XP you need to have updated your account by purchasing a unit of game time or setting your account for automatic billing within the next -5 days.

We really enjoy having you participating in our community and want to make sure you don't miss any XP or have any problems logging into the game. Please arrange for continued game time as soon as you can.

Please visit your Subscription page to set up automatic billing. Or you can purchase additional months of Game Time at the store.

Thanks for your continued support,

The Goblinworks Team

This is wrong on multiple accounts since 1) I have like 20 days left before my kickstarter time runs out and am in game playing now and 2) I have already put in to sub for a year after that... so its either a scam to get your info or goblinworks pressing red buttons labeled do not press this button.

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Use voice chat, find other addicted players to play with, it's infectious!

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Hello fellow pfo addicts. It has finally arrived! The one stop shop for all things magical and more!
Are you tired of running to 10 different refiners and crafters and waiting forever for your gear?
Have no fear, Stache is here!

Grand Opening giveaway!
Grand Prize-Complete T2 Mage set including t2 robe, staff, spellbook, And t2 cleric implement for offhand!
2-3rd place t2 Mage staff and robe
4-5th place t2 staff

No purchase needed, just reply to this thread with your in game name to be entered to win!
All goods can be handed out in Kreuz Bernstien, or in Marchmont on April 10-12th. Please either have a Mage yourself or feel free to enter for a friend. These are not intended for resale or for the same person entering on alts. Honor system applies.

I also offer goods and services including
T2 Mage staf
T2 cleric implements
T2 Mage implements
T2 Mage robes
T2 Merchants cloths (crafting)
Many new products comming soon!
Prices will vary but are always competitive
All purchases are confidential and I will not disclose sales if you request a private order for your company.

I have all 7 refiners lvl 11-7. As part of my grand opening promotion I offer all crafting if you provide the mats for free, as well as all refining that I can do for free, tips appreciated.

Disclaimer: I have limited t2 + items so T2+2 items will vary depending on ability for me to get recipes... Which with 12 dedicated crafters and doing it mostly on my own is very limited. Also trading for t2 recipes!

Thanks guys, and as always, keep the stache waxed

I also made this post on the goblinworks forums... One entry per person still please

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Thod wrote:

Hi ZomoZ

The number of banned accounts should actually be pretty small. Im aware of two incidents in game. The one I know about was Ortallus. I had organized a DT account for him and GW was unaware he had a second one.
So I chatted with Ortallus, refunded him but also informed Ryan at the same time that I was back in procession.
There is one other incident - a scam that someone transferred the account and didn't got paid. I just hope someone isn't trying to get accounts free doing a first scam - sells them on - and then makes a second one as they could be banned.

I'm currently acting as clearing house for EL early land rush backers who don't want to play but who want to ensure their account is taken to good use.

I'm probably crazy offering it - but I could act as intermediary / clearing house. The problem is - buyers want to 'see' that th account is okay. Sellers don't want to give access as someone unscrupulous just can take the account.

Good luck with PayPal. At least that might work for you. A reason I would stay off alternative payment methods - like bitcoins or similar.

The response I got back stated they thought it was likely someone had stolen some guys account then sold it to me. Looks like I might be setting goblinworks policy if its the first time someone has done this.

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Yea they said they were lookin into it so I will hold off i suppose til they make a for sure decision next week

I did email them a pic of the paypal transaction

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So I bought an account, then it got banned 2 weeks later... guess I'm going to try and get a refund through paypal and will have money to buy another... please dont try and scam me again. I lost enough on that last account in resources and time already

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T7V Avari wrote:

Lets not cry for Golgotha. They are the 2nd most successful group and have cornered what will be a very popular play style in this game.

Wipe your bloody nose with your bloody hand. You're just losing this round.

I hope that gol isn't the 2nd most successful group because we barely have the population to do t2 escalations most nights even in prime time.

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A NC boycot for a Month would be interesting. People would need to start a holy war and go kill "good" alliances that had a different diety or whatnot. The main problem with NC logging off for a month would be that half would never log in again, which we could all agree would be bad for the game as population is at a premium and peoples free months from kickstarter are ending soon and some if not many will not sub if they feel there is nothing to do or reason to log in. But honestly Golgotha vs the world is not going to be viable when the devs clearly favor the larger population good guys. Aren't the good guys the minority in almost any good fiction which makes it that much more epic when they achieve victory? The everybody is good gameplay ruins immersion and gameplay. I demand a we love Golgotha month

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Also the issue of 15 min per company, alliance, settlement would need to be defined, not just per person. Heck I could spam every min and not use the same character every 15 min fairly easily. Not that I would have enough motivation to ever do that but someone would lol

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I have spent 20 hours or so gathering peacefully and can count the number of people I have seen outside of towns in that time on one hand, and have never been attacked. The possibility of getting killed in game is greatly blown out of porportion. Currently with the low population I think the possibility of getting pvp killed is significantly less then accidentally skirting some mordant spire or ogres too close and dying

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Still looking! Thanks!

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<Kabal> Jokken wrote:
This idea has crossed my mind and I've worked it a bit but had no success on that angle yet. I know there have to be many, many accounts sitting dormant from hobbyists who have only purchased for the pdf's. I'm sure they'd be interested in getting in the neighborhood of $150 for something they paid $35 for. However, getting in contact with them is problematic. It's pretty obvious they're not reading the forum section here or at Goblinworks. I'm sure I'd get responses if my request was in a heavier trafficked area of these boards, yet it also seems rude to do so.

I have found the hardest part to be to find ones that dont have tons of worthless addons lol. I have met people with 240$ of addons like starting class packs, regional packs, alliance packs, secret sulute all of which I would not be willing to pay 1 cent for. Also many people have not bothered to log on or make characters yet so they lose a bit of value every day. Just keep looking and you will eventually find what ya need

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Still interested, shoot me a pm if ya selling thanks

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Seeking another account
DT Required
Backdated Max XP preferred(more $) but not required.
Xp not trained preferred(more $) but not required.
Alliance packs/hero packs add no value to me but extra game time paid for or twice marked would increase how much I would be willing to spend
Character name/race unimportant but not long name preferred

Sale will be done via paypal

PM me what you have and what you are looking for and I will respond with yes no maby so. Thanks

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I will take it for the 250 BO via paypal. Shooting you a pm now to firm up details

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Give me your gold, or face my steel

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Hello I am looking for a destiny's twin account for a friend.

Let me know your price and if they have started training xp/ or have skills trained yet. Thanks guys!

Can PM me here thanks

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Ive never played d&d or pathfinder before, just a gamer who thought this looked worth 55$ and loves the perks. Whoever did the shieldmate and destiny's twin really knew how to get gamers interested.