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The Conductive enchantment should be higher tiered, at least green if not blue. A Hexcrafter would be scary with that ability cause every turn I could both hit with a Hex and a Spell at full BAB. If I grab more hexes then I could spend a different one every turn to incapacitate my enemy before a coup de grace and moving on, repeating the process. And since hexes have a limitless amount of uses so long as you have more targets, I will never run out, unlike spells. On top of that, its DC rises to match my HD and remains relevant at higher levels. Throw in the Accursed Hex feat and I can spam the same hexes twice at an enemy, doubling the chance that a hex will work against them.

The fact that Gnomes can add it to a Blackblade is even more nasty.

The Deathless spell is an underappreciated spell, and incredibly useful choice for this. At this level its easy to craft a Flawed Pale Orange Rhomboid Ioun Stone or two and set the Deathless spell to trigger upon returning to your body. This lets your party have a bit more time to heal you if they are in combat. If you get the Extra Contingency feat as well, you can set that to hit for Greater False Life so you get consciousness as well to heal yourself or finish dealing with the encounter.

Another 3 years have passed and it is time to raise the thread once again with more input. A lot of DMs will make the player's that take leadership go out and recruit a cohort on their own. This item is pretty good for that, especially if there is already a good bond in game between the PC and NPC. Evil PCs will also be able to finally use the Vile leadership without having to worry about betrayal haha.

Now that gives me the idea of having electronic tattoos covering the entire body like body paint. But some treat body paint as pseudo-clothing, so I guess it depends on where you draw the line on what clothing is.

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For me, you would have to compare our reasons for wearing clothing in our culture and see what changes in the SF setting.

Main reasons for wearing clothing in our culture:
- environmental issues
- morals/sexuality
- fashion

For the environments harsh to the survival of a species, clothing is essential no matter the setting. But when in a station or climate controlled area, there wouldn't be much need of clothing for protection. Especially in SF where even a tent has environmental controls.

On earth, it is often a taboo to appear in public naked, mostly because of conservative traditions and religious ideals that tie it to sexual context. In SF, there is a much wider level of openness in the way of sexuality, in some cases outright ignoring it as a sex change is pretty cheap. If you include all the different species available to the setting, it replicates the modern world of information exchange to an entirely different level. In addition, the existences of orders such as xenodruids and wardens and exposure to other species that humans are not sexually attracted to would make people inured to the idea of nudity in a general sense. Of course, since it is a fantasy setting with actual gods and whatnot, beliefs in such things may actually be stronger depending on the exact locations within the setting.

A topic I did not see mentioned that is likely a the most major in an advanced society is advertising. Our culture is driven my ads on everything, clothing being one of the biggest ones. In SF there is an entire main class dedicated to the idea of being popular with people. I cannot imagine such an individual not having contracts with various agencies in the background for pay to endorse clothing. If anything, the loss of clothing to market to would cause the progressive stance to shift away from nudity as a whole instead of the traditional beliefs and moralities of modern earth. I agree that most species seen not wearing clothing would be seen as primitive, and that line of reasoning could be propagated by the large industries to prevent that loss of market.

With all of this in mind, I see no reasoning that being nude in SF would have negative connotations towards your character, but at the same time, I do not see it being in the majority in public areas