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Arslanxelan wrote:
Pyrrhic Victory wrote:
Paizo does not play edition wars. Just don't even get close to doing it on the boards, they don't like it.

After reading the original post like 5 times, I still fail to find anything remotely close to an edition war comment by the OP. You might want to calm down a little.

I think that's what he has learned about Paizo.

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I'd love to see some bullet points for Psionics Unleashed material:

  • Racial stuff
  • Maybe quick reskinning ideas to replace the new age, gem fluff.
  • New mind blade tricks
  • New materials for crafting (mostly weapons and armor)
  • New psionic items, powers, feats, expanded skill uses, and psicrystal options
    Besides psionics, I'd really like to see reskinning ideas for classes in general (necro bard, gem mage, voodoo cleric), more draconic material, and expanded planetouched options.

  • Wraithstrike: In 3.5 you could have as many astral constructs summoned as you wanted unless you used the "errata" from Complete Psionics.

    I'm going to assume a level 3 human shaper because that is the most optimal class selection. This shaper has 17 intelligence and psionic talent for 16 power points, so he can summon up to five astral constructs with 2 menu B options.

    Human Fighter 3: Assume Str 16, Con 14 and Dex 13. Weapon Focus (great sword), Power Attack, Furious Focus, Dodge, and Toughness.
    Greatsword +7 (2d6+7), HP 30 (33 with favored class bonus), AC 18 (+1 Dex, +1 Dodge, +6 Breastplate).

    Level 2 Astral Construct: Improved Natural Attack & Power Attack for Slam +4 (1d8+7), HP 31, AC 18. (I'm assuming Power Attack gives a +3 in this case, but can't remember. Someone mind checking for me?)

    So, the fighter hits 15% more often and deals 2.5 more damage per strike while having roughly the same HP and AC. Also,this power takes one round to summon. Not a full-round action, but a WHOLE round, so it doesn't even appear until the second round of combat and at this level lasts 4 rounds. (For anyone else, it costs a feat and lasts 3 round). Meanwhile, the fighter is kicking butt right from the get go.

    My personal experience and opinion is that the power is balanced.

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    That gelatinous cube always brings laughs to the table whenever I run this module for people. One player was a black dragon wyrmling, and when the cube engulfed him, he decided to start biting it from the inside and basically eat it. It was so funny; none of us could argue with him.

    Well, a wolf can charge 80 ft. That is outside of the range of scent even if upwind.

    I really hope Paizo continues to publish 3.5 material. Dreading 4E publication by them , I hope the worst that happens is they offer a 3.5 version and a 4E version. Too much money spent on 3.5, it's enjoyable, and I have years of playing it to come. Hmm... maybe I will pick up some of those back issues of Dungeon now...

    It finally arrived! And so far, I love it! Thank you Paizo!

    Corey Young wrote:

    Excellent! A replacement of Dragon #356 is on its way.

    Best customer service ANYWHERE!

    Fortunately, my missing issue of Dungeon came in just yesterday (guess I was getting worried a little too soon)! However, Dragon 356 is still missing. Thanks in advance for your hard work on ensuring the distribution of your magazines!

    Unfortunately, mine has not arrived either. Nor has my copy of the latest Dungeon Magazine... :(