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I'd love to see some bullet points for Psionics Unleashed material:

  • Racial stuff
  • Maybe quick reskinning ideas to replace the new age, gem fluff.
  • New mind blade tricks
  • New materials for crafting (mostly weapons and armor)
  • New psionic items, powers, feats, expanded skill uses, and psicrystal options
    Besides psionics, I'd really like to see reskinning ideas for classes in general (necro bard, gem mage, voodoo cleric), more draconic material, and expanded planetouched options.

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    That gelatinous cube always brings laughs to the table whenever I run this module for people. One player was a black dragon wyrmling, and when the cube engulfed him, he decided to start biting it from the inside and basically eat it. It was so funny; none of us could argue with him.