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Partially inspired by this thread, I created a Letter of Marque fro my campaign: Link

I like the bar on the left-hand pages, which repeats the cover/chapter opening artwork. I also like the new "blocky" Magic Item headers. I like the more readable keys on the maps.
I don't care for the new stat block headers; they are not bad, but not really usefull to me.
The box in the upper right corner is ok for a tome like this, but it is too much for smaller books like an AP issue or the player's guide, in my opinion.
All over all, it looks gorgeous! Will browse through it over the weekend.

Still no shipping mail... I'm beginning to worry that I won't have the PDF to read for the weekend :-(

Enlight_Bystand wrote:
Vaellen wrote:
I'm curious why my 2 AP books shipped but the RoTRLAE was held back.
I have the same. It'll almost certainly be that shipping was cheaper splitting the two AP issues into one Package, and this (plus the character folio in my case) into a seperate package. These two packages the don't need to be packed together, which means that they will then be sorted by the Warehouse's magic optimisation algorithm

It's the same for me... unfortunately i can't read the APs, because i'm currently playing SaS. So excuse me, i have some waiting to do.

Ultimate Campaigns in Spring 2013! Great!

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This blog (link) had very good info on PaizoCon / GenCon in the past, and it seems like it's going to repeat this in 2012.


Mikaze wrote:
The volume looks like it mite be problematic for arachnophobes.


Dotted. I'm GMing KM too...

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1n

Wow, that must have been a lot of work. Let's hope those errata find their way into the book.

Jason Nelson wrote:
... I hope you enjoy it. If I stop being lazy and procrastinating I'll post up my arcane duelist version of Irovetti. ...

Yes, please!

A noticeable improvement on Galaxy Tab as well. Great!

Finished! Very true to the artwork, great!


Finished! This one took a long time to paint, so many details, so many parts... great! I added the quiver with arrows which is present in the artwork but not on the mini.


Finished. Great horns!


Finished! Great mini.


Name: Hakon, Lureena
Race: Halfling, Human
Classes/levels: Cavalier/Bard/Battle Herald Level 8, Oracle of Life Level 8 (the duchess)
Adventure: Varnhold Vanishing, 6 Player variant
Location: Vordakais throne room
Catalyst: cleaving power attack smite good flash of insight critical hit with battleaxe

The Gory Details: The final battle srated with the heroes storming into the throne room, Hakon on his half-dragon wolf mount Calidus leading, as usual. Vordakai used his flash of insight on initiative and went first, hitting mount and rider with Waves of Fatigue, canceling Hakons favorite tactic: ride-by-charges. Hakon attacked the bodyguard without effect. Vordakais bodyguard, the graveknight antipaladin from the 6player conversion whom i named Horagnamon (who would come to know the name of the crow anyway?) declared smite good on Hakon, activated power attack, cleave, and flash of insight and attacked. The crit was confirmed, and Hakon dropped dead from the ~100 damage. The cleave hit Calidus too, harming him severely.
Lureena went soon after, having assumed the form of a live-giving fire elemental, and ran to the dead Hakon, using a scroll of breath of life to bring him back, although with very low hp.
Next round, Hakon and Calidus used withdraw to get away from the terrible graveknight - leaving Lureena alone at the front. Horagnamon didnt let this chance slip, and killed the oracle with a normal attack.

Lureena was brought back to life later with the scroll of Raise Dead from Varnhold.

The heroes killed Vordakai pretty fast, mainly due to the inquisitor critting twice with Searing Light, but flew from the furious Horagnamon.

They returned later, Hakon buffed with Mirror Image to successfully avoid the devastating opening attack from the anti-paladin, and they killed him for good.

Set wrote:
Zen79 wrote:
As a side note, does Blood Cow Strike...

Well, gosh, no wonder it's evil, with a name like Blood Cow Strike!

Who would want to punch a cow so hard that blood squirted out of it?

And then there's the cruel 'Horse Pees Itself Punch.'

Believe me, I know a lot about Kung Fu, and it has to be the Blood Cow Strike.

In the history of Kung Fu, there where several styles that were inspired by the powerful and... eeeeh... gracious movements of cow, but not a single style was inspired by crows.
Well except this strange monastery up in the mountains, they had a crow style. But one of the monks got on the wrong side of this Pai Mei guy, and since then there was absolutely no crow style. Ever. Again.

Tabletop projection setup and MapTool.

Twin Dragons wrote:
Personally, I don't mind all the delays. It's Paizo, the quality of their product is worth the wait.


When will the cover image be updated?

Now if we could buy miniatures of the bandersnatch and the jub jub bird, we could almost complete the poem... (slithy toves, borogoves, and mome raths don't even have stats yet, and are not as interesting as the big ones).

Glendwyr wrote:


Let's give an example. An Iowa class battleship has belt armor 12 inches thick. Steel has hardness 10, 30 hit points/inch of thickness. A 16th-level monk ignores the hardness, and does, say, 20 points of damage per attack when stripped stark naked (2d8 + strength + power attack, forget magic and everything else). With flurry and some ki points, he can punch his way through the side of a battleship in 30 seconds flat.

This example is unfair. If the Navy had access to Adamatium, they wouldn't use steel for their battleships... ;-)

Great blog! Please make it a weekly installment!

Wow, what a great adventure!

I got it!!!
Gone reading...

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Bob_Loblaw wrote:
You can ask the artist for permission and go from there.

But if paizo owns the rights to the art, wouldn't you have to ask paizo's permission?

The first picture in that article looks like a Wayne Reynolds work.
Is this the cover of the comic, or maybe the cover of the Advanced Race Guide?

Will a single card cover one specific source of a buff (like Inspire Courage or Haste), or will they be organized by bonus types (like Enhancement or Luck)?

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How about a PDF version?
I guess there will be much artwork in there that longs to be made a wallpaper...


The mounting is quite solid, it is made of 24mm fibreplate like the rest of the table. The problem with a bigger projector would be, that with my setup, you would have a smaller projection distance, hence a smaller diameter of the final projection. I have seen another table on the internet where they used a bigger projector and a much more complicated setup under the table involving two mirrors.

It's a DELL M110 projector.

The brightness is good, but we will have to play without a light source over the table, and not in bright daylight; some small lights and ambient light is OK.

Tinalles wrote:


And yet, I think I'll wait for the price of touchscreen flat panel LCD monitors to drop just a tad more. Then I'll lie one of those on its back and avoid all this mucking around with mirrors and holes in tables.

I considered this possibility too, but decided against it in the end.

My main issues were
a) ventilation,
b) danger of spilled drinks and
c) that no one is willing to guarantee you that the flat panel lying on atable will be working as good and having a lifetime as long as one standing upright.


The first version of my tabletop projector table, demonstrated with the Pathfinder RPG Beginner Box.

The table has a size of 180cm X 140cm, the projection surface is 100cm X 60cm; with the current projector setup, a "screen" diagonal of about 100cm can be achieved.

The table has foldable legs and can be split apart in the middle to be transported in 2 parts.

The projection surface is currently just plain paper; this will soon be replaced with 2 layers of acrylic glass and paper sandwiched between them. It will then be sturdy enough to carry the weight of bigger miniatures.

The projector setup is quite simple, a DELL mini LED projector pointing downward at a slight angle (~ 5°) at a mirror, for a total projection distance of about 120cm. The mirror on the ground is currently much bigger than necessary and will be replaced by a smaller one (40cm X 30cm will suffice).

I will be using MapTool to display the maps.

Pending improvements:
- replace projection surface with acrylic glass
- use smaller mirror on the floor
- paint table surface (black?)
- put opaque curtains below the table around the projection surface to reduce stray light from below

Regrs wrote:
Nicos wrote:
Regrs wrote:

Diviner Wizard level 20.

Plays first since he always wins initiative
Time-Stop (extended with rod) (4 rounds)
Mage's Disjunction (area version)
Cast Gate as a horizontal circle above our opponent
Reverse Gravity (area non-target spell, may extend by feat)

Need rule clarification for being able to cast another spell while concentrating on a previous spell.

very interesting combo

The point of this combo is to deactivate any magical item the opponent has that could allow him to ignore Reverse Gravity and Gate (used as a planeshift portal)

Make a gate to a very inhospitable plane and make him fall into it with Reverse Gravity since it allows no saves.

Quite handy, has worked before and it is a creative way to cast a "Ritual"-like "no-save just die" spell.

Advice for the OP, leave damage dice for martial classes if you want something dead and you are quite confident in yourself go for save or die/lose spells

I don't think this will work as long as your target is riding on a mount with a natural fly speed:

Reverse Gravity wrote:

Provided it has something to hold onto, a creature caught in the area can attempt a Reflex save to secure itself when the spell strikes. Creatures who can fly or levitate can keep themselves from falling.

Maybe a line of life-sized, collectible pirate ships that goes with Skull & Shackles?

gbonehead wrote:

There's only one thing that would actually get me excited, and assuming it's not that one thing, it's probably something like a psionics handbook (waves tiny flag).

Can't think of much that'll be bigger than RPG Superstar; they've already announced minis.

Unless ... unless ... unless it's an east coast Paizocon?

Okay, so there's two things that would get me excited.

Or even a -gasp- Europe PaizoCon???

Way back before the Bestiary 1 was released there was a discussion about monsters whose abilities didn't quite match their flavour, and I put up that the bebilith is supposed to be a hunter of lesser demons, but his strongest weapon is poison (in the 3.5 version), despite demons being immune to poison.

Wow, great stuff.
Although I find it hard to imagine how the place looks without a map.
Was the Pagoda supposed to be surrounded with a deep chasm? Is the garden sloping down towards the pagoda, or is it raising upwards?


James Jacobs wrote:
Zen79 wrote:

Great news!

By the way, I think I could live with 2 blog posts per day once in a while... ;-)

Not us. It's not easy to wrangle blog posts together, since they need to be:

1) Written by an expert.
2) Edited by a different expert.
3) Placed and formatted on the website by a third expert.

And all three of those experts are super busy. We've managed, after a few years of doing the blog, to get one blog per work day worked into those three people's schedules, but doing two a day? MADNESS!

I had to try...

You are doing a great job with the blog, I'm looking forward to it every day.

Great news!
By the way, I think I could live with 2 blog posts per day once in a while... ;-)

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