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"But Uncle, HE STARTED IT!"

"I know sweetie, but sometimes people are gonna do things you don't like and it's up to you to be mature enough to let it go, and fix the problem."

This thread brings that to mind.

You being completely unrelenting and uncompromising is very childish. The same goes for her of course.

auticus wrote:
It's supposed to be a game. A time to relax, hang out with friends, and tell stories and roll some dice.


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If, heaven help me, I ever DMed a group with you two in it, I would just have the sword explode into gold coins. Everyone would take 20d6 of damage, and hopefully the two characters would die. I would then leave and be forever happy with my life.

And if you lived you could spend the next 20minutes picking the gold coins out of your team-mates, and looting their corpses for more tasty lewtz.

Seriously I would just have the Angel come and take the sword back, saying neither of you are ready to use it.

(This has been amusing but I think it's fairly obvious at this point the problem is with both of you, and you refuse most of our advice, so there we are.)

Bill Dunn wrote:
For my money, all if his rationalizations sound like he may be the really grabby one.

I've been getting that feeling as well. I try to give the benefit of the doubt but I fear you're absolutely correct.

Bluestar you're being just as unrelenting as she is, imo. You refuse to give her the sword based on an assumption. So now she wants it, you have it, and you are both completely unwilling to give in. Both of you are immature and this isn't going to end well given the above.

Blue Star wrote:

I'll try to explain this a little better than I have before: By all appearances (and from what I've been told by my friends) she is a person who will fixate on an item/concept/etc., on an OCD-like level, and I'm not going to give in to that. Ever.

I give her the Sun Blade, the next thing she will want is the headband, then I'll give her that, the next thing she'll want is the necklace, I'll give her that, the next thing she'll want is the boots, I'll give her that, and the cycle will continue until she has everything in the party.

I'm not even going to let that start, she can ask for the Sun Blade all she likes, I'm not giving it to her, yes it will end -THIS- argument, but it will only cause more down the line.

You both are looking very immature. Give her the sword, if she becomes all grabby with every piece of loot she sees, okay that's different. So far she hasn't and you're just theorizing she will, and using this assumption as reasoning for you denying her request for an item she'd like.

I had a similar experience where two players wanted an oath bow. Luckily both of them are sane, and the argument ended before it began. I understand people can be unreasonable, and in those cases the responsibility falls to YOU.

Blue Star wrote:

No, I'd never consider someone who acts like this (in their 40s no less) a friend of mine. We met a few months back she asked to join a game.

Yes, it is silly, but it's also incredibly frustrating to deal with personally.

Give her the sword, put the entire ordeal behind you, feel better cause you were the bigger man.

I can't even imagine having such a petty argument, are you guys FRIENDS at all? Or do you just meet to meet?

Someone call Homeland Security this Oracle is probably on their top 10 list, you know for her crimes against humanity. /sigh

I hate* to be sarcastic but this situation just seems silly.


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In my group we argue over who gets the last Dew...

Otherwise one of you, and I'm not specifying which, needs to grow up and end the argument. Either by giving her the silly imaginary sword, or she conceding and letting you keep it.

The above has probably been said and if she is SO incredibly unwilling to let you keep it be the man and give her the sword. Is it worth all the trouble?

Lvl 15 Ezekial, Shadar-Kai Rogue. He was CE and more or less despised by the party. Although as the game continued he became less evil and the party began to like him. Sadly it was a little to late for Ezekial. After a seductress lured him into his own pocket plane(that existed for 8hrs at a time/once a day, for resting) He was naked, alone, and fighting unarmed, but eventually knocked her out.

He escaped, full of life, and joy, and ready to live a long and prosperous life. He was of course killed attempting to kill an evil purple dragon 3hrs later. The cleric also died in that fight. Having lived through the sexy assassin who would have thought a dragon would have done him in -_-

And to top things off his soul was trapped in the plane of the dead with a cleric who had hated him in life. Resurrection impossible. I'm sure the constant nagging of the cleric makes him wish he had landed in the Abyss. Poor Ezekial...

Throw a little girl in a sticky and dangerous situation. That motivates the most Chaotic of rogues. Should be more than enough to motivate a man whose job it was to protect people.

A kid will probably work the best. My group gets real protective over them usually, moreso little girls. Also just a side note, I never thought of Dwarves as sympathetic to the "village idiot" as other races. Though that could just be a personal inclination.

Sniggevert wrote:
ZeboJQ wrote:
One can assume the jabberwock is vulnerable to Vorpal swords, yes? haha.

Well, it does have DR xx/Vorpal =p

It also gets shaken when struck by a vorpal weapon IIRC.

Haha, I'm loving that, the party fighter can go galumphing back with his head.

One can assume the jabberwock is vulnerable to Vorpal swords, yes? haha.

SlimGauge wrote:

Strap a tiny siren to its legs. Tie a string around flasks of alchemist's fire that it can grasp with its talons. Name him Stuka.

Love it.

KCWM wrote:
ZeboJQ wrote:
Because the item CAN do something doesn't necessarily mean it WILL. Depending on the items Alignment and goals, etc. Also I think the 2nd and 3rd Spell/3day is only one spell, not all spells.
I meant he wants to be able to choose from any of the spells available.

Ah, misread. In any case the item isn't extremely powerful, and it's under your control for the most part. It's a great chance to introduce a quirky odd character, who maybe doesn't like to be bossed around or some such. Make it interesting and fun as opposed to just a magic item you don't have to spend an action activating.

Because the item CAN do something doesn't necessarily mean it WILL. Depending on the items Alignment and goals, etc. Also I think the 2nd and 3rd Spell/3day is only one spell, not all spells.

I, for one, love Shadowrun and in our previous game we didn't just loot the bodies, the bodies were the loot. Turns out the Vory pay good for organs...

Does Pharasma know about this?!

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Laithoron wrote:

Funny that you should mention Niche. In the local group I GM, I just helped one of my players to reprise their old 3.5 Pixie Warmage as a Pathfinder Witch. Mind you, we're using the 3.5 racial ability score modifiers for her and she's got the Prehensile Hair ability...

Yeah, our foot-tall, 1-pound pixie can literally lift the entire party with her Str 24 hair. ;D

I had a Pixie warlock I always wanted to convert, I thought witch would be a good choice...

Unless you plan on turning off your "power suit" regularly you're actual physical stats shouldn't actually come up all that often. Although I do vaguely recall such rules in some 3.5 book...

I would have several minions, along with the rogue. But, before the fight one of the minions acts like the BBEG, while mister rogue quietly stand behind him in nondescript leather armor. That way the rogue can get of some SA before the party even knows who the real threat is. And then of course he'll run the second he's been discovered.

Yeah, Barbarians are pretty dang powerful. Had one in a game I'm running and he would regularly knock down my strongest opponents in a couple hits. Luckily he died and was reincarnated as a Kobold. That hit to Strength has made him slightly less of a cannon. On the other hand he is about five times as hilarious as a 2.5ft lizardman.

Where are my potty rules?! Or do races in Golarion not have bladders? I mean I know girls don't poo...I want some clarification on this issue immediately!

Charisma does, to a certain extent, determine your attractiveness. That is to say not your physical attractiveness, but your personality. As for undead and other creatures it's probably more of their force of will.

In my games Charisma is a combination of all these things. It's generally assumed the ladies are always pretty, no matter what their Charisma, haha.

It's also an ongoing joke in our game to ask "What's this bartender/barmaid's Charisma?" Should we be in a tavern at any point.

All-in-all it's of little relevance to the game, so no one really makes a deal out of it. Which is saying something cause our group loves to argue.

Goblins Eighty-Five wrote:

I'm actually running them through CotCT, with some added modules.

I don't want to tell them NO to their chosen race, it is just that they are getting angry at me for almost killing them in every encounter, encounters that they could easily overcome if they just swapped back into humanoid form.

Like it has been said, you are obviously running a very different game than they are, now, interested in. You can adapt or continue to kill them.

Kelvar Silvermace wrote:

This is going to sound inconsistent with some things I've said elsewhere, but I really wish there was some reference in one of the Pathfinder rulebooks for things like this. Or at the very least, prices on *some* type of structures, dwellings, etc. As I recall, in the 3.5 PHB there was a list that was something like:

Common House (1-3 rooms) = 1,000gp
Grand House (? rooms) = 5,000gp

I'm not aware of any official Pathfinder prices on such things and it drives me crazy. In a pinch, I will fall back to 3.5, but I'd like to know what the "official" prices are. And maybe (read: hopefully) they'll also come up with categories of buildings I hadn't even thought about before...

I believe the Guide to Absalom has prices on building ownership. Although it is with relation to the different quarters in Absalom.

Kthulhu wrote:
blindelf wrote:
1) people clamoring for front and back side do realize that Paizo has an immense library of ready-to-print artwork for monsters and NPCs? Do you think they are going to approach those artists to go back and somehow make matching rear-view artwork of all those existing illustrations? For brand-new art it would be an option but I'm assuming the future pawn sets would primarily utilize existing artwork.
I think people mainly just want to check out Seoni's ass.

I was fine with the pawns as they were, now though, your argument has swayed me. I require backside art!

This weekend I'm going to be running The Slumbering Tsar by Frog God Games. Let me start off by saying that it's absolutely packed with quality writing, and a great free-roam framework. That having been said it does look, and is advertised as, being very difficult. My problem arises with this: we wont have 5 players. In fact we will probably only have 3. Now my question is do you think if I allowed each player to gestalt that the game would play more or less balanced? That is to avoid making changes to as many encounters as possible. If not, what can I do to run a smooth and challenging, but not overly challenging, game?

On another note, do you guys have any suggestions or tips for running Slumbering Tsar? Did you tweak anything? Move encounters? Or what? I'm interested in how you guys changed things, or what you found to be useful when running it.

I will say that I'm having a hard time with the free-roam aspect of it. While I love it, my group will probably head straight for city. Obviously they can't enter due to the beast blocking it. My problem is it seems kinda contrived to tell them, "Well you can't defeat that now, you should wander around the desert until you level enough." Off the top of my head I thought of providing them a hook that included investigation of the desolation.

Any advice is much appreciated.

Lyingbastard wrote:
Regarding Amiri's sword, it's meant to be huge because it was the weapon (bastard sword?) of a Frost Giant that she took from it's body, and she's strong enough to use it, particularly while enraged. It's not supposed to be proportional for a regular person.

I never said it wasn't meant to be huge, or proportional to a normal person, just that I thought it looked like a Buster Sword from Final Fantasy. And of course anyone actually strong enough to use that, male or female, would be massive. She isn't but once again that isn't a problem I have. I just thought the sword looked a bit goofy, personal taste I suppose.

GURPS: Basic Set, pg. 417 wrote:

Bulletproof Nudity

PCs with Attractive or better
appearance can get a bonus to active
defenses simply by undressing! Any
outfit that bares legs, chest, or midriff
is +1. Just a loincloth or skimpy
swimwear is +2. Topless females get
an extra +1. Total nudity gives no further
bonus to defense, but adds +1 to
Move and +2 water Move.

Sounds like my sort of game!

Jokes aside though, one of the things that drew me to Pathfinder, and away from other games which had captured my attention, was the artwork. Sexy ladies included. Then again I'm no stickler about my Fantasy art being in anyway accurate to real life. I think over the top massive suits of plate armor can look good despite how ridiculous they would be to actually wear. On the same token a sexy sorceress dressed in skimpy robes doesn't rub me the wrong way at all, despite the fact that they are grossly impractical. YMMV, but my Fantasy is extraordinary, not gritty and real.

Actually my biggest pet peeve with the art was the Barbarian class picture. It wasn't that the Barbarian's armor was revealing and didn't cover her core, it was that sword! The thing was as big as a tree.

Edit: Also our group had a good laugh about the picture on page 253. It depicts the sorceress casting what I assume to be chain lightning. The funny part is she has one heck of a wedgie!