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Is there a full writeup of all the announcements and such at PaizoCon? Due to timezones and other things I wasn't really able to watch any of the livestreams as they were happening.

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Hey fans, as you know the image at this time is a mock-up, but I've asked Jon, our Community and Social Media Specialist, to have a chat with our art and editorial teams and find out what their intensions are for this new blue cover. Thanks!
We have our answer. It will be a dark blue, not Lost Omens blue, with gold foil. The Paizo has had plans to move away from a single color going forward.
I will echo the other voices here as someone who purchased the SE exclusively due to the consistency the provided on the book shelf, I am extremely disappointed in the decision to move away from the single colour for each of it's product lines. It made sense with the APs as those are all basically stand alone, but here it has really cut my interest in your physical products.
I will communicate your feedback. Thanks.

I'll also add my voice to this. I've also only bought the SE versions of books so far and all rule-focused books so far have been red, even the non-core books. I'm very much hoping there will be a second run of this book that will be in red after this community feedback, as I do not intend on getting this book in physical form otherwise for consistency and esthetic's sake.