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Wondering Lars wrote:

But wouldn't you have problems with maneuver recovery? Although a harbringer can "may concentrate on her inner negativity and recover a single maneuver as a standard action"1 the system and use section specifically mentions that:

"you cannot use an expended maneuver again until you have rested for a brief time or perform a particular action in combat that will allow you to recover one or more expended maneuvers"2


As far as I can see you would be able to get through the door just fine, but be unable to recover the maneuver before you had once again been in combat.

But Then again, you start with all maneuvers ready at the beginning of combat.

As for the Ghoat: A ghoat is obviously the spirit of a dead goat. They are knowing for their haunting bleats, spectral horns, and ability to fly anywhere you dont want you goat to be.

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So, I tried playing a harbinger tonight, just to test it out... i took the ghostwalk maneuver and used it to walk through the first locked door we came across. That I can negate any loced door in lvl 5 seems a bit broken to me. Any way to house rule it so I cant just walk through every door that is in my way?

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Call of Cthulhu:

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So, I have been reading the players guide, and the horror adventures book. And I am wondering what special systems this AP will be using.
Will it use the new fear rules from Horror adventures? I have heard it does not use the sanity system.

Thank you for your time :)

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So, as we haven't gotten the players guide yet... I have been making a character in the dark, my head banging rhythmically into the padded walls of my humble abode, character concepts leaking out my brain in eager anticipation.

In my fugue state I have settled on the Fiendbound Marauder, from Path of War Expanded, for now.

The ethereal flying spiked gauntlets haunts my tattered mind like glowing eyes half-seen in the dark.

So far I have:
STR: 17 DEX: 11 CON: 14 INT: 18 (16+2 human) WIS: 10 CHA: 7 (25pts)

Human:Discipline Focus Cursed Razor
1: PA
3: Prodigious Two-Weapon Fighting
3: TWF
5: Imporved unarmed
7: dragon style

The plan as of yet has been that the character (yet unnamed) has awoken with his new abilities. Hooks in his flesh, linked to ethereal chains that connects to the fiend's grips. When he manifests them, he yanks the invisible chains and they rupture out of the ground.

Should I dip unMonk to get Improved Unarmed? is it worth it?


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any update for when it is out? I am way too excited :/

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DISCLAIMER: I am just rambling about a module I am tinkering with. You have been warned! also tips and ideas would be awesome ;)
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Soo, I was struck by a bit of inspiration not too long ago. I wanted to make a Vampire Wiz/Harbinger Gestalt boss to a Gothic Horror module I am going to make. I know, I know... A single BBEG at the end of a module wont work. And I am going to add some spice to the inevitable fight. But what I have written below is what I have got so far. I havent picked manouvers and stances yet, but I will get around to it eventually. I am a bit influenced by the 3.5 Ravenloft adventure, and want to rid myself of most of that for the making of the module, but so far I am focusing on this guy whom I have named "Not-Strahd" as a placeholder.

The story of this guy is still a bit vague. I was thinking he was an adventurer in his life before becoming a vampire, and he is struggling hard with his curse. I think there will be an option in the module to turn him back to a human with the use of an Elixir of True Resurrection which I have called "Elixir of the Radiant Dawn". I do not think it will be as easy as to just show up with it and offering it to him. This guy is also surrounded by a cult of Urgathoa whom worships him as some kind of Harbinger of Some Important Urgathoan event (Harbinger; Lame pun intended). They have set up shop with him in his mansion, and are helping him restore his ancestral Castle. He himself isnt that devout, but the vampire in him gives her a kind of respect.

The module itself will be some sort of open "sandbox" with info about what each major NPC and Faction is doing each day. I have yet to decide if the module will start in a low level and progress to higher levels, or begin mid-level. Only time will tell I guess. Oh, and I am wondering about giving every Major Boss the Dual initiative Mythic ability, just to avoid some of the action economy problems. If anyone have some ideas, help, constructive criticisms, experience with harbingers, experience with creating modules, experience with NPC balancing... and so forth, I would love some feedback.
I used 20pts buy for his stats and half Character gold for his stuff (mind you he crafted his of s&#*) This would probably be at the end of the campaign anyways so good loot should not be a problem. I felt the Elite NPC array would not convey my thoughts on this guy.


Not-Strahd CR 15 or 16
XP 51,200 or 76,800
Male Human-Vampire Wiz/Harbinger(Crimson Countess) 12
NE Medium Undead(Vempire)
Init 18; Darkvision 60; Perception +24

AC 42 Touch 21; Flat-Footed 31; (9 Celestial Armor, 4 Shield [spell], 6Nat Vampire, 2Nat Amulet, 3 Dodge [Before Haste])
HP 171(12d8 HD +12 Favored Class +12 Toughness +84 CHA)
Fort +25; Ref +26; Will +8 Defensive Abilities ; DR 10/magic and silver ; Immune Undead immunities; Resist Cold 10 Electricity 10;

Speed 50(80 Haste) Fly 60/80 (Haste 90/120)
Space 5ft; Reach 5ft (10ft buffed)
Melee rapier +2; 24/19 1d6+20 15-20x2; 25/25/20 (haste)
Special Attacks Spell-Like Abilities (CL ) At will—
Spells Known/Prepared (CL 12)
6th DC: 26|True Seeing; Dispel Magic, Greater x2; Cloak of Dreams
5th DC: 25|Teleport; Feeblemind x2; Dominate Person x2;
4th DC: 24|Invisibility, Greater; False Life, Greater; Dimension Door; Black Tentacles; Aura of the Unremarkable;
3rd DC: 23|Stinking Cloud; Slow; Haste x2; Fly x2;
2nd DC: 22|Resist Energy; Protective Penumbra x2; Mirror Image; Invisibility; Detect Thoughts; Create Pit
1st DC: 21|Vanish; Shield; long arm; Liberating Command; Color Spray x3;
0 DC: 20|
Statistics Str 13, Dex 26, Con -, Int 30, Wis 10, Cha 25 Base Atk +12; CMB 13; CMD 32
Feats Vampire: Alertness, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Initiative, Lightning Reflexes, and Toughness Human: Weapon Finesse 1: Grasp of darkness 3: Craft wondrous 5: Deadly agility 5: Craft magic arms and armor 7: Discipline Focus (Cursed razor) 9: Arcane armor training 10: Time stutter (Wiz Discovery) 11: Lightning recovery

Skills Acrobatics +23 Bluff +30 Diplomacy +24 Fly +23 Intimidate +22 Knowledge (arcana) +25 Knowledge (Martial) +25 Knowledge (religion) +25 Perception +24 Sense Motive +27 Spellcraft +25 Stealth +31

SQ Martial Maneuvers Dark Claim (Su) Accursed Will (Ex) Black Omen (Su) Bleak Prophecy (Su) Crimson Claim (Su) Dark Claim (Su) Elusive Shadow (Ex) Grim News (Su) Ill Intentions (Su) Ill Tidings (Ex) Massacre (Ex) Sanguine Empowerment (Su) Sorcerous Deception (Sp) DUAL INITIATIVE

Combat Gear +2 rapier
Other Gear Celestial Armor; Amulet of Natural Armor +2; Circlet of mental prowess +6 (int,cha); Belt of Dex+6; 3,150 gold in jewelry and such

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Oh I am absolutely going to play an Ogre

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So, me and some friends of mine are going to play a oneshot of drunken Pathfinder tonight, so the rules are a bit loose.
We are going to start at level 6 and have 2 ability scores start at 18 and roll for the rest.

So I asked the GM if I could play as a Leadbelcher (it was either that or a Bavarian Barbarian xD) and I got the green light for it!

So a few things about my character concept. I am going to carry a huge cannon(Picture for those who dont know what a LeadBelcher is.)
I was thinking that I would Load it with various scrap metal, and have a score of goblins to reload and such for me. I also thought that maybe having a huge beartrap on a chain for trowing might be fun, and ofcourse the beartrap fighting glove as a melee weapon. :D

All of our characters are supposed to be well known mercenaries from our homelands, so we start at level 6 (and end at level 6 since this is a one shot)
So I thought maybe 1 level gunslinger and 5 levels Barbarian might be a suitable way to go.

So what I want advice on is: How would you make this character? Any Feats, Archetypes, or Classes I should think about using?

How would you stat my weapons?

Anything else?

Thank you for taking time to read through all my rambling!

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Ms. Pleiades wrote:

Varisia is almost Paizo's default location for Adventure Path and Scenario locations. Rise of the Runelords, Curse of the Crimson Throne, Shattered Star all come to mind immediately.

As for scenarios, Night Marches of Kalchamedes was fun loads of fun.

I cant seem to find that module anywhere :/

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Ok so here is the deal.
I am thinking of DMing the Carrion Crown AP, because i really like gothic horror, and i really wanted to play pathfinder again.
But the thing is: I am going to have 6 players. that is 50% more than what the adventure is made for, and it worries me that there will be no challenge.
A couple of them are very good at making effective characters, but i have already told them not to powergame this.

How should I go about making it more challenging? Do I need to make it more challenging?
Should I make each encounter have 50% more creatures? But then, how will bosses work?

I am really worried, and I am looking forward to your answers! Thank you guys very much :)

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I have been looking around for a while, but I can't for the life of me figure out which type of human is the most prominent in Absalom. It might be that I am blind, but it does not seem to be written anywhere.

I have made a character for a new campaign, and want to be a "native" of Absalom.

Thank you for your time :)