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Zaidel Michigan wrote:
Allandria Bloodstorm wrote:
Allandria appears quite bewildered at Zaidel's response "How do you know so much of Azeroth and our home city?!" She demands.

Oh! Thank God! Some rapport!

Zaidel smiles. "You could say I've studied the lore and history of many worlds. I find them all so fascinating. And I would love to talk about it further, but we should stop this bar fight before it begins."
[dice=Diplomacy]1d20 + 26

"A fight implies each side has an even chance to win. That is not the case here." The swordsman says, as he follows VK outside, scimitars still at the ready, just in case.

Meanwhile, her brother keeps his blade pointed directly at his 'foe'. "Nobody wants to see your power demon. Show your true form, minion of the Deceiver, or be cut down where you stand."

Allandria Bloodstorm wrote:
Vulture King wrote:

The Vulture King nods sadly before smiling and saying, "Worry not young one, for I avoid trouble wherever possible. If you require proof of my good intentions, I can gladly provide it though for interest of time I would wish not to."


Allandria takes several steps in retreat, and arcane energy springs up around her raised hand. "Stay back demon."

At her words, a cowled figure from her table stands.

As he does so, he sheds the robe he was wearing, revealing a tattooed, horned warrior He on the left, but the horns are smaller. Unsheathing a pair of scimitars, he points one at VK. "Leave my sister alone vulture man."

More description:

His skin is an almost alabaster white, his hair is longer, and it's a red-ish brown color. Also styled exactly like this.