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The player took a risk for the group when she died, and I don't want to punish her for that, so I'd like to give them a chance to get back all her items.

It should only be a side-quest, ideally the size of a scenario or only a bit longer. Unfortunately I don't have the time to flesh out something myself, and would like to adapt an existing scenario or module for that. Anything where the Red Mantis guy could have fled to or is involved in; I can be creative when it comes to adapting the story. Location can be anywhere, level should be around 10 +/- 2.


so one of my players got herself isolated, slain, and all her magic items looted by a Red Mantis assassin, who fled afterwards. After raising her back from the dead, my party (level 10) naturally wants to get her gear back.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a scenario or module which I could use for this?

It cannot be "Mantis Prey", because that's where the above happened. ;-) I have no good overview of existing scenarios and modules, and would appreciate any hints. Thanks a lot!

Alright, for now and in absence of a clarification, I've ruled for my group that the hound can attack once per intruder, or it would be too weak for spell level 5.

Still, would be interesting to hear how the spell was intended originally. :-)

The guard dog attacks on the intruder's turn, so it's more like an attack of opportunity which you can have multiple of (with the right feat), so it's not that simple.

It's also a standard action spell, so its purpose might be that it's also usable in combat - again, it's not clear.

Dave Justus: Its attack is better than +10 because it's invisible, so it would be viable at level 9. Cast it in a hallway and it could be useful.

*If* it can attack multiple intruders, that is. :-)


when I cast the spell Mage's Faithful Hound (http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/spells/mageSFaithfulHound.html), how often can the hound attack each turn? The spell description says:

"If an intruder approaches to within 5 feet of the hound, the dog stops barking and delivers a vicious bite (+10 attack bonus, 2d6+3 points of piercing damage) once per round."

Does the "once per round" mean 1) it will attack *each* intruder only once per round, but can attack multiple intruders per round, or 2) it will attack only once per round, i.e. only the first intruder?

1) would mean it might be a nice area control/crowd control spell in combat. 2) means it's really only useful for guarding, and not for combat...

Thanks in advance,


Dela wrote:
If you tell me your Skype name, I'll contact you to send you my old stuff.

I don't use Skype, but you can reach me via mail: andre.wichmann at gmx.de

I'd highly appreciate getting those maps, thanks in advance!

It looks like the images have been deleted from ImageShack. :-( Does someone still have them, any maybe could share them again?

Very nice - thanks for all the great suggestions! (I'd like to run the scenario somewhere at levels 4-6, by the way.) Besides Blakros Matrimony, especially The Disappeared sounds very intriguing, if run right. And some of Chris O'Reilly's suggestions sound cool as well...

Damn, I wish we had more time to run more scenarios. After an RPG hiatus of over 10 years, I'm really amazed by the quality of many of the adventures you can buy nowadays. Kudos to Paizo!


TGMaxMaxer wrote:
Blakros Matrimony. Hellknights Feast (new season 5). Fortress of the Nail.

Excellent! Judging from the reviews, especially Blakros Matrimony sounds like exactly what I want. It looks like my players will feel the lack of non-combat skills in the group, but with some innovative roleplaying and flexibility on my part, should still have a chance of performing well enough.

Thank you!



I should probably clarify that I'm looking specifically for a Pathfinder Society scenario, not for general advice on how to create a non-combat situation. The Pathfinder Society scenario should be more than pure hack'n'slay and instead provide opportunities where non-combat skills and spells are more effective. Sorry if I've been a bit unclear on that.

Are there any Society scenarios like this?

Arssanguinus wrote:
I don't think "teach them a lesson!" Is quite the right attitude ... You shouldn't be trying to "punish" the payers.

I guess my post came across more harsh than I meant it. With "teach them a lesson" I meant that I'd gently like to show them they shouldn't completely ignore non-combat stuff, or they might run into problems later on in the campaign. Hence my search for a Society scenario where "characters with non-combat abilities can shine". :)


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I'm searching for a Pathfinder scenario where the use of non-combat spells, skills or feats gets rewarded and where characters optimized only for combat are at a disadvantage. Can anyone here recommend such a scenario, if one exists?

It can include "standard" combat as well of course, but the idea is that characters with non-combat abilities can shine. The reason why I'm searching for such a scenario is that my group of experienced players is completely geared towards combat, sacrificing variety and non-combat abilities for damage output and defense, and I'd like to expose their gaps and teach them a lesson. They have no rogue, druid, bard or other non-combat-optimized character and their sorcerer and wizard know only damage spells, crowd control and buffs. The only non-combat skills they have are a variety of Knowledge() skills because of the wizard's high Int.

Thanks in advance,