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Prometeus wrote:

Hi there fellow Pathfinders,

I will like to start this guide by telling you that the priority of making this is not break the game or to make the ultimate optimization possible for the Druid, my mission here is to share my thoughts of this awesome class and with your support and contribution we can make this guide a good place to start building a functional Druid and to share solutions to the challenge of being one of the most versatile class on Pathfinder.

Im not an expert of the class or Pathfinder in general, in fact this is my first guide ever on internet, but for the last 2 years I been lurking the forums for help and tips to make my own characters and creations and it's time to give something back to the community

Enjoy and any comment and sugestion is more than welcome

This is a work in progress
Prometeus guide to Druids

Hey Prometeus, why the nobility feat over the Glory/Heroism domain? It seems like the Heroism subdomain has better utility spells than the Nobility subdomain. The leadership feat is nice, but ultimately ruled out by most DM’s b/c it causes more headaches than it is worth.

The face inquisitor will definitely be essential in the group I will be playing with.

Any help would be most appreciated! Ty!

So I am soon going to be playing a new Pathfinder campaign. I looked @ this build n.html?m=1

But I've also seen the guide for this as well. de

Both look very intriguing. I also read Bodhi's guide & I LOVE the idea of playing the devout operative role, essentially playing James Bond for the church.

Please help. Ty!

My bad & ty

Does the weapon property specifically only pertain to melee weapons or can you apply to ranged weapons as well?

I am going to be shortly starting a new PF game involving the Shattered Star adventure module. What classes would you recommend would be the most fun to play for beginners?

Thank you!

I am seriously thinking about using this build.

My GM said they need someone to disable traps. After doing some extensive research, this build seems like the most fun to play while still being able to fill the utility the group needs.

Currently, there is 1 F/Barb/Wiz/Sorc/Cleric. My nephew is going to be playing an archery ranger mostl likely.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Another thought that came to mind would to play a ninja character. I was reading up on possibly creating a character that TWF w/ wakizashis.

Any build ideas/suggestions are most welcome! & again tyvm for all the input!

avr wrote:
A bard doesn't really want to multiclass. Don't get me wrong, an Archaeologist bard can do the sneaking, the trapfinding and the fighting as well as a rogue, but they do it a different way.

Which is better do you think, the archaeologist or 1 of the previous rogue mixes that were mentioned?

What about possibly some builds involving bard? Would bard/rogue build be a better way to go w/ all their buffs/debuffs?

Does anyone have any build ideas that would be solid for finding & disarming traps? I'd like a build that is solid all the way around if possible. Skills, combat, ect.

All REALLY REALLY intruiging options! Tyvm for all your input! So if I were to go 4 lvls in Druid, how many lvls in Unchained Rogue do I take? What would be your class split for a build like this for lvl 15?

Eldritch Scoundrel & Ninja/Drunken Master/Monk build. What is the lvl solit on those? Ty

666bender wrote:

1. Unchained rogue is the best

2.scout is great if spring attacking
3. One of the following below is well worth it as well :
Thug (every hit frieghten and sicken )
Take ( free shaken and skills )
Skulking slayer (free dirty tricks )
4. I love lore warden x / :-)chained rogue 4 (skulking slayer ) . the bestdebuffer in the game .

My character will be lvl 15. How many lvls of Lore Warden, 2?

BadBird wrote:

Elven Curved Blade works very well with Unchained Rogue; you don't necessarily need to be an Elf. Two levels of Ranger to get Power Attack works, but personally I'd just take 13STR and 'spend' those levels on something else; it's hardly a bad thing to have a decent STR score, and Unchained Rogue isn't starved for ability points.

One multiclass build that's both strange and kind of awesome is going Unchained Rogue with 4 levels of Druid and the feat Shaping Focus. Shaping Focus means that 4 Druid levels lets you take the form of an Air Elemental all day, and a Druid in Elemental form can still wield a weapon (they just have to drop it when they shift so it doesn't vanish). Being an Air Elemental gets you a major DEX bonus and the ability to fly.

Three levels of Weapon Master Fighter gets you two bonus feats and Weapon Training, so you can use Gloves of Dueling. All together, it's worth a major +3 to attack and damage from training.

There's also some very cool stuff you can do with Unchained Rogue and Unchained Monk; I'll post a build later.

PLEASE DO post that build! I would LOVE to see what you have BadBird. I was reading into the bard class. That also seemed like a solid class option for disabling traps!

BadBird wrote:

The base Rogue does have access to Ki Pool and Vanishing Trick, which on the right build could be very useful.

Multiclassing on a Rogue, especially at high level, is often extremely useful, so when you say "Rogue Build", do you mean pure Rogue? 1-4 levels of something else can revolutionize a Rogue.

There are ways to build an effective strength-based Rogue (ideally with a little multiclassing). Is that acceptable, or are you thinking classic dex-based?

Last thing - is trapfinding required?

Yes, trapfinding is a MUST! Dex build. I was reading elsewhere that being an Elf & using the Elven Curved Blade is the way to go. Agree or Disagree? They said they took 2 lvls of Ranger to qualify for Power Attack. Would it be smart to also go down this path? Or do you guys have better suggestions. PLEASE, Any feedback is MOST WELCOME!! Tyvm!

0o0o0 O 0o0o0 wrote:

Just like any class, narrow it down a bit.

I think there is mileage in fixing on Sneak Attack then going the Stealth/Hellcat Stealth route, finding a way to disappear and strike.

Or a Helpful Halfling with UMD, trapfinding and well-chosen skill unlocks.

Unchained Rogue worth building?

I''m looking for a solid rogue build. Lvl 15. All & Any suggestions are most welcome! Please & Ty!

Are gunslingers worth building? & if so what builds are best?

Blymurkla wrote:

Clerics (thats what you mean with priest, right?), fighters and sorcerers are all (often) low on skill points, so something decent skill-wise might be worth considering.

A ranger or bard, perhaps? Or an eldritch scoundrel unchained rogue.

Maybe you should take the opportunity to go a bit crazy. The party already has a competent composition, with arcane and divine magic and martials. So you perhaps need not worry about finding an optimal build.

Either find a character concept (as in background, personality etc. rather than crunch) that's cool and intersting.

Or find some fun-to-play obscure build. Since you're starting at level 15, this is a golden opportunity to try out prestige classes, multiclassing and builds that "come online" only with high level.

Any & All suggestions are most welcome Bly!

& correct Priest = Cleric

Xander_21 wrote:

So per the subject line, I am entering a party that is either chaotic neutral or true neutral. The party consists of Barb/F/Sorc/Priest/Wiz. I initially thought maybe an archer paladin would be fun to play, but now am second guessing going in that direction because of the potential conflict due to the varying alignments.

I was thinking I would like to play a dps character. Anyone have any good suggestions that might fit this bill?

Tyvm everyone!

Also, my apologies, but I forgot to mention our starting lvl is 15

Java Man wrote:
Archer warpriest is the closest I would try to a ypur palladin idea. If you are thinking ranged martial, a slayer might be good, would help to roumd out the party on skills as well. Spell warrior skald can do good damage, and would up the damage output of the party as a whole, I say spell warrior so that your song will benefit the barb, and not penalize the other casters.

Slayer, is that apart of the Fighter class?

So per the subject line, I am entering a party that is either chaotic neutral or true neutral. The party consists of Barb/F/Sorc/Priest/Wiz. I initially thought maybe an archer paladin would be fun to play, but now am second guessing going in that direction because of the potential conflict due to the varying alignments.

I was thinking I would like to play a dps character. Anyone have any good suggestions that might fit this bill?

Tyvm everyone!

Don't stats represent what the makeup of your character represents? Str = how strong you are, Dex = how mobile you are, Con is how sturdy you are & so on.

I was actually thinking about becoming an Intimidation King. That's what led me to my choice of the Heresy Inquisition. This allows me to use my WIS score to make Intimidation & Bluff checks.

I do like the idea of House or Sherlock Holmes, a wise a** with no personality.

Thank you all for all of the suggestions. I, also am playing a dwarven inquisitor with the heresy inquisition, as Blackbloodtroll had mentioned previously.

We have a 15 point buy, so while I would love to have a higher charisma. When you're limited in what you can buy for stats. You do what you have to do. So my stats are this, str 16, dex 12, con 14, int 10, wis 16, & 5 cha.

My character will be involved in a pirate themed campaign. I'm still trying to figure out how I can roleplay the heresy inquisition part as well. Any advice on that is certainly welcome as well.

Thanks again!

I have a question. My character will have a 16 WIS & a 5 CHA. What would be the best way to go about role playing this character?

Bodhizen wrote:
Xander_21 wrote:
I have 2 questions. Would using pistols be better than using a composite bow or a crossbow? And since the Inquisitor uses Wis to cast spells, would it be better to take Zen Archery to optimize the same stat score for both casting and using a bow? Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!

I don't care for the dip, as there are things you trade off in return, but if you enjoy it, I wouldn't tell you not to. As for using pistols, it really depends on what your end goals are.

Bodhi, after researching further, there is a weapon property called guided. No need to dip into anything. But instead you can use your WIS instead of your DEX for ranged attacks. Would this be better?

Would this be a better route to go?

So I want to play a dwarven inquisitor. The rules are it's a 15 point buy for character creation. No traits allowed. PF books only.

I was thinking that I could start as a Devastator Inquisitor per Bodhi's guidebook. And later buying a bow & enhancing the bow to be guided. So in the beginning I would take feats that would tailor towards a melee character & then later I would retrain the feats.

What do you guys think? Would this be the right way to go? And yes I did think about playing an Oread as well, however, I like the bonuses to saves vs spells over the str bonus & resistances.

I am also taking the Heresy Inquisition to offset the cha stat dump & gain bonuses to my social skills since they might be handy in a pirate campaign setting.

Here is what I have so far for a potential 15 point buy

STR 14
DEX 13
CON 14
INT 12
WIS 17

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

What is the better tradeoff? Heresy Inquisition or Tactics Subdomain?

Yeah I had no idea about it until Str Ranger suggested it. Not too shabby. It allows me to dump CHA as low as I can go with it & not suffer in essential skills.

For intimidate, I was going to take Str Ranger's suggestion & go with the Heresy Inquisition. This allows me to use my WIS instead of my CHA for Bluff & Intimidate checks

I will be playing a dwarven inquisitor in a new campaign coming up. Would this be a good stat spread for a 15 point buy?

I will be going with the Devestator type per the Bodhi guide.

So this is what I came up with for a stat spread

Race: Dwarf

STR 16
DEX 12
CON 14
INT 13
WIS 14
Total Points: 15

This is after racial mod

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Also, while I agree with you that the trade off of extra damage for extra AC is worth it. I may have to reconsider since I'm in a pirate themed campaign where I'll need to make swim checks. Shield will hamper me in that way.

Grimm Sharpest wrote:

You can look at this avatar to see the full build.

You do have some choices to make.
Inquisitors have great skill selection but some have much larger effects in game.

For Instance INTIMIDATE should be a priority skill. Even for a 6Cha dwarf. It is skill a class skill and STERN GAZE quickly offsets the CHA penalty if you keep it maxed. Also works great with Blistering Invective and Instrument of Agony.

For a Tactics Domain Inquisitor that's awesome and makes CORNUGON SMASH an awesome feat.
You get a free Intimidate check for shaken (sickened as well with a CRUEL weapon)

Acrobatics can be an awesome skill to tumble through enemy squares, but relies on Mithral Breastplate to still have a decent AC. An OK option if you aren't interested in a shield.

My build GRIMM didn't care cause he wore Mithral Breastplate with a Armored Kilt (+7AC) and stayed next to our Tower Shield Fighter (using shieldwall teamwork feat) and would fight with a Warhammer and Large Shield for Nice tanky AC. One of the areas Bodhi and I disagree is I feel a 1h+shield Inquisitor is very optimal since MOST of an Inquisitors damage comes from static bonuses like Judgement and Bane and DIVINE FAVOR. As a D8 HD char I am more than happy to trade an extra 5 points of Damage (2h+power attack vs 1h+power attack) for an extra +4AC (Large shield and shieldwall)

Diplomacy is great (especially if you learn the spell HONEYED Tongue or take the HERASEY INQUISITION instead of a domain)

Stealth is also awesome, (even with med armor) since Invisibility is a huge Buff but not a guarantee. A if you have a good sneak in the party (like and Urban Ranger. We did) You can use the STEALTH SYNERGY teamwork feat and save casting a valuable spell.

I love the WITCH HUNTER archetype for the Dwarf Inquisitor since it gets your saves vs magic to crazy high levels and adds wis to spellcraft checks. On such a char SPELLCRAFT needs to be maxed.

Profession:Alchemy is the single best profession in the game since it lets you make a TON of...

Thanks Grimm for the suggestions! I appreciate it!

Str Ranger when you had that build. What skills did you invest in?

I'm going to be playing a dwarven inquisitor wielding a dwarven LongHammer. Any recommendations would be appreciated! Thanks!

I like the LongHammer idea. Thanks for the tip!

I'm sure intimidate as well. What about Bluff or Diplomacy?

So what skills should I max out for an inquisitor in a pirate themed campaign?

The Dorn-Derger is cool, but I would have to go down the 2WF route. I'd like to stick with the 2H style. The Dwarven LongHammer & LongAxe are interesting choices. Let me ask you guys this. In a pirate themed campaign, what would be more optimal? A weapon that crits more or a weapon w/ reach?

I was actually thinking since I'm playing a dwarven Inquisitor. I thought maybe the perfect persona might be the Yosemite Sam one.

ezrider23 wrote:
Count Duck wrote:
Falchion is my vote. Damage comes from strenght. Those criticals are really nice with improved critical.
Nodachi might be a little better. 1d10 p/s 2-hander with brace and 18-20/x2 crit range. A tab better at the high end for damage average damage may come out the same or better for the Falchion. I'm no mathy guy.

That was my thought as well in terms of the Nodachi. It has the same crit range as a falchion, except it does 1d10 instead of 2d4.

The bardiche came to mind in terms of the reach. I wasn't sure how valuable reach was in a pirate campaign setting. And the crit range is viable, 19-20 to start & with either keen or improved crit feat it increases to 17-20. The boarding pike looked interesting but it's crit range & damage output is lower than the bardiche.

Spiked chain is interesting, but I don't really have an interest in disarming or tripping. But thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it!

In a pirate campaign, which 2H weapon would you say would be best to use. Right now the best choices that I see are the greatsword, falchion, nodachi, bardiche, & heavy flail.

I'd ultimately like to use the nodachi, but how do I fit that kind of weapon that originates from the Far East?

Is there a way to use your firearm as a vessel & cast ranged touch attack spells through that?

I believe all PF books are allowed. I'm looking for melee. Besmara not a must, but from what I understand it makes the most sense for this campaign

What feat or item might accomplish this?

I have a question. I noticed in the ARG that dwarves have a racial trait called Saltbeard, but this replaces Hatred, Stonecutting, & Defensive Training. Is this a worthy trade off in a pirate campaign?

Great point! choices are getting tougher...

Tactics is also interesting as well, especially the Weapon Master Domain Power

Pirate, yes. There have been a number of people that have said in the Skulls & Shackles game that the Inquisitor of Besmara would thematically be fitting.

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