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Shackled City Hardcover/Curse of the Crimson Throne Sharn Conversion Mash-Up
(AKA - GOD_Wyntr is insane)

Spoilers abound - plus some spoilers for Kingmaker! You have been warned!

Very much a work in progress (and a wall of text)... ;)


The idea was that Cauldron would become Sharn (since my players want to do a game in Sharn. Then I decided that part of the ritual of planar binding (not sure if that was what it was called) will sever the manifest zone to Syrania and replace it with a manifest zone to whatever I decided replaces Carceri. Since the manifest zone (and the properties it brings) to Syrania is critical to much of the construction of Sharn, this would be very bad and the city would be pretty much destroyed even without the volcano going off...

Adimarchus Backstory:

I was going to keep Adimarchus as a fallen angel and have him be in Shavarath, where Graz'zt would stay as a demon lord and his main nemesis. But then I decided I wanted to save using a fiend as an opponent for a later campaign that could deal with the Lords of Dust and Overlords - I didn't really like using Shavarath since it messed with the assumption that Adimarchus was cut off from redemption and couldn't join up with an army of good.

So I decided that Adimarchus would instead become a faerie lord (I blame Orthos - his excellent threads on his Kingmaker game inspired me). And Graz'zt would become a faerie as well, so Occipitus would become a unique area of Thelanis. Since Adimarchus was now a faerie, I decided that he had fallen in love with Nidrama an angel of Syrania when the faerie realm and the angelic host were cooperating to fight a common enemy in the past. They consummated their love in the knowledge that they would most likely never see each other again due to their differing obligations.

Adimarchus believed that he would be content without further physical contact, but he found himself utterly lost in his love for the fair angel. This distraction caused his court to begin questioning him; their concerns eventually reached the ears of the faerie royalty, who decided to test Adimarchus' loyalty by allowing him to learn that his affair with the angel had created a child named Athux. Adimarchus, driven into a frenzy by this discovery and goaded by Graz'zt, went to war with Syrania to reclaim his love and his child. He was succeeded, with the unforeseen side effect of causing a portion of Syrania to be drawn back into his realm in Thelanis when his force retreated with Nidrama and Athux.

This caused a massive diplomatic breach between the leadership of the two planes; with Graz'zt's manuevering and Adimarchus' fervant devotion, the royal court of Thelanis decided that Nidrama had to be returned to Syrania to face their justice. During the negotiations on this issue, agents of Graz'zt convinced Athux that he was the source of the argument and that if he went off on his own, Adimarchus would be spared having to foolishly defy the faerie courts, so Athux snuck off and was ferried to Eberron (where he would eventually discover his father's fate at this treachery and become a Cagewright who intends to free his father? This is still a work in progress).

When Nidrama was returned to Syrania, the elders of the heavenly host determined to punish her by exiling her to Sharn to guard the manifest zone there (and to ensure no threats arose nearby that could threaten her home plane). This was viewed as a merciful punishment since she could one day be allowed to reenter Syrania; she could have been turned into a radiant idol.

Adimarchus was tricked into believing Athux had been sent to a prison in either Dolurrh, the realm of the dead, and went to exchange his freedom for his son's. When Adimarchus realized that the events leading up to this exchange (his love for Nidrama, her pregnancy, and Athux's capture) was orchestrated by his rival Graz'zt, it started to slowly drive the former faerie lord to madness, a madness that would infect his plana prison (a planar pocket known as Skullrot) and that could leak out into the wider world through Dal'Quor, the plane of dreams.

The Cagewrights will have more ties to the Greensingers, Thelanis, and the Twilight Demesne in the Eldeen Reaches, though I haven't worked out the details.

Embril becomes Ythana (something or other - away from my notes), the corrupt Arch-hierophant of the Church of the Silver Flame in Sharn (see Sharn: City of Towers). Ike Iverson is being manipulated by her and does not realize that she is evil - she will lead him to believe that the PCs are working against the church in Sharn. I haven't decided what to do with the rakshasa (a member of the Lords of Dust, I believe) who was manipulating her in Sharn: City of Towers.

The Church of St. Cuthbert will become the main temple of Dol Arrah detailed in Sharn: City of Towers, with Jenya becoming the high priestess. Sarcem becomes the head of the larger Church of the Sovereign Host detailed in Sharn: City of Towers, with Jenya still reporting to him as her superior.


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The Problem of Ghosts Attached to Party Members
You know the worst part is if it becomes part of the morning routine. Wake up, brush teeth smite undead horror, eat breakfast.

IC Horror of Anatonize Feat Courtesy of Mikaze

I try not to think about that night.

We were hired to defend this small village on the border from this warlord that had been tearing across human and orc territory alike. We were expecting trouble, eventually, but we had handled petty orc warlords before.

The villagers were as ready as they could be as well. They had lived their entire lives near the border, they knew the risks. And they did everything we suggested to bolster their defenses.

But then they actually came. Everything went to hell.

These hulking brutes just stomped forth out of the night, shouting vile insults and horrific threats. They made no attempt to hide themselves. They practically announced their presense.

We might have actually been able to halt their advance, but the villagers...gods.

They started to run towards the buildings we had prepared as shelter. But as they ran, as they heard the calls of those orcs....I swear most of them were half-orcs...they stopped in their tracks. Men. Women. Children. The old. They all just turned around and charged towards their own deaths.

Most of them didn't have any weapons. Those that did were hardly of any real quality. But still they turned and charged right into the midst of the enemy to be cut down.

There was an old woman...I never even learned her name....she always seemed to be bringing us food and thanking us for our work. So sweet natured and I never learned her name. I remember calling out to her to run towards safety. She just turned and ran into some orc's axe.

Faris, our mage....he couldn't do anything. Everything he had planned fell apart in an instant when the villagers ran into the orcs' midst. Almost everything he could have done would have killed the people were were there to protect. So he ran.

He didn't get very far. An orc stepped out from behind a house, holding a struggling child in one arm. The brute shouted that he would use Faris' skull as a bowl.

Faris seemed as if he was about to torch the orc right then and there. I saw him glance at the child. He just charged. Faris was a good man...he deserved better.

It all happened so fast...we began to pull back. It wasn't a fight to protect the village anymore. We were all just running, to save as many lives as we could. I was carrying a man I had to knock unconcious to keep him from running towards his own death. He had been weeping, screaming for the wife and children cut down before his own eyes.

I ran past Phaera. She was kneeling over Revik, trying to stop his bleeding. The man was dying, but she had never been one to leave behind those in need. A more loving soul I had never known. She was practically her goddess made flesh by my account.

She was just about to whisper her prayers when one of the bastards called out to her, laughing at her attempts and promising as painful a death as those we had witnessed in the dozens already that hour.

I screamed at her to cover her ears. To run with me.

I don't know if it was fear or rage in her eyes as she stood and ran to her death.

I try not to think about it.

I hear the war's getting closer still. I really thought things would turn around once we started making those muffling helmets for our soldiers. That brought new problems all on its own, but then the bastards learned how to use body and sign language.

Wizards're saying that whatever is happening, it isn't magic. People are just going crazy whenever that horde shows up.

My advice? Keep moving west. Don't look back. Don't listen. Just keep running.

Me? I'm going to stay right here and drink myself blind and deaf. At least then...I might be able to die as myself.

Can Elves Move Their Ears and the Story of Earastasia


cmastah wrote:
RainyDayNinja wrote:
Expletive wrote:
Can they? Is it a rare vestigial ability like it is in humans? If it isn't possible through conscious effort, what about reflexive? If you were to jump out and shout 'Boo' at an elf would their ears move in surprise? If it is possible with conscious effort, could an Elven bard use Perform (Percussion) with chimes/bells/etc. attached to their ears?
I'm not sure which is scarier: the idea that this is a key component to some power-gamer build, or that this is a key component to your elaborate character backstory.
The kingdom of Elfinheim was once ruled by a benevolent and highly misunderstood family called the Romanovs, at a time of political upheavals and during one particularly nasty rebellion, most of the royal family were killed off. The rule came down to the sole heiress who was smart enough to have many body doubles of herself positioned around the country. The family were renowned for their unique genetic makeup that allowed them to wiggle their ears. The sole heiress Earastasia at some point saw a singing minstrel from afar, hearing his beautiful song, she chose to go near him within the royal gardens that was outlined by a steel fence. The people who passed around the gardens paid no heed, for even though they hated the royal family, they had no way of knowing that this was the true Earastasia. The young Queen neared the singing minstrel until she lay herself upon a chair beside him. Upon him turning to look upon her, the young and innocent Earastasia who didn't understand her desires blushed and unknowingly and instinctively wiggled her ears. The onlookers saw her ears move and immediately burst into a murderous frenzy, screaming for her death. The poor and bewildered girl, in a fright, ran off, escorted by guards who immediately came to her rescue. She has fled the country and had to learn to protect herself. The innocent flower bloomed into a thorny rose whose first contact with love took her forever from her home and position. Her ears wiggle no longer for love but for sadness.