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So, I have an order that I need help with after a bank card was stolen. I sent an email into customer service stating the problem.

While researching it myself, I figured I could potentially proactively help myself by removing the stolen payment method. Low and behold, there currently isn't a way for me to delete old payment methods. Heck, it has two cards from years ago.

So, then I figured I'd post in the customer services forums to see if maybe I'm missing something. That's when I noticed I can't even make a post in the customer service forums.

Does anyone have suggestions, or in other words, what do?

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I need to cancel my Pathfinder battles subscription. I have been furloughed for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19

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Hey, I have two pending orders and just curious when those are going to ship out. One is listed as complete and the other is listed as pending.

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Hello, I'm looking to order the new Kingmaker fig set. I want to add the case incentives but don't have a way to add it. I checked out the threads and I see a lot of responses to subscribers, but wanted to know what I can do or how I can ensure that those case incentives make it to me.

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D@rK-SePHiRoTH- wrote:

I can make it even better

Differentiate the two actions by renaming one into Minor Action, and put multiple attacks into the main one

Call the minor action a swift action, maybe the joined two multiple attack action a full round action, and two separate actions a move and standard action?

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So, after reading the rules, my group has chosen not to participate in the play test.

The change to the action system, the way skills are being handled, and the way races have been modified have contributed to this choice.

If the lore is well done, we might buy some books to intigrate with our ongoing 1st edition game.

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Hey, just a quick question. Is there any chance that you'll be publishing an anniversary edition using the 1st ed rule set?

I'm not going to lie, I will buy it only if it's first edition. I'm not currently interested in the second edition system.

If anyone else is reading this, you can start your flame war below.

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Kileanna wrote:

Very cool!

I'm planning to start drawing commissions, too, but I don't know if I'll have clients, though.

Talon74, your renders are pretty cool! I love how your characters look!

Awesome! Be sure to post when you start accepting commissions. I generally try to get one done per character.

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I have a character that I had commissioned and then printed a custom mini of. I played him in Pathfinder society and Legacy of Fire simultaneously. He's a rogue/duelist before the dervish dancer archetypes came out.

Atash artwork

Atash Figurine creation site

Atash Printed cast of Atash

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Gleaming Terrier wrote:

Wraithkin, I hope you're not posting this from a job site right now. I work in PSAV HR. :D

But seriously, as someone who does work at the company, this is a pretty sweet offer. ICC isn't a PSAV location, so an independent AV tech vetting things is a nice ace in the hole.

I wasn't at the time. I am now however. =D on lunch break on my personal computer. I'm the Video Tech Specialist of Southern California. What area are you in?

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TetsujinOni wrote:

but I'll definitely make sure the HQ Planning team knows to poke into this thread and to get in touch with you.

So, I've booked my time off around shows and figured it was time to cast raise thread. The last three years I've been your informal assist on all matters AV. I handle some of the issues you've had with connecting to the laptop and done some basic EQ on your sound system. If you are starting to look at getting a quote from a company, I do not mind reviewing their quote to provide you with some insight to cost vs performance.

My full time job is literally just running shows, from design, to load in, operations, and strike. My company is a number of hotels around the area and I'm not trying to be a shill, just ensure that we have a solid experience that isn't detracted from by your sound and video.

I can provide you with my personal or professional email and am passionate about AV.

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Crowface wrote:

I don't know much about audio but if I had to guess the microphones used during the Specials for announcements were unidirectional and the HQ staff could use some coaching and practice in using those. People kept telling them to speak louder, speak softer, etc. when it's really more about pointing it at their mouths properly.

That said I appreciate everyone's efforts and had a great time.

Sure SM58, Unidirectional, basically, the industry standard.

3 JBL line array cabinets on sticks floor mounted under soffits, placed roughly at head height was honestly the issue, though projection by the individual speaking didn't help. I literally do this stuff 5-7 days a week.

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Hello, not sure who I should be bringing this up to, however, I am an audio visual professional by trade. My company is PSAV, a transnational audio visual provider. I am currently a video engineer but have also done sales and management roles within my company. I specialize in corporate events from 30-5000 people. Most of my work is in convention centers and hotels and so I understand all of the associated costs and problems. I help pitch events, put them into the order system, and negotiate pricing. From there I pull the equipment from our warehouse, deliver it, set it up, and then operate it.

So, the meat of this post. I'd like to offer my assistance in a more professional capacity than running up to troubleshoot the issues. The audio system they gave you this year was 3 JBL single cabinets from a line array, put on sticks with subs. The subs were unnecessary, the speakers poorly placed and inadequate to cover the room. They didn't have the height to fill the room and instead blasted the people closest to them. Those people as a result rotated them to face the wall, creating slap back. The projectors were barely passable in their lumen output, it would have also helped to either ring the room or have delays set up.

Finally, during the special, it might also help to have a couple headsets, either radios or ClearCom systems set up to facilitate communications.

I'm willing to aid in the quote process, operation, execution, and if required, might be able to source the gear and do the show load in. Please contact me.

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Joseph Kellogg wrote:
Since they are based on the number of skill ranks (which is to say, as the result of extensive training), I would say Ex.

I would love EX, and Mark Seifter said he would lean EX, but I would like an answer for PFS if possible.

Mark Seifter wrote:
No reason they wouldn't be Ex. You're just that awesome at Sense Motive that you can figure out what they're thinking through deduction. It's elementary, my dear rogue!

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Some skills (Bluff rank 20, Handle Animal 15, Sense Motive 10) offer abilities that read "as spell X". Without any further text on the Skill Unlocks as a whole, or within the specific skills, are these abilities SP, SU, or EX?

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Imbicatus wrote:
Wraithkin wrote:
Question on Sense Motive, the rank 10 says as Detect Thoughts, since it doesn't state how it functions, is it SP?
I'd make them all EX. They are not that powerful and shouldn't stop working in no-magic zones as they are skills, not spells.

I would prefer Ex being a long time rogue player. But I might have to bring this up over in PFS for the ruling there unless someone read/saw something I missed.

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Question on Sense Motive, the rank 10 says as Detect Thoughts, since it doesn't state how it functions, is it SP?

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Congratulations to you both. I'm really happy to see you two get some recognition with all the work you do in your region and the fun times that seem to follow you.

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Hey guys! It's been a long time coming and you completely deserve it! Congratulations and I'll be around killing people for you on command.

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Undone wrote:
Also just as a note I don't care about this specific session. It's of little/no concern to me. What I care about is the broader implications of this. If you can do this so can I, and I will, on both sides of the screen.

Good news, I wasn't actually at any point addressing you. I'm also not the GM that ran this game.

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Jessex wrote:

Wasn't the Paizo response based on the premise that the party specifically requested that the scenario be run on "hard?" Did the party in question not walk into the encounter prepped to the gills, including with meta knowledge (I believe the comment was that 4 of the 6 players had run the scenario prior to playing it).

Although I do see some problems with casting Limited Wish to cast Simulcram. By the strict wording of Limited Wish it says it duplicates the spell which would seem to include the 12 hour casting time and the powdered ruby material component neither of which the caster in question has available.

We asked for High Level play, we did a blind vote by level and a simple yes/no for hard mode. We all, without discussing, decided high level/hard mode.

We did prepare to the gills, with 4 of us having either played it or run previously. This did include summoning a movanic deva, who remained for the duration of the scenario.

Players did die, but then were brought back with 5 prestige for body recovery and then the application of blood money. The high cost was going into the scenario, not the cost to recover and resurrect people. The GM allowed some pretty cheesy stuff to undo the deaths.

The players were all addressed before the game and the difficulty was discussed. The player who is now posting upset on these boards and his wife even joked multiple times that they expected to die and they "brought characters they really didn't care about".

If Big T would like to discuss this with any of us, he's more than welcome to. So far, the only person I've directly heard from having a problem with this game is you. And the only way I've heard how big an issue is you posting to this thread.

The game I was invited to was, "Waking Rune, Hard Mode". That was how it was phrased when I was invited by the other players, that is how it was presented before we rolled dice and, surprise surprise, that is what we got. We had a crazy buff list. We summoned a deva. We asked for a challenge and we received one.

I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy the game that we requested. We asked exactly for what we got. I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to get out of this exercise. You might try sitting down, in person, and talking to the entire group involved to resolve this issue. Just a suggestion.

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Acedio wrote:
What was planned for Krune?

I wasn't the GM, but man... it was really really bad.

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Undone wrote:
I'd also like to point out that he cannot duplicate simulacrum because it is not a non-wizard spell of that level. Being on another spell list does not make it a non-wizard spell.

Now you're arguing semantics, you can request a FAQ if you'd like clarification. My point is the boards judges can argue this to death. Refer to your local VO's for their resolution to this situation, in this case it's pretty obvious.

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Undone wrote:

Everyone makes mistakes. Some devs even thought monks could only flurry while using two or more weapons. Not to name names.

"A limited wish lets you create nearly any type of effect. For example, a limited wish can do any of the following things. "

You are duplicating the effect of the spell, not the spell.

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joe kirner wrote:

Also a save is allowed vs 7th lvl spell.

creature will have half its lvls, abilities etc as outlined in the spell.

The spell has no saving throw, nor does it have SR, it's treated effectively like a golem. The creature was stated out to be half of the original as per the spell.

Undone wrote:
It's extremely unlikely she ever encountered one and the knowledge check should be at least 20+ HD if not 25+ HD. It's also not clear you can copy templates which should be even rarer.

"For particularly rare monsters, such as the tarrasque, the DC of this check equals 15 + the monster’s CR or more."

The "or more" is GM discretion and the tarrasque is literally unique creature. The Spellbane Bandersnatch is a variant, not a template.

LazarX wrote:
When spells are on multiple lists, if you're not one of those classes who actually owns the lower level list, you have to use the higher one. If you're emulating spells you use the wizard/cleric list before all others. unless the spell you're using is not found on those two lists.

This is for players in regards to wands, scrolls, and potions. The spell limited wish specifically calls out “Duplicate any non-sorcerer/wizard spell of 5th level or lower, provided the spell does not belong to one of your opposition schools.”

David_Bross wrote:
All scenarios are to be run as written. If they intended to have a simulacrum in the first encounter it would have been there. It is a 12 hour cast time.

Limited wish is a standard action, it only duplicates the effects of a spell, not the casting time. She has limited wish and it is in her stat block to use her spells to the best of her ability. Therefore, it was run as written.

For a little more backround, the GM in question actually opened up with the disclaimer from Bonekeep 3. Two venture officers were present at the table and the tactic used was something one of the venture officers came up with.

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But isn't pesh legal in PFS? It's in adventurers armory as legal, it's a spell reagent that is legal... multiple sources and multiple ways.

Further, we can rob, steal, murder, commit arson... I mean, the list of criminal activities that Pathfinders engage in on a regular basis is ludicrous. Flayleaf and pesh should be the least of their concerns.

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Standing in front of you is a gnome and the first thing you notice is he is FAT. Not a little fat, not a belly, but skin folds of his stomach hanging over his belt nearly touching his knees. The skin on his arm waddles a little, reminiscent of patagium. Tattoo'ed in gangster style across his shoulder blades is "SCZARNI LIFE" His bright red hair is spiked high, his eyebrows scorched off. He is wearing no shirt nor shoes, but instead ragged and charcoal marked trousers. Two gems, blue and black are shoved in his belly button. He is currently wearing (looks at character sheet) 6,273 gold worth of jewelry.

"I'm Tinderknot Ignatious Devendander the first, and I'm the strength of the Sczarni b***h!" (I use the voice from Willow, the guy at the beginning who says, "All the power in the universe is located in which finger?")

This is a typical introduction to any of my characters. If they ask class, I respond, "I'm an enforcer for the Scarzni. Muscle, you know, a thug."

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Does anyone know why this is banned? Is there a way to appeal? Honestly, I'm looking at all the pesh feats. Pesh Euphoria, Rejuvenation, Healing, and Sahir-Afiyun.

I have a really cool concept and I can get it to work without this feat, however, the feat itself really makes the character much more interesting and convincing.

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The Genie wrote:

Honestly Drow is an interesting race because I like playing against the grain myself. Like a Scholarly Centaur (Chiron style) or a Chaotic Neutral Drow who doesn't automatically wanna enslave the universe. Being handcuffed to a style of personality based off race is well.. Racist to be honest.


Humans can run the gambit from good and wholesome to utterly evil. Yet everyone says Drow are wholesale evil or else they are killed. Well what if one survived an attempt as assassination. A discarded newborn thought to be left to the spiders being found and taken away to be raised as a Drow who hates other drows or just hates evil in general due to a personal vendetta. Not a good motivation but hating evil is common.


For myself at least, why can't that centaur be a kellid barbarian scholar who has left behind the tribal life? Why is it a drow and not just an elf who has forsaken his familial ties?

I have had too many players want to the play that super rare one in a million exception to the rule. When I was much younger I even allowed it. I then found that it created a scenario where that one person was super happy and having fun while the other players grew to resent the character.
Later, I tried to allow all options. I let one person play the Noble Drow who has seen the light of the sun and turned around, then the next player played the redeemed succubus, and finally the third player wants to played the lycanthrope who has fallen in love with a vampire and had a baby.

While this isn't a bad thing, it's not quite designed for the world of Golarion as currently written. Racism abounds and often times for good reason. Alignment is a thing that exists and often creatures are tied to their alignment in ways that supersede things like free will. This results in certain facts that create multiple racist cultures and other social issues related to race.

I hope that clears up some of the none mechanical reasons that some people will not allow drow.

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The Genie wrote:

Ok which one is it.

Either they are killed on sight for being a drow.
They dont know what a drow is and thus wouldnt randomly kill them.

In my campaign in the Golarion setting:

DC somewhere probably in the 30 range assuming the following:

You can use this skill to identify monsters and their special powers or vulnerabilities. In general, the DC of such a check equals 10 + the monster's CR. For common monsters, such as goblins, the DC of this check equals 5 + the monster's CR. For particularly rare monsters, such as the tarrasque, the DC of this check equals 15 + the monster's CR, or more.

If a creature can identify you they might very well kill you on sight unless their goals, according to the stereotypes, align with yours. Some creatures would be willing to give you the benefit of doubt and allow you to prove your worth, value, and intent. That said, they would probably always be wary of you, expecting the typical behavior to eventually surface.

Finally, rumors would eventually reach the Lantern Bearers and they would send out ever increasing squads to eradicate you.

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The Genie wrote:

Title pretty much sums up my question. Why do people freak out when you mention Drow Noble.

People mention in a lot of threads their Spell-Like Abilities, but you can gain them through feats. Their Stat adjust is not all that powerful unless you got dang lucky on a roll or are using an insanely high Point Buy.

And to be honest I have both played as a Drow Noble (Gunslinger Pistolero/Mysterious Stranger before Errata) and while I did very good damage I didn't OP the game and make everyone else useless. And I have played DM to a Drow Noble Ranger and a Drow Noble Rogue in the same game. They where a little difficult to adjust to at first but quickly fell into line. (Pretty new at the DM thing when this happened)

Humans get a free bonus feat, which they can take to start lines of feats far earlier then the rest of the party. If one argument that is common is true, Feats are a precious resource. You can spend class level feats to gain racial aspects via race feats, and magical items boost ability scores but being able to throw on that second or third feat at level 1 seems pretty darn powerful. So why does no one say Humans are OP?

I feel like quoting Joker from The Dark Knight movie but I would butcher the lines, but he mentions it pretty well about if things go according to plan no one freaks out, but the moment you throw a little chaos in, a little thing that was not expected or known people freak out. I feel this applies to this. We all know Humans, they are common and we have all played or seen them played so they don't freak us out. But Drows for a long time where a monster race pure and simple, now we have the CR 1/3 (Same as humans btw) Drow and even then I hear people complaining about how powerful they are. Now throw in their CR 1 Big Brother the Noble Drow and all heck breaks loose.

So why is that?
Why do people freak if they see a person sit down and show their Drow Noble Swashbuckler or Fighter or Bard, Etc character sheet?

The first problem is the stat array.

+4 Dex, +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma, -2 Constitution.

This is +6 above most races, +4 above Asimar which many people already consider very powerful.

Second, SR as a base ability without having to give anything up is something that is not a common racial trait. While it can be very bad when someone tries to heal you, it's also extremely powerful.

Third, detect magic as a constant is also very powerful. They have a very impressive list of spells they can cast at will in addition to multiple once a day spells. Most races are lucky to have a single once a day spell, let alone multiple at will and once a day spells. Most player races don't end up with a constant spell.

Drow nobles also have Poison Use, normally a class ability.

Even Jason Buhlman stated that Drow nobles should be one level lower than characters of standard races due to any number of these benefits.

Just using the Drow feat chain from advanced Class Guide instead of the bestiary entry, it's still a fairly powerful race.

These following two statements are from the Advanced Race Guide. Further, this is specifically about regular drow.

"Drow seldom make themselves known to surface
folk, preferring to remain legends while advancing their
sinister agendas through proxies and agents"

"Drow have a strong sense of racial superiority
and divide non-drow into two groups: slaves, and those
that are not yet slaves."

This is a section devoted to how the surface dwelling elves feel about the drow from pathfinderwiki (sources are referenced there).

"The Lantern Bearers are a secret elven organization founded after their return to Golarion from the refuge in Sovyrian in 2632 AR.[1][2] They describe their aim as “To be a light against the coming darkness”, but their goals are far more prosaic: the containment and eradication of their people's most shameful secret: the existence of the drow.[2]"

At least for me there is one further factor; An over saturation of a certain drow who popularized the concept of a good surface dwelling drow.

So to summarize, if a player comes to me and asks to play a drow, let alone a noble drow, there is a whole check list I'm going over in my head. Is this game on the surface? Are drow active in the region on the surface. How many noble drow are in the area. How many of these would venture to the surface. How is it possible that a single lone drow could have escaped indoctrination, made it to the surface and not have been killed on sight.

*edit: There is also one more thing on the checklist, how much is this an attempt to Munchkin

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Eltacolibre wrote:
It pretty much didn't change since the revised playtest, so nobody is wondering about the devs intent.

In the revised playtest, it didn't have dexterity to damage. It was originally a way to use non-swashbuckler weapons as a swashbuckler but people weren't using it enough. When they revised it, they also rephrased it so it required a one-handed slashing weapon.

The playtest text said, "When wielding your chosen weapon one handed, you can treat it as a one-handed piercing weapon for all feats and class abilities that require such a weapon (such as a swashbuckler's precise strike). The weapon must be one for your size."

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Bigtuna wrote:

Advanced Class Guide...

Make my work easier - post the X to Y's in here..

Slashing Grace

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1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Am I incorrect in the fact that this hasn't been asked to have a FAQ, if so, is there somewhere I can go to flag it for a FAQ where it would do more good?

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60 people marked this as FAQ candidate. Answered in the errata. 2 people marked this as a favorite.

I don't know if this has already been addressed but I'd like either a FAQ or clarification if possible.

Slashing grace has been clarified by the masses to only include weapons in the one-hand category due to how it is written. I'd love to find out if the developers meant for it to be this way or if they meant any weapon wielded in one hand.

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RumpinRufus wrote:
Arksangiel wrote:
'cause the question was about combining slashing grace with weapon finesse as not a swashbuckler. scorpion whip was the only way I found.
Scorpion whip is a light weapon, so you can't use it with Slashing Grace.

Just use a regular whip. It's slashing and one-handed. Or a sword cane.

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alisdair smith wrote:

the main negative I can see is that it does a good job of ensuring you cannot use it two handed 'in a pinch' as if you're a dex based character (mine is..) you'll be unable to benefit from even using dex to hit anymore.

currently he has a longsword and piranha strike along with weapon focus, extra panache, combat reflexes and slashing grace.

FYI, he's actually got a number of wizard levels and in his first fight (where he was solo) he managed to survive and win against 4 enemies with about 50hp each and 3 attacks each, wasn't allowed to buff before fight as he got ambushed, but using haste, mirror image and heroism with the above seemed to work pretty well

Piranha Strike doesn't work with a long sword. It must be a light weapon for it to function.

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You should stop arguing about stuff and go read how awesome San Diego GM's and VL's are. Just a note.

So go say congratulations.

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Eric Brittain wrote:

Please join me in welcoming Sean Ennis as the newest venture lieutenant of San Diego, CA.

Sean has been a pillar of the local gaming community who has stepped up to help out with coordinating, judging, and being a general all around good guy.

While he may have large shoes to fill, I feel he is certainly up to the challenge.

Holy crap, seriously San Diego, I feel bad having to bump so many threads about how much better our region is than any other. I mean, seriously. It's the best, but we shouldn't have to make other regions feel inferior just because they are.

Gratz Sean.

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Eric Brittain wrote:

It is my pleasure to announce Chris Fuller's elevation to a 5-star GM.

Chris is an incredible judge, story teller, and pillar of the local San Diego gaming community.

He is part of a core group that makes the gaming experience in San Diego better for all the members of the community.

If you get the chance to play at one of his tables take it.

Please join me in congratulation him on his latest achievement!

Oh look, another 5 star San Diego GM. What the hell.

All hail the Cubit Zarcoiate Sage.

Shadow Lodge for life.

This is supposed to be in white text but I can't figure it out. Boon 17 is the best boon ever written. Obtain it however you can.

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Eric Brittain wrote:

It is my distinct pleasure to announce Joanna Gore's elevation to a 5-star GM.

Joanna is an absolute pillar of the local San Diego, CA gaming community. She is an incredible asset that coaches and mentors new judges as well as players, who also ignites the joy of the game in people who are lucky enough to sit at one of her tables.

She epitomizes what a pathfinder game master should be. She is a combination story teller, tactical force to be reckoned with, impartial arbiter, role player, and organizer with a vast and deep knowledge of the pathfinder rule set.

She is simply incredible.

Please join me in congratulating her on her latest achievement!

I'm late to the game, but this should move back to the top none the less.

Congratulations and amazing job! San Diego is the best, Joanna Gore is the best, Shoanti is best.

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Fomsie wrote:

Maybe you should say what exactly you are looking for instead of just a FAQ to interact with certain feats and abilities?

Also, if you have been told there is a FAQ covering whatever it is you are after, ask whomever told you that to produce it. Often there is a lot of misinformation in regards to what has been made a FAQ/Errata and what has been discussed on the forums.

If your search is to see if the Bardic Performance feats work with the Evangelist Sermon or the Sensei Advice, the Evangelist write up specifically states that it does while the Sensei states that it performs exactly as bardic performance.

Well, all right. Spellsong specifically calls out bard spells as being able to be masked and use rounds of bardic performance in place of concentration.

I've been told by a number of people in the PFS community there is a FAQ about the Advice and Sermonic Performance and how they interact with feats, but cannot find it in the regular FAQ section or the PFS FAQ section.

So I'm curious if this is something that has been adjudicated to allow cleric spells to be used in the spellsong feat for evangelists or if it as it stands RAW.

Shadow Lodge

It actually doesn't help me. I searched up there and again, my search skills seem a little lacking. I've been told there is a faq/errata on how the Sensei Monk Advice class feature and the Cleric Evangelist Sermonic Performance class feature interact with certain feats and abilities.

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I was so excited for this book because they'd finally give rogues some decent rogue talents for combat. I was disappointed. All the rogue talents are horrible in my opinion. This is coming from a rogue fan boy. Horrible. They shouldn't have even included rogues in this book they did so poorly with the thieves guilds and rogue talents. It was a waste.

Many of the rogue talents will never be usable more than 4 times a day. The acrobatic stunt is useless as previously described, improved uncanny dodge negating it. The climbing stunt is useless since there is a rogue talent both rogues and ninjas can get to obtain a climb speed. Disable Device stunt is hyper situational and simply using a golem bane scarab or adamatine is better. Escaping stunt could be situational useful if your saves and CMD are lower than your escape artist. However, since the first ability of this talent is in place of a reflex save, you can't use it when it might be most useful. Flying stunt is useless to me, though some might like it, because I already add Dexterity to damage and single stat can't stack. Rogue riding... sure, I guess they'll come up in specific games at specific times. Then you might find a way to force this to be a good talent. Slight of hand... so, it's based on a corner stone left to GM discretion and even then you'll have to be adjacent to a ranged character... and they have to threaten for this talent to be useful. It's in place of an attack of opportunity. And the stealth stunt is another forgo an attack of opportunity to make a situational blase call. Finally the swimming stunt. Useful when you and your opponent are swimming. And they breath air. And you can attack them. I hope that no one is using magic to keep breathing underwater. I know I kit out my characters to have the ability to and the GM's I run with often do the same if the creature isn't naturally able to breath underwater.

They really need to come out with some serious combat rogue talents. The fact this was touted and lauded as a combat book, this is shameful. I feel badly giving such negative feedback but I'm really sick of rogues getting screwed and was super excited for this book. Instead I'm very disappointed. A fighter gets a feat every level, a rogue basically gets a talent when a fighter would get a feat, but our talents are often worse than traits in my opinion.

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I'm trying to look at a couple builds to "babysit" new players in PFS. I'm looking specifically at building a buffer/healer and was trying to find the FAQ on the Evangelist/Sensei and how they interact with certain feats. Can anyone please direct me to the FAQ? I've searched and my google-fu appears to be weak.

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OTG Jasil wrote:
I was wondering if our early kickstarter pledges could now be upgraded to a higher tier (for example, upgrade from Pioneer to Alpha) and just pay the difference between tiers or do we need to buy another full package thus giving us another account in Pathfinder Online.

I was also wondering this. I did the Hellknights most wanted and was curious if I could upgrade by just paying the difference.

Also, for some odd reason, my pledges list that I have 20$ of credit left and I know I spent all my money during fulfillment of the kickstarter. Is there a way to verify what I have ordered and clear this up? Or can I get that as credit to spend?

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wakedown wrote:
Rynjin wrote:


There's a theory put forth that rogues don't do well in the skill game.

I'm absolutely willing to buy that rogues don't do well in the skill game, but I need examples and stories, not generalized talk.

What adventure? What level? What point buy? What was the GM's style? What did the rogue do, or not do?

*IF* the designers do something, they can trickle out rogue talents. Stories help inspire such things. A story like "Yeah, I heard on the forums that rogues are supposed to sneak ahead and scout rooms, and so I took my level 6 rogue and got into the room with the big bad wizard and tried to assassinate him... except, apparently the wizard had tremorsense and killed me instead, with a Hold Person spell. My Will save was +9 even!".

Hmmm... maybe a rogue talent that lets stealth fool tremorsense should be on the plate in an upcoming supplement... or a talent that allows two rolls for a Will save (hey, wait a second...)

I like my willful evasion concept. =P But I like your Tremorsense talent. Lightfeet - as long as a rogue is not more than lightly encumbered, when moving half speed he is not detectable to tremorsense or other methods of detecting someone through vibrations.

Though, that might be too lose of wording and people would try to abuse it for echolocation.

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wakedown wrote:
andreww wrote:
Nope because Rogues don't actually do that well in the skill game either.

Is this theory, or applied experience?

Because, in applied experience (150 gaming sessions in the past 9 months), I've been seeing rogues straight out own the skill game.

If applied experience, share stories! Pathfinder (and tabletop gaming) is about the stories!

Wraithkin - you play rogues more often than anyone should. You may even hold the record for Pathfinder sessions played as a rogue all-time. Is this your applied experience? They don't do well at the skill game? :)

(Yes, I'm evil. It's hard not to be when I have a pirate avatar)

I have to admit, I don't own skills all the time. When I play with that egyptian fellow, he has a character that has an INSANE perception. Then again, that's pretty much the only skill that character rolls. Billy Idol can kick my butt at knowledge rolls, of course he's using that one bardic performance.

I still have a great skill set and I use them on all sorts of characters. I don't overly focus generally, but when I've chosen to, my characters have excelled at skills I've focused on. I find myself with more skills that people overlook and are super useful in a pinch in addition to the run of the mill stuff and that has saved our butts more times than I can count. We're not always the highest on all the skills, but we have skills in spades and often more than enough to carry the table when we need a roll.

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Auris Deftfoot wrote:
Wraithkin wrote:

That said, you are a halfling are you not? Where do you hail from? Because depending on those factors... I could. OH SNAP!

Cheliax. Of course, once the boss sent me out of the country on business, I never went back. Now I'M the boss.

He started as Cheliax faction, and basically rebelled against the Paracountess from the inside. When I got his free rebuild switching over from 3.5, I realized sabotaging the prestige points was going to hurt him in the long run and had him escape to Andoran. Now he owns and operates his own caravan. :)

Phenominal. An escaped slave. *steeples fingertips*

No, seriously, I don't own it or anyone. I don't have slaver characters. Not even in the evil campaign. I just love me some rogue. They are the best class. Evah. Strictly mechanically speaking of course.

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Auris Deftfoot wrote:
Wraithkin wrote:
Yep. It is.
You don't own me! Cheliaxian!

Nah, nah bro, I don't own you. I own the class. I'm all up in it. People look at me and are like, "Damn, Wraithkin, you own that rogue class."

I'm all like, "Cool, cool."

That said, you are a halfling are you not? Where do you hail from? Because depending on those factors... I could. OH SNAP!