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I got my awesome Zombie Horde T-shirt yesterday and am proudly wearing it today. I actually have several zombie t-shirts, and this is one of my favorites.

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Pathfinder is a great new version of the rules you have been using for years.


Fighters have been beefed up, Ranger's animal companions aren't completely worthless, Rogues don't have to plink away with their un modified damage as the party faces yet another immune-to-sneak-attack beasty.

Pathfinder has addressed many of the biggest concerns with 3rd edition. Grapple is handled by easy to use mechanics. The XP sink of magic item creation has been eliminated. Level loss is a thing of the past, and good riddance to it.

Unfortunately the bar was set so high in Beta that when they toned things back for the final version some things feel like they don’t go quite far enough.

Over all this is an excellent rules set and I look forward to many years of future gaming with Pathfinder.