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Hey! Sorry if this is the wrong forum I wasn't quite sure. Anyways I noticed Chucaro's obedience didn't quite match her fluff.(btw thanks for her! I love the idea of a good hallucinating deity.)

Anyways her obedience is

Chronicles of the Righteous wrote:

Drape yourself in gauze and eat hallucinogenic mushrooms or fungi while meditating on the teachings

of Chucaro. Gain a +4 sacred bonus on saving throws
against poison.

While her fluff a paragraph down or so says

Chronicles of the Righteous wrote:
She frowns on those who use harsh drugs to induce visions at the cost of their physical health;Chucaro's agents strive to bring such broken individuals back to health and teach them to draw phantasmagoria from within rather than through the use of external implement

Again sorry if this is the wrong place but I was hoping we could get dev feedback to change either the fluff or the obedience. As it stands a cleric of chucaro who takes her obedience has to flout her rules and risk losing spells.

Does energy resistance "stack" when an attack is made of two different energy types? For instance plasma is fire/electricity. If someone has fire resist 10 and electric resist 10 do they effectively have plasma resist 20? I know it probably does work that way but strikes me as weird so I figured why not ask.