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Erik Mona wrote:
Samy wrote:
Well, if this product sells ten times the average Campaign Setting book, I'm sure we'll eventually get an Ultimate Technology.

Me too.

....Any chance of Unspeakable Futures? ;)

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James! Who initially designed the gunslinger? I think it was one of the more innovative things to come out of paizo and I think the whole grit thing really works with what it is trying to reproduce so I was just curious. Also who did summoner? It is one of my favorites because I always wanted to be able to play say a succubus as a PC and this gets me as close as anything.(even though I realize it is probably the class many are real disappointed with) Anyways I hope you find a bit of fun during your days. Good luck and thanks for being cool.

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James Jacobs wrote:
As for deities not caring... that's true for a couple of deities, mostly the Outer Gods like Azathoth and Yog-Sothoth, but the VAST MAJORITY of deities actually DO care about their worshipers
Something has been making me wonder for awhile now....Why do clerics of Outer Gods have to be within two steps of their deity? I imagine that mostly chaotic evil people would be inclined to worship them because why not go for a nicer god but I have trouble imagining why Azathoth for instance would deny a cleric spells if he shifted to neutral evil or whatever.

If i have understood JJs philosophy on how clerics ( should in his opinion ) work in Golarion is that they are drawn to a deity due to philosophy, dogma, brain washing, promise of power etc. So for these outer gods to care enough to give you their powers you have to be more or less fully dedicated to their philosophy or they basically dont think you are worthy of their attention.

So a evil cleric dedicated to the progression of evil wouldnt "go to a nicer god" because "nice" in this sense would mean a weaker deity in this clerics opinion.

I agree in most cases but this particular God has no real philosphy to speak of it seems. He is called the blind idiot god and may not even be aware of his own existence. That is the source of my confusion as to why the within a step of deities alignment rule would apply in this case. :)
Because the cleric's powers only work if the cleric is devout. It doesn't matter if the deity cares or even knows about the cleric. If the cleric isn't devout, the cleric doesn't get to do cleric things. And one big way the game measures if you're devout in this case is by alignment. If you're not the same alignment as your cleric, you're simply NOT as devout as you could or should be. If you're within 1 step, you're on the edge and are in danger of straying from the religion you purport to be a worshiper of, but...

Thanks James! That actually clears up a lot for me about how it works! I always assumed it was the God saying NO! but this makes sense of several questions I have had.

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Indivar wrote:
I plan on running this, and wanted to run Wrath of the Righteous but since it requires the Mythic rules I backed away. Pathfinder characters are already uber powerful to where we don't need more. If this AP uses mythics to where I need to purchase the rules for it (tired of reading more rules sets also; I just want to game), I will pass this by and continue waiting for a less polluted product to surface.

WOTR has suggestions for running the game at a non-mythic level. No need to be so unpleasant. :) Something isn't polluted just because it is not run at your preferred power level! That is a silly idea!