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I just ordered a non-mint Crypt of the Everflame as an experiment. I also added in Giants Revisited to fill a gap in my collection.

The US-UK postage was just over $6. By being a subscriber, I get discount on the two items of just over $6. (US Dollar rates)

The solution I can see is buy the core rulebook from Amazon and pay the $40-odd (no idea if this is USD or AUD in your example) and then order Crypt from Paizo. You should pay a similar rate to what I do in postage - I run an internet retail business and it costs me exactly the same to post an item to you in Australia as it would to send it to someone at Paizo on the West Coast of the US from where I am. If I was to send you a mug, say, weighing 400g (just under 1 pound, US posters) it would cost me £6.60 to both destinations.

The Core Rulebook weighs a ton though - that is what is hammering the postage for you.

I live in the West Midlands of the UK and there is an Amazon Warehouse the size of a small town about ten miles away. The bulk of the Amazon business allows them to offer postage discounts that the likes of Paizo cannot. However, being a subscriber gets you pretty much comparable rates, at least that seems to be my experience getting the products delivered to the UK.

Now if they could just avoid the pesky import taxes on the minis....

I started with Basic in 1984, and have played all the editions. However, I am thoroughly enjoying GMing Pathfinder and teaching my stepchildren the game.

We have done the first three books of Serpents Skull and are embarking on a conversion I did of City of the Spider Queen.

My current conversion project is World's Largest Dungeon but that is an epic amount of work - quite the re-write needed, as well as updating to PF.

happened to me too when ordering 8 AP volumes in the sale. Just kept going back and forward with refreshes and the order went fine. Took a couple of minutes longer, but no harm done as far as I could see.

Ordered the last eight books I needed to complete the gaps in second darkness and legacy of fire. Got back from holiday and there they were. Brilliant postage speed across the Atlantic and a VERY happy customer!

I am surprised that this has made so many posts, but I guess it is how you play the game and what gives you fun.

I am on holidays in lovely Scotland next week and the children are looking forward to a conversion of City of the Spider Queen that I have spent ages on.

The party is Rogue, Bard, Sorcerer, Ranger. The lowest stat is 8. The highest is 18, even at 10th level. Going to be great, and we will enjoy the play. If it is min=max then so be it. It doesn't stop the game being terrific.

I hear you there sunbeam - it also explains why the first campaign rule I have encountered a few times now is "no summoners"

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Curse of the Crimson Throne gets my vote. Yes, it needs conversion but it is a super-solid AP with a great mix of RP and combat and the NPCs are ACE.

Well the marilith in the original MM was fairly nipple-tastic 30 years plus ago


Good proficiencies so decent AC and you can have nice shiny things to hit foes with, plus flame strike fairly early on in the progression. Decent HP, channel is a pretty hot ability as well. And your party loves you for looking after them with channel and the usual cure spells.

What's not to like?


Good proficiencies so decent AC and you can have nice shiny things to hit foes with, plus flame strike fairly early on in the progression. Decent HP, channel is a pretty hot ability as well. And your party loves you for looking after them with channel and the usual cure spells.

What's not to like?

32. Accept - Fast as a shark. Still a great track.


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Best gigs


Slayer and Nuclear Assault on the South of Heaven tour 1988
Metallica on Damaged Justice two weeks later

both at Hammersmith Odeon, London

Iron Maiden I have seen too many times to remember!

Exodus on the Fabulous Disaster Tour
Nuclear Assault supported by Dark Angel
Kreator going out in support of Terrible Certainty

Definitely thinking about taking advantage of this to complete Legacy of Fire and Second Darkness at such a bargain price. The shelves will look nice without any of the gaps in the early numbering of the early adventure paths.

I may be missing something here.

As far as I can recall, even going back to Basic D&D the archetypal party was one tank, one arcane caster, one buffer / healing merchant, one sneaky type. Back then Fighter/ Magic User / Cleric / Thief. The difference today is there are so many other classes and alternatives to make up that classic four-man party. Each member is good at something different and the whole is greater than the sum of the four parts. This leads to good gameplay as each character has their moment in the sun

As has also been said, APs are designed for parties of four and fifteen point build. You can easily accommodate 20 point with very little adjustment. However, from what I can glean, the OP has a party of six and advanced races are allowed in the builds. This is bound to breeze through most APs as the party as a whole is overpowered for the adventure as written.

Player A has done nothing more than use an advanced race with high natural strength to create an excellent barbarian. Barbarians are high-strength, high-constitution hitting machines. Presumably the other places in the archetypal four man party have been taken up, and then the OP has come to design a character, and is finding that his tank isn't as good as the other tank in the party, meaning that his character has no chance to shine. That isn't the fault of the character design rules. It is the fault of the party make-up and the DM for allowing Advanced Races.

Out of interest the level of min/max really does depend on the adventure being run. Baal, taking your "mr joe average" that you seem to think all characters should be and running him through, say, Kingmaker, you could get away with it, probably fairly comfortably.

Take the same character and boost him to tenth level to take on a PF conversion of City of the Spider Queen and he is dying in Chahir's tomb before he even gets into the first dungeon proper.

cure / inflict light wounds
magic weapon
shield of faith

Lower level divine spells aren't really about blasting opponents to atoms as far as I can see, but more along the lines of protection / assisting the tanks. I don't think that is a bad thing. Divine and Arcane casters can do different jobs and don't need to be in balance spell-wise, especially as your friendly neighbourhood level one cleric can at least smack the kobold over the head with his mace and probably have AC to avoid injury.

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Well - I thank Baal as the starter of this magnum opus as it has brought a lot of interesting debate.

However, I really disagree with the anti min-maxing argument going on.

I played D&D as a kid (started in 1984 with Basic and progressed through AD&D to 2nd ed) and then got into 3rd ed later in life and became a collector rather than player. Recent years saw me discover Pathfinder and now I find myself as a GM to a game with a GM NPC, my soon to be wife and her two children who are first time role-players at the ages of 7 and 10.

Have I been so wrong as a GM to encourage these new players to indulge in a bit of min-maxing so that the the barbarian is good at what he is designed to do, as is the Elven Wizard? Especially, as I explained the dumped stats had meaning and asked the children to think about the meaning of being not so good at something and to try and play that part of their character as much as the things they are good at? They are playing a game. They are playing a role. If they are role-playing the good and the less-good aspects of their characters accurately and with a good back-story reason, aren't they doing exactly what the system (and pretty much every system since the woodgrain) is designed to do?

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A truly magnificent effort. Well done everyone that pledged. I am sure the product will be amazing, and wish I had been a financial position to get involved.

Extra congrats to Bill, Skeeter and everyone at Frog God in delivering this to market. Now a whole new generation of characters can die horribly.


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People worrying about extra content and so on are slightly missing the point I think. This is a celebration item, and very much a collector's piece.

This will see premium prices on Ebay very quickly, in the same way as the Real Leather Rappan Athuks will, and the level 7Bs that are only available through the Kickstarter will as well.

If I could afford it, I would be ordering it tomorrow, and it would have pride of place on the bookshelf for years to come. It would probably be an individually named legacy item in my will.

I have a lot of time for oracles. My last one in the SS campaign I ran with my partner's kids became an object of hilarity as he just had the worst die-roll luck in the history of PF. No critical fumble was unachievable for the guy.

Aside from that, human fighter - loving all those feats. Great stuff at low levels.