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Hey, where my dude be at?

Lore-muck wrote:
How many movies with Michael Keaton didn't get worse and worse?

Johnny Dangerously and Beetlejuice

Lore-muck wrote:
I know you only too well.

As do I

Heh... heh... heh... they think I'm CRAZY. But I know better. It is not *I* who am crazy. It is I who am MAD! Didn'tcha hear 'em? Didn'tcha see the CROWDS?

Moorluck wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
Moorluck wrote:
Patrick Curtin wrote:
taig wrote:

Oh, man. Sorry to hear that, Patrick. I hope you get a new job soon.

Thanks Taig. I'm sure something will show up.
Solnes and I could use a Nanny, we'll pick the kids up in around 15 years. ;)
Pffst! I finally see the light at the end of the child-rearing tunnel. Have fun, I did my time :P

It was worth a shot.;)

** spoiler omitted **

True dat bruther man!

Moorluck wrote:
Smvrf Jack wrote:
Hey, we beat Sebastian's cult in one day!
And it wasn't even difficult! :P

YAY! It's lots of fun spanking the pony!


YEAH! Lots of fun!

Cool! This is my kinda thread!

Wherz da


Aye YI!

flash_cxxi wrote:
Whoreluck wrote:
There changed it back :P
Yay!!! :D

You're my alibi if the PMG gets mad at the name Oz man :P

There changed it back :P

There we go. A bit subtler. Was also worried the name might offend our mighty drow master ..:P

I know right? I feel mildly dirty. And I'm worried about this avvy's name. Might be a bit risque once the PMG catches sight of it, but for some reason I can't get back into my account to change its name :(

Hey don't forget to throw some pepper in that sauce!

Lather me up babe!

Oh I likes it when you talk duurty to me wasp waist!

Yeah what the babe said.

Can I has (oYo)