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As advertised.
If your players misinterpret clues to a mystery do you do anything to correct them? Do you let them run with it and hope that they'll eventually figure it out? Do you tell them out of character what happened? Do you reiterate what they've already ignored? Do you laugh maniacally on this inside?

In my game a cultist was strangled by a skeleton when the cultist opened the sarcophagus. I clearly described that the strangulation marks were from skeletal hands, I said something along the lines of "you can tell he was killed by a skeleton based on the strangulation marks coming for a skeletal hand." But the player decided that didn't make sense because "the skeleton would've attacked with his sword" even after I reiterated it was a skeletal hand that strangled the cultist. Now the group is trying to figure out which hired henchman of the cult is a traitor. (Ultimately it shouldn't take anything in the wrong direction, but they're looking for something that doesn't exist due to an assumption made based on game mechanics rather than story.)

As the title says, what methods do you use?
Point buy (what value?) or rolling?
How many players do you typically have?
Does the GM make adjustments to the monsters to compensate? Do they add more enemies?
Are any classes restricted?
What about races?
Can the players create custom magic items? Can they stack two magical abilities onto one item?
Do you use any house rules/modified rules (eg: from Pathfinder Unchained)?

I assume it changes from AP to AP for people, but I'm curious to see what others do.

I'm going to be starting Mummy's Mask with a group of 4 players and I'm trying to figure out what point buy I should use and what limits I should have in place.
What did you/your GM do for character creation?
And were any changes made to the fights/enemies due to the creation rules used?

I'm thinking 25 point buy and applying the Simple Advanced template to everything (and then possibly adjusting some things like AC back down as needed) but I'd like to hear what other people did and how it worked out for them.

Did you limit races? Classes? Did you allow creation feats/custom magic items? Did you use anything out of Pathfinder Unchained? (eg: Background skills) Anything else I'm not thinking of?

Hi Everyone! I'm looking at running this AP next so I've been looking through threads on here to see how other people have done it/how it's going for different groups. I haven't noticed any short-falls or criticisms being discussed but maybe I'm just missing them.

1) Are there any changes that people have made? Did you notice anything hinky with the AP that a GM should watch out for?
2) Is there anything you'd do differently if you were to run it again?
3) What are your thoughts on the militia system? Did you try using it and wish you hadn't/changed your mind and stopped using it partway through?
4) What races did you allow/disallow or did you stick with core only? Are there any races (other than hobgoblin) that a GM should be wary of allowing? (Beyond obviously over-powered ones)

Every group I've been a part of has had at least one player (and it's usually just one) that is convinced that the AP doesn't account for "unexpected" character actions. This is often expressed by the player saying something along the lines of "Unexpected error; the writers did not think you would do this."
Examples would be things like a player assuming the AP doesn't account for a character learning a secret about someone, using knowledge to their advantage, sneaking into a place, getting into a building earlier than the player thinks they should be able to, etc.

Someone thinking this isn't really a problem, but when they start to sway the group actions and it feels like the group is trying to guess what the AP expects them to do/they start to treat the AP as if it's on rails... that can become a problem.

Beyond suggesting that players should read an AP (obviously not the one they're playing through) so that they can understand how they're written and trying to explain that the Paizo writers have no preconceived notions about what abilities any particular group will have, does anyone have any advice on how to avoid this particular problem?

Phantasmal Reminder from Magic Tactics Toolbox says "Saving Throw: Will disbelief, then Fortitude partial; see text;" but then the text doesn't say anything about what the 'partial' would be... Is the "partial" wrong or is something missing from the spell description?

Archives of Nethys Link

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Instead of everything being a feat could we change the word depending on what it's associated with?
As it stands, the various charts showing what the classes gain per level seem to have the term "feat" every two or three words.

Perhaps something like:
Ancestral Trait
Background Training
Class Ability
General Feat
Skill Specialty

It would make it so that there's not 2,000+ instances of the word "Feat" in the rulebook.

In preparation for next week's session I've asked my players what their current goals are. Last session ended with them exploring the [REDACTED] at the very end of book 3. One of my players has mentioned attacking both the church of Asmodeus (I'm fairly certain I know how I'll handle that) as well as the Shadowsquare (church of Zon Kuthon). I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that one yet.

I'm thinking of having some low level clergy in there, possibly put Aluceda Zhol there so they can confront her early. Hopefully she can flee and be confronted later on to build up some anticipation.

Does anyone have suggestions on other things I could do? (Or anyoe that gcan help me flesh out my current idea?) Has anyone else's group attacked the Shadowsquare?
Any ideas where I might be able to find a map I could use?

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At first I thought it was really impressive that Paizo has the statement of "Your character might challenge binary gender notions..." but then later, on page 164, there's the skill feat called 'Close Match' which says "You’re androgynous, look a bit older or younger than you are, or look like you might have an ancestry other than your own. Choose a different gender, an age other than your own, or an ancestry the same size as yours..." which makes it sound like you can challenge binary gender notions but you still have to appear as either male or female unless you take a feat.

You may want to change the wording on the feat, Paizo. And probably the name of it. May I suggest:
"You look a bit older or younger than you are, or look like you might have an ancestry other than your own. Choose a different age other than your own, or an ancestry the same size as yours..." (Basically, remove the gender detail from the feat so that you're not contradicting yourselves.)

Hi everybody!

I'm starting to think about what I might run next for my group. So far we've played through Kingmaker and Hell's Rebels.
The group likes:
-Decent mix of roleplaying and fighting (similar to that of Hell's Rebels)
-Freedom to kill the bad guys without worrying (much) about making NPCs squeamish (brutally/unnecessarily killing bad guy in both KM and HR has had at least some noticeable affect on the general populace) Maybe the NPCs are more reliant on the PCs so are willing to put up with more or perhaps the NPCs agree with the killings as the bad guys are obviously bad guys?
-Exploration random encounters are rather boring/pointless (I simply left them out of KM, for the most part)
-Not evil characters (there's enough bad stuff in the world, why pretend to be bad people in our spare time?)
-Being able to play most any race/class without fear of judgement from the NPCs (unique/rare races stand out too much in Hell's Rebels, 'creepy' classes aren't a great fit for Kingmaker)
-Possibly something with some undead but not neccessary

My thoughts are Ironfang Invasion, Ruins of Azlant, or possibly Iron Gods.

Would you all mind sharing your thoughts on which AP I should go with? Any that you would suggest that I didn't mention?


Does anyone see a problem with changing Deepmar to a mountainous island that is still used as a prison?
I'm thinking to have the entrance be the Menador gap and the main target (as written) instead be a "high security" cell with Jackdaw being held there (would I have to make Jackdaw incomprehensible until she appears as written in the AP?). Possibly add a few other NPCs like Strea Vestori there as well (change the fight under the Silver Star to simply be something for the PCs to clear out.)
Maybe use a rumour along the lines of "Thrune keeps high profile prisoners there. Gold to grubs that's where Jilia is being held!" (false rumour).
Since the main target is in the keep it makes it so that if the PCs try to bypass it by climbing over a different part of the island they still have to go to the keep to get who they really came for. I'd use No Response from Deepmar for the maps and prison but probably without the derro.

This fixes the problem of the players asking "why would Thrune ignore his island prison becoming quiet?" as well as taking Jackdaw out of Kintargo where it doesn't make sense that Jilia (or previous lord-mayors) completely ignored the jail in their town just because.

Possibly have it so that Tiarise had been in charge of the prison but that recently changed due to Barzillai needing her in town more. (Or should I move Tiarise, who has become a hated character by the PCs, to the boss of Menador Gap now prison? Would she be too difficult of a fight? Maybe have her flee so they hate her even more!)

Does anyone see any potential problems with this?
Anything you would suggest doing differently?

Has anyone given any thought to what the Ethereal Realm would look like around Kintargo? As the players progress through the levels it's common enough that someone will start to peer into it and I'd like to be prepared with something to describe.
Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

My players are most of the way through book 2 and I've been able to introduce all of the missions without someone walking up and giving it to them. (Eg: players wanted to look into the burned-out buildings, a PC was arrested so heard the rumour about mercenaries being in the Salt Works, other PC is a tiefling so kept tabs on things in Redroof and found out about the murders, other PC worked at Clenchjaw's so realised something was going on... things like that.)
But now the 10th Proclamation has been released. My plan is for the players to get Marquel and bring him to Cassius (because I don't want Ella Nones to show up out of nowhere and say "I know everything about you even though you do everything you can to hide who you are!"). One of the PCs knows Marquel but hasn't thought about going to visit him since the newest proclamation.
Does anyone have other ideas on how to introduce this particular mission?

I figure Marquel's parents are keeping him isolated so another one of his friends coming to the PCs would seem weird... but maybe a sympathetic house servant has clued in a little as to what's going on in the house and gets a message to one of Marquel's friends? (Maybe the servant doesn't like the new political leanings of Mr & Mrs Aulorian).
Oh! What if Ella came to get Marquel but was turned away. Afterwards she meets some people that know both Marquel and the PC so Ella could pointed towards Longroads? (Or somewhere else that the PC is known to frequent.) Having Laria give the PCs the message of "The second in command of the Scourge of Belial was here looking for you" could get the PCs to go there...

Right, so, may players are/were convinced that the entire AP is about going up against the government and fighting them every step of the way. After talking to them and letting them know that it's more about getting the support of the Kintargan citizens and helping people in bad situations most of them seem to pretty much understand that.
But one player is convinced that they're going to run around being a terrorist the entire time and somehow thinks that the Player's Guide says that that's what they should be doing. (He seems to not be getting it even when I tell him flat out what the AP is about and that his impression is wrong.)
We haven't started yet but will be very soon.

If they're still trying to go and kill everyone when the game starts any suggestions on how to gently let them know that it won't work and that if they draw too much attention to themselves Barzillai can send some of his stupidly high leveled henchmen after them?
Because, really, I don't want Barzillai to send a bunch of high level clerics and hellknights after them in the second book...

I'm getting ready to run Hell's Rebels. For my games I use Combat Manager (LINK) but have noticed that some of the monsters are missing from it. (I haven't gone through it too carefully yet, but it appears that the monsters listed in the Bestiary haven't been entered into Combat Manager).
I'm wondering if anyone else has used this program and created custom monsters based on the books and, if so, would they mind sharing the export files?

(If not, I'll start doing this soon because running combat is much easier for me using the program.)

Hi everybody!
I've been running Kingmaker for the better part of a year and I'm starting to get the maps together for the final book. Does anyone have suggestions or links to anything that might be suitable?
I've found the thread where OldManJim links to most of the maps for the glades over here but I'm hoping for more suggestions/the rest of the glades.

Thanks in advance.