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Fun fun


Spoilers ahead. I don’t know how to tag it.

As a player, I enjoyed this campaign. Running for our lives was thrilling. When the soldier took a shot at the creature and a nat 20 on his attack was only a hit and not double damage because he didn’t hit the EAC, we all panicked. We did well. We found everything because three of us has psychokinetic hand to open and close doors at a distance. Then the pregen mystic person cast Fog Cloud and it apparently broke the encounter. We were in the last room and just about to head out. Man that would have been useful so much sooner. The GM said that the concealment it creates is enough for the creature to not see anyone. Good to know. Anyways. It was fun running for our lives. It did pop up in a place and scare us to death as it one shot a level 4 drone.

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I had my ups and down...almost died 4 times.


From a player perspective, this scenario was one that will forever stick with me. We had a good mix of level 3 and 4 characters: a soldier, a vanguard, 2 operatives, a biohacker, and a mystic. Well we started out pretty well gathering information and making small talk. We also did pretty well in the combats except for the final boss. I won't reveal too much but after 6 rounds of combat, the GM pulled back the curtain to show us it's health bar. WOW. Ok then, maybe we aren't meant to win or maybe there is something we missed. Well you are supposed to just straight up fight it.

Was there still fun to be had? Honestly, besides the jokes made over discord, the only positive feeling I had was we all were able to run away. I guess I should be happy to encounter that enemy and live to tell the tale. I went unconscious 4 times in that last fight. My resolve points were reduced to 0 so I had no resolve to stabilize because game mechanics. There were discussions about leaving me behind because all hope was lost. I kept my mouth shut because I was unconscious so I had to start counting my fame for a raise dead spell. Thankfully someone found a way to give me a chance to get out. I'd give them fame points if I could because they earned it. Thank you little biohacker for saving my life, 4 times in a row, over 4 consecutive rounds while everyone else attacked like crazy to no avail. The creature would not leave me alone for some reason.

All in all, this adventure seemed like it was 2 separate ones spliced together. I can't imagine how this fight should go down in the level 3-4 bracket. I honestly couldn't GM this scenario ever after seeing the enemy waiting at the end. I would feel too guilty but again, I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because it really opened my eyes to lvl 3-6 scenarios and I'll stay in the 1-4 bracket for as long as possible.