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Female Short Kitsune Oracle

All right! So, first proposal.

Original Picaroon wrote:
Melee Shooter (Ex): At 1st level, as a swift action when wielding both a light or one-handed piercing melee weapon and a one-handed firearm, the picaroon can spend 1 panache point to avoid provoking attacks of opportunity with the first ranged attack made by the one-handed firearm during her turn. This deed replaces opportune parry and riposte.
Proposed Replacement wrote:
At 1st level, a picaroon with at least 1 point of panache can use a hand that is already carrying a light or one-handed piercing weapon in order to reload a one-handed firearm as if it were free. This deed replaces either opportune parry and riposte or derring-do, depending on how merciful the GM is.

(Side note: why does nearly every Swash archetype trade away opportune parry and riposte?)

Female Short Kitsune Oracle

I got real excited when I started reading Butterfly's Sting (what with a x4 Pistol), but then:

Butterfly's Sting wrote:
When you confirm a critical hit against a creature, you can choose to forgo the effect of the critical hit and grant a critical hit to the next ally who hits that creature with a melee attack before the start of your next turn. Your attack only deals normal damage, and the next ally to hit the target automatically confirms the attack as a critical hit.

Goshdarn melee!

Female Short Kitsune Oracle

In that case: Lady Vulpina the Picaroon Swash it is!

As a side note, the Picaroon archetype is a cool idea that kind of sucks in practice. Mostly this is because reloading a pistol while you have a sword in-hand is... tricky, and having six extra guns if you don't want to reload is expensive. Basically, she falls heavily under "A cool concept should not be abandoned if you really want to play it" for me. Do you want to work together to tweak the archetype, or do you want me to just present some proposed changes and you point your thumb up or down?

Female Short Kitsune Oracle

I'm fairly flexible as well, although there is a character concept I've been hoping to find the right campaign for-- something with build and story flexibility, ideally.

Essentially, she's a Picaroon Swashbuckler (ie. sword-and-pistol type) with a secretive history. Role-wise, that would put her as a close-range skirmisher type (both melee and short ranged).

That said, if that doesn't work, I'm happy to throw one of my other character archetypes at this. Got a samurai who should be good at... well, ranged and melee again, but mounted this time.

Maybe I do have a type, since Thyste was a ranged-and-mounted martial as well...

I'm getting anxious about this so I'm gonna actually fill this out instead of relying on my reputation as Thyste ;D

1) Dependability

Never dropped a game, I check the boards religiously during my waking hours.

2) Creativity

You've met Thyste already, but other concepts:
-Uwu, halfling ninja who talks like that "Hewwo?? Is anyone thewe??/Then perish" s***post and I'm proud to say has been a large success in making my fellow players laugh in her first Confirmation scenario so far.

-Kasumi and Sayuki, a pair of irreconcilable kitsune tricksters-- the former an illusion sorceress who prefers creative solutions and once, while visiting a haunted mansion, used Prestidigitation to create and hide little statuettes of her party members for them to find, each of which with a red splotch over a vital area. (Coordinated with the GM on this, it was very fun :D)

-Vixie, a halfling adopted by the above kitsune tricksters with the intent of seeing how long it would take a halfling child to realize that they were kitsune in human guise. Hints grew increasingly blatant and bets kept getting raised, but Vixie (whose heroes are all kitsune legends, whose moms own a bakery called "The Nine-Tuilled Fox," whose name is Vixie, and who has "caught" them in kitsune form before they quickly excused themselves and came back in human form pretending not to know anything about the kitsune) has no idea. Vixie has a Perception and a Sense Motive of -4 due in part to the "Oblivious" drawback.

-"Lucky" Linna Goblinsbane, a halfling who carries a knife and fork into battle, who swears "Goblinsbane" is a family name to any goblin she meets, and definitely is selling legitimate snake oil, not like that guy down in the marketplace.

EDIT: BONUS EDITION: -A rogue who locked herself out of her house and has been trying to get good enough to pick her way back in ever since. Lawful Good.

3) Flexibility

As mentioned, very excited to use the rules you're playing with!

miteke wrote:
That is right. You might come to me and say, "I want to have goblin blood but the goblin feats suck royally and it takes a whole feat to just have goblin blood." My response would be to say "hell yes, it does suck. What do you guys think it should cost to have goblin blood. I suggest one build point." At which point the players may say, you are figgin' crazy, it should cost at LEAST 2 points and convince me that 2 points makes more sense, or the players might say that sound fair enough and we go with it.

Cue collective applauding for anyone that needs to take Combat Expertise!

Hey Dragoncat! If I'm picked, expect to see Lady Vulpina III: This Time, It's Going to Work, I Swear!

Thyste Fox-Tailed here! I’ve got a PC that I’ve been dying to make work—a Picaroon, basically—and I adore your house rules. You can probably judge me from our existing game, but let me know if you’d like me to fill out the questionnaire anyway!

Anyone starting a Confirmation soon, by any chance? Maybe someone can chop Uwu in half? :D

I'm also going to make a note on every sign up that characters (PCs and NPCs) are welcome and encouraged to openly despise this character if they so choose.

Ambrus Valsin wrote:
Excellent, just the Pathfinders I requested for this mission. You were chosen because you have a unique skillset that I think would be perfect for this mission. Uwu was not chosen, but she's here and I don't think there's any getting rid of her, so let's just get on with it.

I appreciate the responses!

I looked at the character sheet for that wizard you linked and I love him immediately and would gladly die for him, FYI.

I’ll be keeping what’s been said in consideration, but thankfully it largely likes up with my plans. The idea of having a backup to switch to is a good one—I even have a rogue that’s at low-level that can fulfill a similar role if need be, so that’s handy.

As a side note, I don’t consider “uniqueness” when I make PCs. If I haven’t played the “Me Smash” barbarian, after all, that’s still a new experience to me!

I have a new character concept.

She is, and I mean this with the utmost sincerity, going to be the worst.

By this I mean she's going to speak exclusively like this:

"Hewwo!! Awe u thewe?? uwu"

"I see enemies!!! I must defeat them fow the honow of my cwan!!!! ðwð"

I do not want to inflict this unspeakable horror upon a GM-- much less other players-- who intend to play a Serious Game with Serious Characters.

That isn't to say I'm looking to enter a game that's nothing but uwu gwemwins, but I do want to make sure that when she bounces off the sorcerer with the tragic past, the sorcerer's player doesn't hate me for it, even if that particular mage is gritting his teeth.

Do you guys think this would be a problem, or are we happy to entertain this disaster nugget?

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JesterOC wrote:

Any neutral good gods of Death? Asking for a friend (I mean PC I'm building).

Aside from Pharasma?

EDIT: Missed "good" in there. Disregard!

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[Sad Daikitsun noises]

It makes sense that they wouldn’t release Daikitsu before they release Kitsune, but... :’)

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Have a Snickers, Freehold. You’re not you when you’re hungry!

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strayshift wrote:
This thread is over 8 years old.

Ten years from now, this thread will be old enough to read itself!

I think there’s a mad rush to catch up on two weeks of slacking in many workplaces :P especially office jobs!

Death-Lok wrote:
VixieMoondew wrote:

I've got a PC that's crunched for level 1; I can move her up to level 2 with 1000gp without too much trouble, but I want to make sure the rest is kosher (since she's not a Core/Aasimar) before I move forward with the math!

** spoiler omitted **

If that idea's out right at the gates, let me know and I'll move along. If not, happy to work out the rest of her details!

I would have to see the numbers and the build and your future plans to make a final decision.

Works for me! Just wanted to make sure the fox wasn't thrown out immediately ;D

Build details coming... Soon™.

I've got a PC that's crunched for level 1; I can move her up to level 2 with 1000gp without too much trouble, but I want to make sure the rest is kosher (since she's not a Core/Aasimar) before I move forward with the math!

Basic Idea:

PC is a third-generation kitsune gladiator from Iblydos who, due to her ability to change forms, worked twice as many battles as her peers under two different stage names, relying on a bardic friend to sow her wounds together with her song.

One day, she was bid to approach one of the Cyclopes, who told her that her path to glory was not in the arena, but west, in the depths of Garund. She is skeptical-- Cyclopsian fortunes have not been accurate in a long time-- but the opportunity must not go to waste, she figures!

She has a chip on her shoulder (as warriors often point out that gladiatorial combat is nothing like "real" combat) but is well-educated.

If that idea's out right at the gates, let me know and I'll move along. If not, happy to work out the rest of her details!

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It’s kind of a clump of bluish crystals, about the size of a curled-up person or maybe a little bigger, a bit wider than it is tall.

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I always imagined one of those early Final Fantasy crystals—a big floating LoZ Rupee-lookin’ thing!

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without getting too far Into It™, it's probably because she's said some truscum and NB-phobic stuff

but also we tend not to discuss specific personalities much in this thread anyway!

Except for each other, anyway.

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Happy New Year!

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Interesting Character wrote:
Whoever makes the Sheets of Succubi Summoning.

Funny, I always thought it was more of a full-size pillowcase situation...

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*offers a halfling*

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I can be both!!

Well, clearly we accept some butt nuggets, as y'all haven't kicked me out yet :D

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Nice t’meetcha!!

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Don’t make it bad...

Side note, if any of y’all are going to be running/playing a PF1 campaign and are looking for a Fighter, I’ve got a fun build I’m trying to find a place to play in :D

For those curious, it’s a TWF doru and shield fighter with Shield Snag and Hamatula Strike at level 7, so she can pull off some For Honor-style executions :D

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Welcome! Trans lesbian from VA here! Happy to have you!

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Been nervous as I'm gearing up to run some local PFS as it'll be my first time GMing PFS face-to-face, partially because I'm a bit sloppy when it comes to running prewritten scenarios and partially because I'm trans and what if that's a problem?

Today I finally checked out the local PFS group on Facebook and my VC has a trans flag in their profile pic.

I think I'm gonna be fine, y'all.

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Luis Loza wrote:
All of the deities showcased in the book will feature the basic information required to worship them and play a champion or cleric of their faith (edicts, anathemas, domains, favored weapon, and so on). While we couldn't fit every god ever mentioned in Pathfinder's history, we did try to cram in as many as we could. That includes a number of the Tian deities!


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Precisely the reason I eat as much turkey as possible: to prevent that from happening!

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I just remembered I'm transgender!

Female Short Kitsune Oracle

Does that come with light sensitivity? If so, makes a lot of sense.

Female Short Kitsune Oracle

Looks like my preference for Oracles and Swashbucklers is going to continue strong into PF2! Just gonna wait for kitsune and gunslingers and I’ll be all set :D

Female Short Kitsune Oracle

Big fan of Oracles AND Swashes! Happy to play in either case :P

Loam Yin wrote:
Level 3 mostly-arcanist here, up for Frostfur Captives. She'd enjoy being around a picaroon, or anyone else with a gun!

Whether we get into Frostfur or not, I’m happy to game with you somewhere!

I’ve been dying for a scenario my Level 4 Picaroon can get into, and my research shows Frostfur Captives is 1-5? If that’s the case she’d be happy to join!

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Rysky wrote:
VixieMoondew wrote:
Those turkey legs are like ten dollars (we just went last weekend) but, conversely, I have never been more full of meat in my life

Good outcome for ten dollars.

Conversely, I bought $10 of fried jalapenos last night, that box, and later, me, were stuuuuuufffed.

That's, uh, a lot of jalapenos. I don't envy you later.

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Those turkey legs are like ten dollars (we just went last weekend) but, conversely, I have never been more full of meat in my life

Female Short Kitsune Oracle
N N 959 wrote:
So is this the tab for posting PF2 musters?

Technically I think you'd go with the Recruitment tab, but you're in the right ballpark-- and some people like to discuss rather than jump straight to posting a link and saying "Have at it" anyway :P

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Female Short Kitsune Oracle

Farewell, Cap’n Hmm! Long live the new Tyrant!

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Albatoonoe wrote:
My personal hope is for Nurgal, Yamatsumi, Hei Feng, and Arshea. Definitely Nurgal and Arshea.

If we're getting a fair handful of empyreal lords, I feel like Arshea is a given. They're a fan favorite and I think got at least a direct mention in Stafinder's CRB.

Hopefully that's not wishful thinking!

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CrystalSeas wrote:
VixieMoondew wrote:
Going to the Ren Faire this weekend!
Got a good outfit ready?

I’m just wearing my wedding dress actually! It matches my wife’s.

In future years I’m hoping to be able to allocate a bit of fundage for something more elaborate.

Or just attend as our Pathfinder PCs.

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Going to the Ren Faire this weekend!

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Paul Watson wrote:
Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:
January, oh, when will you arrive?
Probably just after December. Hopefully before February.

You mean it's not happening until NEXT YEAR???

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I’ll take all flavors I can get! Fox furries, fox demis, just straight-up foxes. They don’t call me the Kitsune PC Warehouse for nothin!

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Fingers crossed for Daikitsu!

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*banging pots and pans* MAXIMIZE FLOOF!!!!! BIGGER TAILS!!!!!!!!

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