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zimmerwald1915 wrote:
Is there going to be something similar for Varisia? The holdings of Korvosa, Magnimar, and Riddleport are reasonably well-defined, as are the territories of the Shoanti Quahs.

Do you know which book this map is from? I am super interested in any map that shows these subdivisions.

zimmerwald1915 wrote:
Would it be possible to tessellate the map with a grid of regular hexagons (and twelve regular pentagons) with side length of six miles (sides of the hexagons facing north and south, corners facing east and west)? So as to be able to run hexploration anywhere?

Mhhh. Interesting idea. There is no perfect tesselation into hexagons for the whole globe, but maybe we can have the area where this breaks down somewhere in the ocean.

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I think there is a tiny pricing mistake. The PDF costs $19.99 and the module add-on $14.00. So shouldn't both together cost $33.99?

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zimmerwald1915 wrote:
FWIW, the 4719 map of the River Kingdoms should be roughly the same as the 4708 map, except that the Stolen Lands are retitled "Narland" and Pitax is its dependency.

Very nice catch. I updated that.

I would have loved to just make a map with a time slider that changes the borders and names, but sadly that require more resources than the free tier can provide.

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At this point I would like to thank VestOfHolding for his many, many contributions to the map.

I have found that there was actually a map of the kingdoms that make up the river kingdoms in 1e which will allow us to finally split those up on the map.

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Right now there is no easy way to do it in the map itself. This would be great feature though. I will try to add this soon.

Since Golarion has the same shape as earth you can use a lat/long distance calculator like https://www.omnicalculator.com/other/latitude-longitude-distance

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Yesterday saw a good amount of work put into detailing Kortos. Today it is Xopatl and the Saga Lands. For now I focus on on the geography and borders. I will only add locations and cities for now that already have wiki articles. Everyone can of course add more locations by just creating wiki articles and tagging their location there.

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keftiu wrote:
Over in Garund, all of Sargava needs to go, with several locales having been renamed after Vidrian's revolution.

Do you have a source for these changes? A map in any book that shows the new status quo?

I have integrated the rest into the TODO lists.

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Super useful, thanks. Right now the map represents more the state of 4708 since this is what the previous projects did. I will include the changes step by step.

I have created lists of stuff to improve here, based on your suggestions. Collecting lists of things that are wrong and especially which book/page contain the relevant information is one of the biggest problems.

I agree that the map should show real countries and maybe show larger regions on the lower zoom level (e.g. Golden Road instead of Osirion).

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Okay, I think I solved 99% of the problem by just hosting the font together with the map instead of using an external one.

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May I ask what kind of devices those are? It loads correctly on my big PC but I have not yet worked on making everything compatible with mobile devices.

The idea is for this to become a 2e map. I will use sources from both but always prefer sources from 2e.

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Hey guys,

I started to work on a new interactive map of Golarion based on previous works done (especially here).

You can find the current version deployed on Github: TO THE MAP. You can find the sources here.

All the shapes can be easily altered using the free tool QGIS. The cities are regularly exported from pathfinderwiki.com to make it even easier to contribute to the map if you want.

I hope you guys can get some use out of it and maybe one or two people want to contribute two the map.

Some current tasks:

  • • use a better font & change text styles
  • • improve coordinates of cities within the wiki
  • • add other locations to the wiki
  • • write a guide of how to contribute

When will this get the update to Foundry v10? The other premium modules got their updates a week ago, but I can't find anything for the Outlaws adventures.

Right now you can't even load the adventures in v10.

Shane Weber wrote:
Odd question, if I don't use foundry can I purchase this and export the maps?

You need the foundry client to actually download it. Afterwards it is just a folder with the images and audiofiles in there so it is easy to use it in a different way.

Just looked at it. This is a great release.

But it makes me sad to see the high resolution images of the original maps and creates in comparison to what we get when we buy the PDFs.

Please a ZIP with high resolution images to digital releases Paizo!

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You think people would not pay to unlock section of the wiki the same way they are paying to unlock sections of the lore in book form right now? Mhh, maybe...

D&D Beyond is doing it like this, although they also have the rules and character creator at the same time.

I would have seen this as a supplementary form to buying the PDF. When you buy the digital or physical copy from Paizo directly you also gain access to that section of the wiki.

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with the Agents of Edgewatch Adventure Path I really got into the lore of Pathfinder. And I really love what they did with the setting books. There are so many beautiful pictures and so much interesting lore. The only part that saddens me is that it is really hard to keep all of it organized.

While there are community wikis they can obviously not use most of the pictures and only publish general information from the books.

Would it not be lovely to have an official Lost Omens wiki that contains all the lore information from the 2e books nicely referenced and with the artwork? Something like this would also elevate Pathfinder from classical book based publishing into modern digital publishing.