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Bosk whispers something to Andolyn as Janus moves to give him the potion.

Andolyn or Perception DC 15:
"... combination right 54, left 23, right 9, and then left around once to 43.

He drinks the potion down with help.

Struggling for breath the venture-captain leans forward and says "And whatever, happens, whatever you do, don't forget--"

Suddenly a spongy foamy white mass with a strong flowery saccharine scent and the thickness of hot tar pours up out of the man's mouth, nose and from around his eyes. He tries to gasp for air, but there's no available airway. He convulses once and seconds later is dead.


His strength obviously flagging the venture-captain struggles to say "You've got to find Timinic as quickly as possible, before it’s too late.... Please!" koff-koff-koff!!

Before Sirius can pour the antitoxin down Bosk's throat the man's hand reaches out and pulls the sylph closer. "Find Clovesh." Then he releases him and struggles to take the medicine.

In general, heal checks are best made 'hands on'. So how close are you getting, Andolyn?

"Potion... Table!" are the only words the venture-captain can utter between the coughs and spasms that wrack his body.

"Pleasure's mine, Andolyn." *koff!*

“As I was saying to Hosser, the dwarf who just left was Brandur Clovesh, a sergeant in Daggermark’s infantry. Please excuse his brevity. He’s taking a big risk to help me out of a pretty dire situation, the same situation that led me to request your aid. One of our local agents, a gnome named Timinic, has been exploring and surveying the sewer complexes beneath Daggermark. *koff!* I made sure to clear his activities with every official possible so we wouldn’t draw unwanted attention from the Assassin’s Guild or the Poisoner’s Guild, which as you know run the city behind the scenes. To my knowledge we’ve stayed in the Guilds’ good graces, but somehow Timinic’s mission ran afoul of--” A fit of coughing interrupts Bosk mid-sentence, and he begins gasping and clutching his chest. His tumbler shatters as it falls from his hand to the stone floor. Then, the venture-captain collapses.


Bosk welcomes to the meeting room outside his office with a handshake he turns into a hug and back slap.

"Old Clovesh?" he says nodding toward the door. "Oh, he's a big deal in Daggermark's army. He’s taking a terrible risk to help me out of a dire situation, the same situation that led me to request your aid. I'd ask how the farm was but I imagine Igor will be serving my answer to me later this evening. I hope you brought some of those peas and carrots again. Where are your friends? I've got something that needs telling."

The older man draws Hosser close again to whisper in his ear.

"Confidentially son, you might be the only one who really understands the fix we're in."

Map slide 2 and slide 3 updated

"C'mon back into my office. Igor can serve us back there."

“Already working on it,” Bosk replies with a smile. The two raise their glasses in a toast.