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Can anyone give a list and summary of the "powerful traits that grow in strength with a character's existing traits"? I'm waiting for my book to arrive and am extremely curious.

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The title really says it all. I like to keep my sheets in a 3-ring binder and I am not going to turn the binder sideways just because someone made the poor decision to design the character sheets in the landscape orientation. This is a plea for either an official fix or a fan-made sheet.

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I would like to mention they hail from the same home world that the elves originally came from. This being said they could easily share a common ancestry with elves and merely differ due to divergent evolution. This being said, their skin tones might simply mirror the variety that the elves possess, albeit with the addition of the colorful facial markings (and of course antennae). I mean it makes sense, they're also a race known for their beauty and being captivating even to other races, they have a deep respect for the balance of nature, and are gifted in magic (though psionic instead of arcane).

...Also they stepped in to take the elves' place as a player race...

As far as I'm concerned, in my games I will be treating them as if this was the case because it makes sense to me. For this reason I've also stated they all have elven ears as opposed to the humanesque ones they are depicted with.

Edit: Basically any normal elf skin tone, and as for the facial markings I'd say they run all colors.

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Sounds like you have a funny group going. I just started up myself and when it came time to mention the Numerian fluids on Black Hill, one of my players (whose PC is a Kellid barbarian named Barek) said, "I lick it."

My party doesn't need tempting to do obviously bad things. Half the party has Int and or Wis as a dump stat (25 point buy) and this campaign is really roleplay centric so they play their characters dumb. The Spellslinger, Techslinger and Warpriest of Sarenrae have to reign in the other three at all times. They actually wrestled the barbarian to the ground (took all three of them as they are all low strength 7, 10, and 12 respectively).

Nice to hear you got to have a lot of fun with it though!

(EDIT) Also it seems like your party has pretty well defined characters with some interesting inter-party relations and ties into the story, so kudos to you and your group.

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I recently managed to join a second campaign. I GM one and play in one, so another chance to play was exciting for me, and I ran into an issue of what character to play. I've thought of so many different characters and back stories and such and I haven't had a chance to play them all yet. I ended up choosing my character Illarion Sinderion, the Half-Drow (Half-Elf with the alt traits and Half-Drow Paragon feat) Vanguard Slayer.

I'm going to post some details on him and other characters in a bit (I'm typing on my phone right now), but I wanted to know if anyone else had some cool character concepts that they really want to play and just haven't yet. It could be a great opportunity to let those unplayed characters see the light of day and be discussed. Even discuss current campaign characters if so inclined.

On a side note I hope this is the correct message board for this topic, if not then I would like to apologize to the mods.